Keith Olbermann's Letterman Tribute Is Perfection
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Keith Olbermann's Letterman Tribute Is Perfection

By Vivian Kane | Videos | April 4, 2014 | Comments ()


As we found last week with the Dan Rydell drop-in, Keith Olbermann is much more palatable when he’s getting all foamy over sports as opposed to Republicans. (Of course, yes, if you regularly watch his show, you already knew that. But the rest of us are catching up, so bear with us.)

Olbermann has been a long time fan of David Letterman, and when he describes the man’s legacy, how he changed the face of late night, and how watching him retire is like watching Babe Ruth quit baseball, it’s clear he considers Letterman a personal hero. Even if you’re anti-Olbermann, he reaches a level of childlike excitement that in this instance isn’t grating. It’s fitting. And appropriate. And perfect. Rambly, excitable perfection.

Ok, fine. It’s still pretty grating.

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  • Jerry Kenney

    Well, this is an example of those moments when those of us who really do not like Keith Olbermann like him. Rambling, maybe, but fun. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Kertburger

    Olbermann is just a prick of a person with skin as thin as rice paper. He spends his shows bragging about arguments he gets into on Twitter and making fun of overweight people in various crowd shots.

    There's a reason he's hated at every network he's worked at. A real class act.

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