It Belongs in a Museum: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 1981 PBS Documentary

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Videos | November 27, 2013 | Comments ()


The day before Thanksgiving is always a strange time for posting around these parts. Traffic is down everywhere because people are doing family things instead of reading snark about movies like they’re supposed to. This translates into very little news being released, because while studio heads might be complete morons in some areas, they know a thing or two about putting product in front of eyes. So it tends to be a dead zone. Of course, the moment this is published, JJ Abrams is probably going to release the script and full cast of Star Wars VII, because he lives to spite me.

So I thought today, I’d give you something old instead of something new. PBS made a documentary back in 1981 detailing the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And it’s been posted fully free online. Your tax dollars did pay for it after all.

Wait one minute. PBS broadcasts Downton Abbey. Our tax dollars support PBS. Therefore our tax dollars are going to the British crown. AGAIN.

Those poncy bastards have re-implemented taxation without representation through period drama.

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  • DarthCorleone

    Cool. Worthy old news!

  • One of my Ten Favorite movies ever. If it's on TV, I'm watching it.

  • logan

    Amen brother.

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