Man, F*ck That Farm: 'The Walking Dead' Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment
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Man, F*ck That Farm: 'The Walking Dead' Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | October 16, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.44.04 AM.png

This “honest trailer” from the fine folks at Screen Junkies opens with the following description of AMC’s The Walking Dead: “a show so inconsistent, you have to keep talking yourself into watching.” I’ve never given up on a show as many times as I’ve “given up” on The Walking Dead. I thought I was legitimately out this year, but everyone said the Season 4 premiere was great. And, damnit, it was. So I’m back. But I can’t argue with any of the points from this trailer. Seriously, f*ck that farm.

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  • Irina

    Andrea's dead, Michonne is smiling and Daryl is still kicking ass and taking names so yeah, I'm back to watching this. Just try to keep any Rick - centered plotlines down to a minimum, will ya, show? Thanks.

  • Pat Sponaugle

    That was a very amusing honest trailer. But I do love me that Walking Dead. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go, rub my head, and patrol the perimeter.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Dale face. I hadn't noticed it before but yeah, he did do that face a lot.

  • Shane rubbing his head. Bwah hah hah hah hah haaa...

  • apsutter

    Tried re-watching last season but it's just so uneven. It starts so strongly in the prison with everyone being such badasses and killing in formation and limbs being cut off and then ends with Andrea being ruined and Woodbury pointlessness that no one gives a shit about.

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    man. i love this show, warts and all, mainly cause i'm excited to see a horror show as gruesome as this showcase the possibilities (when it is at its best, forgetting about those goddamn warts) of a much maligned genre in the mainstream (like when the dark knight went gangbusters for comics).

    but yeah, this honest trailer is 100% spot on. fuck that farm.

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    The part of me that can still read and re-read the Little House books would've loved to have more "How they planned their long-term survival on the farm." I'm envisioning baby Judith and the offspring of Glenn and Maggie playing with a Walker bladder blown up like a balloon... Sigh....I could've watched Season 2 for days.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    I agree with everything in this video, but I keep coming back because...Oh yeah. Arms. Arms of Daryl. And gore. I'm a simple woman, with simple needs apparently.

  • RilesSD

    That is fucking PERFECT.

  • Joey.blowey

    Ugh! Season 2.

  • Rorgg

    Yep, got me to stop watching. And... I didn't see the need to re-convince myself to start again.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    It stopped right after the third episode of season 2.

    Perhaps it got better since then. But I'm past caring now.

    Yet I'm still not interested despite all my friends talking about how "this is the best TV show since Lost*".


    *At least got two of them to watch Sherlock and Breaking Bad, and they loved it! It felt like doing God's work.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Give Scott Gimple a chance!

    But seriously, if dude lets me down after I've repeatedly sung his praises on these here interwebs...well I'll pretend to do something overly dramatic when in reality I'll just watch reruns of Castle.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Nothin' wrong with watching Castle.

  • RilesSD

    He was on Talking Dead and seemed to have a good game plan for the season. I'm giving him the chances.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    That's how you do 100% accuracy.

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