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Nathan Lane Gets in a Brawl with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 27, 2014 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 27, 2014 |

Last night on The Tonight Show, Nathan Lane did some venting. See, Lane has been nominated for an Emmy six times, all for Best Guest Actor (in fact, in 2013, he was nominated twice, once for drama (The Good Wife) and once for comedy (Modern Family).

Unfortunately, Lane has never won. In fact, he’s lost twice to the same man: Jimmy Fallon, who won Emmys for hosting Saturday Night Live. Last night on The Tonight Show, Lane took umbrage with the classification of Fallon as a “guest” star for “hosting” Saturday Night Live, and eventually, the argument devolved into the weakest brawl ever.

Poor Matthew Broderick got trapped in the middle.

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