Kirk Cameron Defends our Freedom from those Anti-Freedom Homosexuals
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Kirk Cameron Defends our Freedom from those Anti-Freedom Homosexuals

By Courtney Enlow | Videos | May 12, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.32.40 PM.png

I don’t know if you’re aware, but ironic banana lover Kirk Cameron doesn’t care for those damn homosexicles. Because of icky butt touchings? Because of the Bible? BECAUSE AMERICA AND FREEDOM! ROCK FLAG AND EAGLE!

Via Towerload, the gay of it all is at 20:08.

Whatever, Seaver. Go eat a sad sandwich.

This idea of religious freedom being stomped because they aren’t as free to stomp on other people’s freedom is so mind-blowingly insane and somehow omnipresent, I don’t even know how to handle it or respond. Just…fuck all these people with their Jesus bananas.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • dsmith

    Do you really want to form your opinion concerning good and evil on a book that says it's OK to stone your wife to death if she was not a virgin when wed or that it's OK to own slaves, even giving you directions on how to punish them?

    Christians like this wanna be 17th century puritan cherry pick quotes from the OT yet, as one person said, they still eat shrimp, which is forbidden in the bible. Shouldn't they obey all of the "Thou shall nots?"

  • Maydays

    Not bothering to watch this clown, but +100 points for "ROCK FLAG AND EAGLE". Never fails to make me giggle.

  • VohaulsRevenge

    Ah, America: Where atheists are trusted as much as rapists, where God's on the currency and in the Pledge, where one in five go to church (and believe in the Second Coming), and nearly half believe in creationism, and yet the good Christian folks who "created" this nation are under attack. Anyone with a knowledge of history knows what kind of country these people would create if they had a chance, and it doesn't rhyme with "capitalist utopia of free expression".

    It's almost enough to make one nostalgic for the Colosseum.

  • kirbyjay

    The problem with the world is the internet. Before the birth of this abomination and the "comments section" nobody knew that there were such intolerant assholes all over Murrica. We seemed to be much more united.
    After one too many jabs at Obama, gays, rape, women in general and the Patriots and Spygate, etc...I've decided to confine my comment perusal to Pajiba where I can laugh, commiserate, be enlightened, be sad, and laugh some more.

  • Jezzer

    I'm actually kind of grateful for people with horrible social media skills. I'd rather know, you know?

  • Alistairmcl

    The problem with the world, or rather this country, is the Right to Free Speech: There are no boundaries between Free Speech and Hate Speech.

    And there certainly is no accountability, let alone legal repercussions to Hate Speech.

  • NateMan

    Yeah, I'm done with FB for anything other than posting pictures of my kid and talking to the few friends on there I actually give a shit about. And I'm done with pretty much everything else that isn't here, Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

  • Strand

    I'll never get sick of that subway birthday photo.

  • $48010344

    For someone who claims to be a gay hater Kirk Cameron seems to spend an awful lot of time thinking about gay men.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Honestly, I'd rather watch A Serbian Film than that video right there.

  • CandyPerfumeGirl

    Kirk Cameron's obsession with other peoples' sex lives is creepy...

  • e jerry powell

    You have to wonder whether or not his sister has had her bedroom swept for surveillance equipment...

  • e jerry powell



  • Hekki

    He sure spends a lot of time thinking about gay men...

  • Dave Dorris

    I've had enough of willfully ignorant Cameron to last a lifetime. Can't do it. He's a willfully ignorant liar. Ignorant because he's devoid of knowledge. Willfully because he's constantly being corrected and continues to repeat bullshit. Which makes him a liar.

  • clokker

    I think John Oliver has given the best and only relevant comment about subjects like this: "Who gives a shit?"

    He was talking to science deniers but all the homophobes and every single Republican deserves no better than "You are an idiot, go play in the sandbox, you're in the way".

    Just like our traffic laws, we cater to the lowest common denominator when it comes to public discourse and have wasted too much time and effort trying to educate and sway the intractable.

    The willfully ignorant don't get a place at the table when grownups are talking.

  • e jerry powell

    Patton Oswalt: earlier and I rolled on the floor much harder.

    Not that I don't love John Oliver, but he is still married to a Republican.

  • Lee

    Watching Hostel or Saw would be less blood curdling than that vid thanks

  • lukebc

    Good then these alliance defending freedom murcans will support me in in my fight against the goddamned unamerican pledge of allegiance.

  • chanohack

    Good luck with that.

