If Only Idris Elba's Cringe-Worthy Debut As An Inter-Galactic Pizza Boy Had Been, Well, Pornier

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | September 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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I don’t know who bothered to rewatch 1994’s “Space Precinct” in order to bring us this little gem from your Pajiba 10 King, Idris Elba. But, you know, bless them. Idris appears here in a brief, embarrassing role as, oh yeah, Space-Helmeted Pizza Delivery Boy. I hope he told his mum right away when he got this part. The scene is short but, correct me if I’m wrong, they dubbed Big ‘Driis and that is an Intergalactic Crime against humanity. If he’s not dubbed, I take back every negative thing I said about his Southern accent in Prometheus. It’s obviously a vast improvement over this.

Does seeing Luther all kitted out like this make blenders seem less scary for you this morning? I hope so.

(via Uproxx)

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  • lowercase_ryan

    Extra Sausage?

    I'll see myself out. Even though you were all thinking it. Perverts.

  • I've actually seen 'Space Precinct' and I think extra cheese might be more accurate.

  • Dude. I would've answered the door and been like, "Would you like to guard my rainbow bridge?" In a sexy baby voice.

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