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Idris Elba and Lena Dunham Provide a Stranger the Perfect Response to a Flirty Text

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 20, 2014 | Comments ()

Over the weekend, over on The Graham Norton Show in Britain, Norton went to the audience in search of a flirty text, and found one in the phone of an adorable young Norwegian woman. It was, uh, not so much flirty as it was wildly presumptuous. Fortunately, Lena Dunham and Idris Elba — who were guests on the show — offered her some advice. Lena’s was practical, while Idris’ was bloody damn perfect.

Let’s just say that Idris is not modest, and that the guy who sent the dick-ish text is going to feel very small when he receives the text.


(via Uproxx)

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