  • _Alexander_

    You should listen to that man. He knows what he is talking about. If you don't pay attention one day you will wake up to see that Natalie Dormer has stolen your wife and that James Franco is flirting with you while you are calmly trying to play bingo. And you know you won't be able to resist him

  • e jerry powell

    No, James Franco doesn't want to start something he's not prepared to finish...

  • Danar the Barbarian

    Wait, Natalie Dormer is going to steal me away from my husband? SCORE!!!!

  • Nobody made Cameron our official spokesman. That'd be the pope. You'd think the white uniforms would make it a little more obvious.

    But apparently all you gotta do is be in a cheesy '80s sitcom, do a few movies where you name-drop Jesus, talk about him on news channels and YouTube, and people think you're our guy. How's about giving more credence to the followers who actually act like Jesus?

  • Jezzer

    "How's about giving more credence to the followers who actually act like Jesus?"

    I would, but they get so pissy when you try to nail them to something.

  • I give total props to those who walk the walk. But because they do, you don't find them proselytizing on the street corner. I always suspect anyone who tells me they know what God wants or what God is thinking. That strikes me as hubris, and I'm pretty sure if we have an omniscient, omnipotent creator being, it's probably not sharing motivations with that guy. I'm also pretty sure it doesn't care what you call it but rather how you live your life. Grace is a gift, but it doesn't need to come with a tag stating who it's from.

  • e jerry powell


    Yay, SAT words!

  • You picked that, and not proselytizing??

  • e jerry powell

    Proselytizing was last year, remember? Mrs. J. wrote that one piece and the proselytizing shit fell like rain upon us all afterwards.

  • Dumily

    Speaking of religious hubris:

    "But Santorum's withdrawal is also a major milestone for God, the beloved all-powerful deity whose personal endorsement somehow failed to secure the nomination for any of the numerous Republicans —Santorum, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry — whom he reportedly encouraged to run for president. It is unclear at this point whether God will even bother to offer anyone his apparently useless endorsement in the general election."

  • VohaulsRevenge

    Without veering too far off topic, the sixth season "Robot Chicken" disc has a deleted scene that never made out of storyboard, in which Tim Tebow and another football player who was a former missionary play each other. Because God is on "both" of their sides the game goes on for weeks, until they finally get tired of it, kiss, and get struck dead by lightning.

  • Lee

    This idea that poor Cameron and other super-jesus-patriot douche nozzles like him are being oppressed because they're denied the constitutional right to treat others like second class citizens makes me want to puke in my soup.

  • AdmiralTubington

    Let me role play as one of them:

    "I'll pray for you, Lee. You're so full of hate for Jesus followers. We are not 'douche nozzles,' there's no need for such disgusting language.'"

  • JJ

    "And today, now more than ever before, those freedoms are under attack."
    ::proceeds to cite a lawsuit from eight years ago::

    That seems about right.

  • TK

    I watched that fuckin' stupid-ass little league movie he made, I'm all Cameron'd out until, like, 2025. No way am I clicking play on that piece of shit.

  • e jerry powell

    I'd suggest a Cliff's Notes spoiler version, but it hardly seems worth the effort.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I think Courtney say 'fuck them with their jesus bananas" is the only useful Cliff Notes version

  • e jerry powell

    Except that there may be a way to do it in fewer words than that.

  • Aaron Schulz

    fuck jesus banana? maybe just jesus banana

  • e jerry powell

    How's this?

  • e jerry powell

    Maybe some kind of QR code.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I was going to watch the video, but then I thought that banging two greasy woks together might end up making the same point in less time. So I did, but it didn't. It made more sense.

  • kirbyjay

    I don't know why but I thought you were talking about small unhygienic animals, not cooking implements.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Either way's good.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Cool, more victim complexes from the religious right. All I know is that when Obummer comes door-to-door with his gay mafia and starts pairing us up with our new same sex partners, I better get something equivalent to Hugh Jackman or better.

  • PDamian

    Dibs on Judi Dench!

  • Jim

    I'm sorry, man, all I've got left is one of these

    you still in? There's a LOOOONG waiting list the Jackman and Fassbender units.

  • Al Borland's Beard
  • I'll settle for one of the Steve Rogers ones.

    Cap Ass 4 life!

  • Dumily

    Do you have any of the Elba models left?

  • NateMan

    Great minds think alike.

  • Jim

    Ok, here's an idea - a Nateman, Dumily, Elba triade.

    Decide quick before anyone else finds out. I gotta go, there's a fist-fight brewing out front over Henry Cavill!

