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How Do We Make Bob Benson's 'Mad Men' Spin-Off a Real Thing?

By Vivian Kane | Videos | May 5, 2014 | Comments ()


Sometime around season three or four of Mad Men, I found myself needing to take a break from the show. They reached a point where everything was very serious and precious and, frankly, kind of boring. But last season, with the expansion of the agency, they refound a lightness they’d lost, that’s sorely needed to balance the heavy sh*t everyone is always dealing with. Every episode now has hijinks a plenty, and some YouTube genius crammed a whole bunch of them into this title sequence for the maddeningly fictional Bob Benson spin-off.

Coach Taylor’s young, bright-eyed doppelganger is one of my favorite new additions to the show, and I’ve really been missing him from the last few episodes. I’m going to pretend he’s just been busy with this new project.

H/T to the great Harold Hill.

Vivian Kane could watch Ken Cosgrove tap dance for days.

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  • BWeaves

    I hated Bob Benson. He served no purpose to the story, and took away time from other characters who I really wanted to see instead. i.e. Dawn, Stan, Ginzberg, Cosgrove, Harry Crane, etc.

  • cruzzercruz


    The show never lost its levity. I'd argue that season two and five are the darker ones, but three and four were full of hijinks and humor. Every season has been fairly consistent as far as maintaining humor goes.

  • Walt Jr

    The actor is filming another series. Probably eating his time.

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