Important: 'Parenthood's' Peter Krause Can Juggle, Speak French, and Walk On His Hands
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Important: 'Parenthood's' Peter Krause Can Juggle, Speak French, and Walk On His Hands

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 26, 2013 | Comments ()

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Yesterday, Lauren Graham was on Ellen promoting the season premiere of Parenthood (that’s tonight, folks), and in doing so, the conversation turned to her boyfriend, Peter Krause, who plays Lauren’s brother on Parenthood. Graham said it’s not really awkward working with him, but they do try not to make out on set.

Anyway, she also talked about how they met: They both had guest roles on Carolyn in the City way back in the day, and afterwards, Graham invited him over to a game night (which Lauren Graham was once famous for). She was kind of smitten with him, but it took years before they began dating.

Anyway, the part of the interview that stuck out for me was tha, she said Krause walked on his hands during the Carolyn in the City episode, so I looked it up. Sure enough: Not only does he walk on his hands in this clip, but he juggles and speaks perfect French.

Yes, Peter Krause is a dreamboat.

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  • I am that person,so here we go:

    it's CaroLINE in the City.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    [hurriedly looking back through the attendee lists from the game nights I threw 10 years ago to see if there was a Peter Krause-like man in attendance whom I should now pursue as boyfriend]

    Seriously though, they sound like a GREAT couple.

    Also: this is why actors have a "special skills" section on their resumes.

  • Collback

    Well, his italian is better than his french, but still! Talented guy

  • BigBlueKY

    I am SO excited for it to come back on tonight! Bring on the tears.

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