  • NateMan

    I could be down for that. I don't think my wife would argue too hard either, as long as she gets some Elba meat too.

  • Dumily

    Does Obummer make exceptions for triades? Because otherwise I've got to find me a wifey. I just always like throwing Stringer Bell into the mix.

    Sidenote, if we're placing orders for wives, can you put me down for a Lizzy Caplan? Or a Judy Greer. Either one should fit.

  • NateMan

    Ohh, I want a Judy Greer too!

  • Dumily


  • e jerry powell

    Group marriage; the more the "marrier".

  • NateMan

    I'm down.

  • Dumily

    Take it away Randy,

  • NateMan

    How are you set on black dudes? Because if I gotta go gay I might as well go ethnic too. I've got some relatives I'd like to give aneurysms.

  • e jerry powell

    I've already got dibs on you, honey...

  • NateMan

    Promises, promises...

  • e jerry powell

    You seriously want to test me?


  • Dumily

    I've got to respect a man who's not ashamed to admit how highly he thinks of himself.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I wants what I wants.

  • Lord Inferno

    I'm 75% Richmonder. My father was born there, my mother's father and plenty of great grandparents before them. When my father (a former registered Republican) hears about shit like this he just gets real quite.

    Let's pray we do not make, "All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again," a reality.

  • NateMan

    I'm so tired of these fucknuts. All these Bible/Koran/Torah/Whatever-thumpers and their inability to see past their own myopic viewpoint. Their willingness to shit on anyone who see the world through a difference lens. Every Jesus lover who dry humps the Old Testament and forgets entirely about the New. Every conservative dingbat that is whining about Elizabeth Warren trying to save destitute college graduates from a doubling of their loan interest rates, every one of the Koch-sucking tools who sees no problem with the world because they're white, middle-class, and unable to see exactly how they're continuing to fuck over the rest of the country and indeed the planet in their race to use as many resources as quickly as possible. Every predatory banker, every hypocritical science-denier, every anti-vax nutjob, every person who can't get their head out of their ass and see the bigger picture, every incompetent holding a salary that could go to someone who can do the job better with a minimum of stress, every... Well, everything. My frustration tank is full and my patience has worn thin. I'm hot, I'm tired, and all I want is to sit on my front porch, smoke an entire bowl in like 15 minutes, and spend some time snuggling with my wife and daughter.

    It's possible I need a vacation.

  • PDamian

    Just wanted to say: this is a lovely rant. Right on, and write on.

  • Dumily

    Does this help? It's what I've bookmarked for these moments.

  • NateMan

    It does, but honestly I'm tired of all the discussions. I'm tired of the Lefties and the Righties and the PCers and the Non-PCers and the gun nuts and the organic farmers and the GMO worshipers/condemners and all of it. I'm tired of caring about this shit. And if I didn't have a kid, I'd probably be about ready to hit the Reset button on the whole damn planet. Maybe the next species to evolve sentience will do a better job of it.

    I keep thinking of the fact I need to go to a local high school on Wednesday and Friday and talk to a bunch of teenage spawn about sexual assault and consent, and I'm so not in the right mindset. I'm so fucking tired of having to have conversations about it.

    "Look, don't start shit with someone just because they're gay, black, whatever. Don't call a girl a slut because she gets to have sex and you can't get laid, what with your transparent mustache and shitkickers. Don't fuck a girl who's way drunker than you. Just don't be an asshole. If you're a girl, don't be a bitch and don't judge people on what they wear or who they date or what they do with their genitalia, because I promise you your fashion sense is gonna change soon and odds are good you're gonna know what semen tastes like within the next 5 years if you don't already. With luck you're all going to have your minds expanded in the next few years anyway, so keep your fucking heads down, get through it, and move on."

    That's what I want to say. That's not what I'm allowed to say.

  • I had no idea we are in the same business, only I get the other side of that: students who have been told, trained, etc. and STILL wind up saying/doing shit that anyone with an inherent sense of decency wouldn't do, even while drunk. And there are a LOT of them. I join you in being tired of fighting the same fight over and over. However, as I've been at this for 12 years, I can state that we get far fewer race complaints and almost no sexual orientation complaints these days, which is way down from when I started here. Now, if they could just stop with the rape, we might get a day or two off...

  • NateMan

    You're a better person than me if you work in it full time! I'm just a volunteer. Certified rape-crisis counselor, but thank Gods I just do the education part of it. My mental health couldn't take actually assisting survivors, not without a whole lot of whisky and getting rid of all weapons in my vicinity.

