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I will say off the bat that I'm not what you might call a dog lover. Dogs are too damned needy and co-dependent. I'd don't need my pet to go ballistic whenever I come home. "Settle down, dog. I was gone nine hours just like I'm gone nine hours five out of every seven days. If I want you jumping all over me and slobbering, I'll get the damn peanut butter."

That said, you have to be a special kind of monster if you can watch those Sarah MacLachlan ASPCA commercials without bawling like a child (I, of course, laugh hysterically the whole time). Well, the good folks at Atom.com heard your plea and get a small measure of revenge. They haven't done anything about MacLachlan's music, but one travesty at a time.

Jason Harris loved his pit bull growing up. Because pit bulls don't frolic. And they only sometimes kill.

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