Hobbits Teach Airline Safety for Air New Zealand
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Hobbits Teach Airline Safety for Air New Zealand

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Videos | November 1, 2012 | Comments ()


New Zealand's economy is sixty percent derived from Peter Jackson at this point (seriously, he even crushes local unions like a Wisconsin governor) and so it comes as no real surprise that he collaborated with Weta in order to make a new safety video for Air New Zealand. I'm pretty sure Air New Zealand's entire business is composed of flying around the cast and crew of the various Tolkien films. That and people who go to Australia on vacation and buy the deluxe package that includes three days in New Zealand at the end. Most of those are Lord of the Rings tourists at this point anyway, so it really derives from the same source.

Here is the video, which teaches you once again how to put a freaking seat belt on.

I don't get the guy waving Ron Moore's hair around. Really? He's stunning? Now, if they'd gotten the finger-wagging redhead from the Delta safety video in the mix with some elf ears, they might have melted down the entire Internet.

The first Hobbit film arrives in December, and will be followed annually by additional films until Ian McKellen's corpse falls apart.

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  • Stephen Nein

    " . .finger-wagging redhead from the Delta safety video . ."

    Oh, right, like we need more tall elfin spokesmodels. Give me Rosie Cotton doin' some digit-wavin' and I'll be there.

  • pyaaraaya

    I'm from NZ and I am so embarrassed. Air NZ safety videos are always so cringe-worthy and you have to watch it EVERYTIME you get on a plane.
    I'm not sick of the movies as entertainment but I am sick of the way they are used to over-promote NZ as if it's the only thing we have that's any good. Alot of NZ politicians feel that these films are just one big advertisment for our country.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    They had a big tie-in during the first LoTR go-round too. When I flew from Dunedin to Rotorua in 2004 there was an inflatable Gollum reaching for a ring on the side of the little airport.

  • John G.

    People in New Zealand must hate these movies by now

  • Rooks

    My, I had a good laugh at this.
    Then I remembered Lewis Black and I laughed some more.

  • athena23

    This was produced by the tourism board of NZ, right? It totally worked--I want to go. Preferably in Business Premiere class. Oh, and I guess on whatever airline this is.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Is that the one with the ottoman?

    Also who's the short-haired girl?

  • ...Was that Eric Bana as Gandalf?

  • BWeaves

    I love the quick shot of the D20 being put away.

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