In An Alternate Universe, Michael Bay Is A Realtor

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 17, 2011 | Comments ()

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 17, 2011 |


I had planned to post a series of videos of different versions of "Danny Boy" and Lucky Charms commercials in recognition of our Irish cousins and their drunken and/or magical ways. And it was impossible not to post this video of the Leprechaun Brothers with the greatest rendition of "Danny Boy" ever recorded.

Heartbreaking, right? What could top that beautiful song-smithing on the holiest day of the Irish calendar?

Explosions, implied lesbianism, bondage and commandos.

My God. It's like someone filmed every fantasy I ever had at 13. And 30. I suppose you have to do whatever you can to move an absurdly expensive house in a bad real estate market, but this . . . It couldn't be more absurd unless Gamera (who is friend to children and full of meat) came stomping through the frame for no apparent reason.

Somewhere, Michael Bay is beating his dong like it stole something.

Jason Harris doesn't understand how a potato disease can cause a famine on an island. Go fishing, you fools.

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