Ira Glass Making Balloon Animals Will Give You A Mean Case Of The Science Fridays
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Ira Glass Making Balloon Animals Will Give You A Mean Case Of The Science Fridays

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | August 2, 2013 | Comments ()

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Each week, of course, Ira Glass and his band of misfit presenters tickle our earholes with funny, profound and always engrossing thematically linked stories. But today, folks, Glass has taken to a different medium to address something of the utmost importance. That’s right. Balloon Animals. Or, as Glass keeps endearingly calling them, Animals Balloons. This is no simple “put your lips together and blow” instructional. Glass knows his Animal Balloon sh*t. Like, were you aware that these balloons come in different sizes? They do, and Glass knows the slang for them. So kick back and watch NPR’s biggest sex symbol twist up some inflated rubber while professing his Animal Balloon snobbery. Adorable.

(h/t esme)

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  • APOCooter

    Uhh... isn't Ira Plato the host of Science Friday?

  • Flatow

  • APOCooter

    That's what I get for being hearing impaired.

  • I was raised on a heavy diet of Newton's Apple.

  • rubelin

    I did not think I could love Ira more.

  • the_wakeful

    IRA GLASS DOES NOT WORK FOR NPR. This American Life is produced by American Public Media Public Radio International, a completely separate company. He used to work for NPR, and he gives off a vibe that he didn't leave on the best of terms.

    (I've got a goddamn Public Radio tattoo. Don't fuck with me today)

  • Sara_Tonin00

    While I don't actually consider Ira Glass to be sexy, his show airs on NPR stations. So saying he's NPR's sex symbol isn't that different from saying Neil Patrick Harris is CBS's sex symbol.

  • the_wakeful

    NPR doesn't have stations. They produce shows that get sold to independent stations. As does this american life (which is produced by PRI and sold to stations). Ira Glass has zero connection to NPR except that his show comes on after their show sometimes. Its like saying NPH is the sex symbol of ncis.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I guess I'm confused by the whole structure of NPR's member stations. I thought it was set up like networks, where it broadcast some inhouse produced content as well as purchasing in content produced by others.

  • So glad you said it. Saying all US public radio shows are produced by NPR is like saying all British television is produced by the BBC.

  • True_Blue

    Actually it's Public Radio International (PRI) which produces This American Life. American Public Media produces Marketplace, though.
    [ducks head]

  • the_wakeful

    Oh snap! In my haste to defend a show I haven't listened to in months, I got the closing credits mixed up with a different show I haven't listened to in months. Brains are weird. My point still stands, though. Ira would probably punch you in the face for saying he worked for NPR.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Yes, Ira Glass would definitely punch me in the face for saying that, Willis. Absolutely.

  • the_wakeful

    He's a very violent man. I hear he kicks puppies for fun. Although that rumor might have been started by his old bosses at NPR.

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