Historical Accuracy Is For Nerds: Hollywood's Long Love Affair With White Jesus

By Vivian Kane | Videos | April 3, 2015 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Videos | April 3, 2015 |


Hollywood has had a lot of obsessions over the years. (Okay, I say obsessions, you might say lazy, tired hack crutches.) Currently, it’s in the midst of a codependent relationship with reboots and sequels and board games and Play-doh. But there’s one love that Hollywood keeps coming back to, time and again: White Jesus. Hollywood just can’t seem to quit the idea that Jesus was a British dude with an American accent. And now for maximum riduiculousness, Fusion has put together a supercut showing us just how long Hollywood has been committed to the belief that Jesus looked like Jeremy Sisto. (Hint: a long ass time.)

Via The AV Club.

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