  • black_heart

    I was a volunteer with the survivors...It can be brutal for sure, especially at first, but then I realized, I'm only listening to what happened and this person actually lived it. It stopped being brutal but it tanked my belief in the goodness of people.

  • I was specifically told that I'm not allowed to throat-punch them as they walk into the investigator's office. Also not allowed to hit them upside the head. I think both of those should be job perks, but they have this whole policy of no violence in the workplace, and we enforce part of that.

  • NateMan

    Standards are dropping everywhere.

    The last workshop I did at this high school had a 17yr old male senior who was already a dad. And he was like the 3rd generation to be in that predicament in his family. And everything was consensual and he was being the best dad he could and he was a nice and seemingly intelligent guy and all I could do was look at him and think "...Fuck." The kids are supposed to get abstinent only education - in goddamn Western Massachusetts, it's not like we're in the Bible Belt here - and even then the parents can opt the kids out of health class. And I wanted to take him by the scruff of the neck and drag him to every kid's house and knock on the door and then shake him at the parents and shout "Do you see?! Do you see what your bullshit religious hang-ups are doing?! And he's lucky; he's a redneck who's already got tech/farming skills, but thanks to your shitty role modeling he's probably not even going to be able to go to a trade school because he's gonna be too busy parenting!"

    Fer fuck's sake... My daughter's gonna have a goddamn IUD, the HPV vaccine, and a flick knife by the time she hits puberty. And that's if I don't take her and my wife and find a nice hermitage somewhere.

  • kirbyjay

    Are you in western Mass Nate? I'd throw you a holler but I try to stay out of the Ozarks.
    (Kirbyjay is from eastern Mass)

    Love your rant!

  • NateMan

    Thanks, and yup! Amherst area.

  • kirbyjay

    Well, at least that is somewhat civilized.

  • My boys both got the HPV vaccine, and I have no problem buying them condoms in the economy pack. I don't want to raise their children, too.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I get so many 20 year old kids at my job, un-diagnosed bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, whatever, they treat it with drugs and fucking, now they have a kid ,cant hold a job, and tried to kill themselves and need help. They have 0 support systems at home because the parents wont acknowledge the problem. They think its the kids fault, refuse to accept that maybe they should have learned more about these problems to help a young scared kid find direction. Im not allowed to slap the parents over and over shouting "THIS IS YOUR SON/DAUGHTER! THEY NEED HELP AND LOVE, YOU BAG OF CRAP, NOT BLAME AND NEGLECT"

    I help the kids best i can, try and get them in a good place, give them a plan, they leave, go back to the same situation, and come back 3 months later or they succeeded in killing themselves and I hear offhandedly from an ER nurse thats updating files. I get that the problems some of these kids have, they arent/wont/cant help themselves, the parents cant stop it. But i see just as many that the parents backward ass view of the world, and fear of being judged by others because causes them to just disown the child, let them try and raise a child alone, offer nothing but judgement and disdain.

    So many of these terrible parents try and pray away the problem, or blame the patient, or me, or the school. All they do is blame and put up blinders. They refuse to educate themselves on the issue, or just listen to the kid.

    The patient then doesnt take care of their accidental baby, that kid grows up in a terrible enviroment, which can cause them to develop the mental instability earlier then they would have, starting the cycle again. All because parents, lawmakers, teachers, whoever down the line, never tried to educate these kids on simple shit, or the kids they cared and want to help. It makes me furious.

    Its sort of off topic of the rants in here, but made me think of the reasons i sort of hate my own job but plan to never stop doing it.

  • NateMan

    I think it's a thoroughly deserved and accurate rant, dude, and definitely a good one to get off your chest!

  • Dumily

    Is the possibility of an anonymous blog directed at teens on these issues off the table? Because I'm a full grown woman, but I would read the shit out of that.

  • NateMan

    Ha! Maybe so, once I get my energy reserves back up. Right now I'm way too drained to even consider it. I've just got to get through to the beginning of June, and things should in theory slow down enough for me to stop looking at everything in such a grim light.

  • Dumily

    Just titled it "NateMan Says Don't Be An Asshole." I'll find it.

  • amberdragonfly

    Honestly, I can't even bring myself to watch it.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I was going to but then i realized i would have 0 outlet for my anger from it. And I really didnt feel like punishing my dong as a way to get rid of unneeded anger.

  • Baobabble

    I wish I hadn't brought myself to watch it. Guess tonight is a Sad Night.

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