'Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon Plunged Into Icy Lake Michigan This Morning

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | March 2, 2014 | Comments ()

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Jimmy Fallon took a break from his Tonight Show duties this weekend to raise awareness and money for Special Olympics Chicago, which expected to raise $1 million today. Fallon was joined by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and 3,000 other plungers, who braved 10 degree weather and 32-degree water temperatures. Fallon — who agreed to make the plunge after Emanuel agreed to be on his show — walked in with suit and tie, turned back around, and fell backwards into the water, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Speaking to the crowd just before going in, Fallon didn’t exactly radiate bravado. “If you hear a scream like a little girl’s, just know that Jimmy Fallon is swimming in Lake Michigan,” he said.

Emanuel enrolled Fallon after he agreed to make the plunge if Chicago school children read 2 million books, a feat they topped by over 100,000 books. So, basically, it was a win for everyone, except for Jimmy Fallon’s testicles.

Watch the footage, via the Tribune.

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  • LL

    I love this guy more and more as time passes. The official coverage was extremely shoddy, and it's too bad no one got any footage of the actual plunge. Everyone who got up early to watch it online was extremely peeved.

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