It's Almost Halloween. Here. Have the Poo Scared Out if You.

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It's Almost Halloween. Here. Have the Poo Scared Out of You.

By Courtney Enlow | Videos | October 25, 2013 | Comments ()


This is old news. This happened in February. But, in February, we’re not all “FUCK, DEMONS, GHOSTS, GHOST-DEMONS.” So, submitted for the approval of the Pajiba Midnight Society, The Tale of Elisa Lam.

I encourage you to read the whole scary story, but here are a few things to know before you watch this video:

  • The girl in this video is 21-year-old Elisa Lam.
  • Elisa Lam was found dead in one of the rooftop water tanks of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • This surveilance video was captured shortly before she somehow made her way to the locked rooftop and, somehow, into the water tank, where she met her death.
  • The elevator started working again after this video was captured.
  • There’s a small clown with a knife standing behind you, calling you “mommy.”

Sweet dreams.

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  • Alan

    Better call Dana and Fox

  • Gistine

    I watched it at least 10 times on Vigilant Citizen and THE HANDS! WHAT. THE. EFF? Stranger still is the name of the TB test used on people for situations such as this (drinking dead water?) called…LAM-ELISA!

  • Alan

    How it came back negative for any sort of bio-hazard is beyond me. She was missing for two weeks, residents complained about water pressure the day she went missing, and the water is still clean? People were drinking, showering, and brushing teeth with dead-body-tea that was steeping for weeks.

  • John W

    That. Is. Some. Freaky. Shit.

  • jollies

    Boo! Not a scary Halloween boo, but a derisive boo to this in-poor-taste Pajiba post.

  • Krissy

    This is precisely why I HATE elevators.

  • thatsmrsnyder

    What the hell, Pajiba... This is poor taste, surely. You're posting this, a clearly mentally disturbed individual and a malfunctioning elevator? Possibly the last her family, or anyone ever saw of her?

    If I was English I would be tutting right now. Tutting hard.

  • Ben

    She wasn't mentally ill. She had no history of mental illness. Read the article that they link to. No mental illness and no obvious drugs or alcohol. Both of those reasons are why her behavior is so mysterious.

  • rio

    You don't know that, she was 21, and early 20s is the age during which many mental disorders emerge. I'm going go a limb here and say that the more probable theory is: "she had an episode" rather that "evil spirit killed her".

  • Ben

    The mental illness's that would exhibit those behaviors are often diagnosed earlier as we have become better at seeing the signs. Schizophrenia starts to show in the mid to late teens, Bipolar disorder begins to show in the early teens. Very few appear in the early 20's and most personality disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizo-affective disorder) begin to show during childhood and don't carry physical ailments. This isn't the 60's where the diagnosis was often "Oh he's just weird". I work in the mental illness/addictions field and am surrounded by related behavior on most days.

    Now I agree that it probably isn't a demonic presence, as I commented earlier I would lean more towards Rohypnol than anything else, but that is just a guess from knowing what Rohypnol does and how it metabolizes out of the system very rapidly.

  • hoppergrass

    The linked article actually states that the coroner ruled she was "probably bipolar," and does not otherwise mention mental illness. She had no history of drug use.

  • Ben

    It is an extremely weird case. Especially with the reports of no drugs or alcohol being in her system and her not having a history of mental illness. I personally suspect Rohypnol (date rape drug) it's effects are similar to how she was behaving and it metabolizes out of the system and becomes undetectable after a short period of time. As for the elevator that is pure demonic.

  • I'm not averse to scary vids, and I know what time of year it is...But this is in very poor taste.
    This young woman, rumored to have had mental problems, either took her own life by accident or during a period of mental stress--or else somebody murdered her.
    You know I love you, Pajiba, but you should not have posted this, especially not with the headline, "Have the poo scared out of you."

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Perhaps she is missing the back story which is what makes this so creepy. The one that tells the story of multiple suicides and even a couple of serial killers at this particular hotel.

    I do agree with your disdain for "poo" though. "Pants shittingly terrifying " is far more refined.

  • Haven't you heard the phrase, "Every hotel has got a ghost"? How about the phrase "Bermuda Triangle Effect"? The place has been an operating hotel for more than fifty years. The area it's in has been going steadily downhill all that time. What would be weird would be if there WEREN'T deaths associated with the property.

  • kirivinokur

    Reminds me of Marisha Pessl's new book "Night Film".

    Strange is an understatement, but read the comments section on the Vigilant Citizen page linked above if you really want to see 'strange'.

  • Gistine

    Don't forget Dark Water.

  • I'm reading Night Film as we speak!

  • kirivinokur

    Co-inkydink! It's exactly this, don't you think?

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