Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night' Farewell with The Muppets Echoes 'The Last Waltz,' Wins One Billion Style Points

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Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night' Farewell with The Muppets Echoes 'The Last Waltz,' Wins One Billion Style Points

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | February 8, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 12.29.49 PM.png

It’s not just that it’s the Muppets, it’s that it’s also one of the greatest songs in the history of mankind, and one of those songs that lends itself so well to covers (appropriately, this echoes the Mavis Staples’ cover)

This is how you leave a show, folks. This is how you walk out those doors, and enter the big time, echoing Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, the final performance of The Band. You wanna pay homage, you pay homage to the motherf**king best.

Plus one billion style points.

Honest, to God, you see something like this, and you think: Jimmy Fallon must have the best parents. Congrats, Fallon, and good luck with The Tonight Show.

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  • zeke_the_pig

    And, boom! - just like that my hangover is gone.

  • Bananaranma

    Fallon is even wearing the same shirt as Helm...

    Edit: Scratch that, combined a screen shot...same shirt, same drum set, same grip, same mic...

  • foolsage

    Wow, nice catch. Fallon really committed to that one, and damn did he nail it.

  • Guest

    Fallon is even wearing the same shirt as Helm...

    Edit: Scratch that...same shirt, same drum set, same grip, same mic...

  • Uriah_Creep

    I haven't watched any late night talk show in many years, but I caught the "Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" special on NBC a few weeks ago and it was fucking delightful. He is a pretty awesome host, and his musical segments with guests are the best.

  • BettyNugs

    This song always makes me so bone deep sad because I worry about Jack the dog.

  • foolsage

    Don't worry. He'll feed him when he can.

  • manting

    The muppets are the bacon of entertainment, they make everything better.

  • Three_nineteen

    Don't let Miss Piggy hear you say that.

  • foolsage

    I love that song. I love the Muppets. And right now, just for this moment, I even love Jimmy Fallon.

    Edit to add: Beaker's harmonies were pretty tight, and I loved the character progression through the song.

  • Bodhi

    The Last Waltz literally changed my life. I had no idea that I could have visceral reactions to music. My dad rented the tape (!) & the first time I watched it, I just laid on the floor with my eyes closed & listened. It is my all-time favorite movie & favorite album. My husband is a good sport about it, but he will only watch it (again) if I bribe him. Funnily enough, The Band was also my grandmother's favorite band & I think it makes my dad happy that I love them so much too.

    Years later I brought home Festival Express for my dad & he watched it twice in a row. Good stuff all around

  • Sammers

    That was absolutely fantastic!


  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    i fucking love the band The Band.

    one billion style points indeed.

  • kimk

    Love. I am not much of a late night talk show fan, but the JF Show videos I have seen are pretty winning, and I hope he is able to make a go of it with "The Tonight Show". And Animal will always be my favorite muppet.

    As an aside, I always loved this song as a little kid, b/c at that time without any context or deeper meaning I was always enterained by the story of this poor guy walking around town and inadvertently getting more and more tasks dumped on his shoulders (take care of my dog, keep Anna Lee company, hang out with my friend etc).

  • Tecuya

    At the journalism/college parties of my youth, we'd ask each other periodically throughout the night "Are we ready for The Weight?" The moment would come when we were ready--drunk enough but not too drunk--to sing a roaring version of this song. Of course everyone wanted to sing this line
    "Wait a minute Chester!"

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    i lived with an art/music collective a few years ago, and in winter (Chicago winters), we'd have our whole scene come over to our place for hootenannies. dozens and dozens of people packed into an apartment, all with acoustic guitars and the occasional violin or snare drum, everyone taking a turn and passing around jugs of wine. every single time without fail, we'd end up all of us singing cuts from The Band, usually The Weight or Up On Cripple Creek (my personal fave).

    ahh memories.

  • jja

    I only recently discovered The Band (thanks largely to finally realizing Levon Helm plays one of the best characters in one of my favorite movies, The Right Stuff), and even without that kind of personal memory -- man, everything they do is gold. I'll just add a shout out to "King Harvest" and their cover of "Mystery Train."

  • kirbyjay

    Levon Helm in Coal Miner's Daughter. Yes

  • How does he do everything right!?

  • From the time he guest hosted for Letterman, Jimmy has possessed a knack and love for the late night talk show format. He'll do fine with the Tonight show.

  • Tecuya

    I like how Fallon even imitated the way Levon Helm played drums.

  • jja

    And a great Levon Helm voice....yet it's endearing, not annoying. Like the original comment, how in the world does it always come out right?

  • Sean

    I thought I was the only one to notice that. It is HARD to drum with that grip.

  • Sean

    I am sitting here with tears of joy right now.

  • ok that was awesome

  • Pants-are-a-must


  • chanohack


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