Here's the Hannibal Season 2 Opening Fight Scene We've Been Dying to See
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Here's the 'Hannibal' Season 2 Opening Fight Scene We've Been Dying to See

By Cindy Davis | Videos | February 24, 2014 | Comments ()


Holy Hannibal, people! It’s here—the first two minutes of Season 2’s premiere episode, “Kaiseki.” And what a glorious 141 seconds of a throwdown it is. I should shut up now, so you can watch it…over and over and over:

Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne just kicked each other’s asses, y’all. And I cannot wait to see how Bryan Fuller leads us up to this moment—or how the fight ends. Let’s just say I don’t think Crawford stands a chance against One Eye. See you this Friday at 10 pm.

H/T to Stardust for the video alert.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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  • Nadiney


  • FrayedMachine

    I... I pretty much held my breath through that whole thing and tried desperately hard not to scream at work.

  • Classic


  • Yocean

    I'm a Japanese and i wholly approve kabuki like music on back ground for the episode named Kaiseki (Super expensive and refined style of Japanese cuisine), DAAAAAAAAMN.

  • Ozioma


    But why did NBC move this to Fridays? Does it WANT this show to die?!

  • BettyNugs

    Oh my.

  • BettyNugs

    My gifs aren't gif-ing.

  • Guest


  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Whoa. This was the reaction of my husband and I when we watched the clip:

  • mrsdalgliesh

    Holy s***. What makes that scene great is how many times they're each taking the beating as well as delivering it. Very few stunt man substitutions evident. When do we get to see/read about the making of that scene??

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Wait, when did Samuel L. Jackson get an NBC show?

  • MementoMoriarty

    Totally! Fucking! Sick! I can not wait for Season 2! Crawford should've heeded Wutang Clan's warning about protectin' yo neck.

  • Brady


  • lowercase_ryan


  • unpious

    Laurence Fishburne has always reminded me of my dad, so that was more than a little hard to watch. Hang on, I gotta go make a phone call..."Dad? You're not currently stabbed in the neck by a cannibal, right? Awesome. Love you too."

  • lowercase_ryan

    he will always be some kind of paternal character to me, ala Furious Styles

  • Guest

    "This content is currently unavailable."

  • xhikari

    Is it wrong that I jizzed to this?

  • I'm gonna say it depends on how...

  • xhikari

    well it's complicated.......

  • Kati

    Mads' ballet background is on full display during that scene. Those final leaps against the door are menacingly graceful.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    His body strength and poise do things to me, let me tell you (you don't want to know).

  • Kati

    Oh, honey, I know.

  • MementoMoriarty

    Pretty terrifying too. You know that door can only handle so many of those hammers before it gives way.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Wait. Why is Hannibal on Friday? Is NBC trying to kill one of its three (maybe four) decent shows?

    What madness is this?!!!!!

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Incomprehensible madness, to be honest. Any other network would stick this show mid-week and shower its promotional budget with money.

  • Al


  • stardust

    AWWWW YIIISSSSSS. Jack Crawford had that ass-kicking coming to him. And I love how Mads just fucking LEAPS over the island.

    Imma go watch it again.

  • AvaLehra

    And I love how Mads just fucking LEAPS over the island


    If I could make this my desktop image, I totally would:

  • Pants-are-a-must


  • Right?

  • Pants-are-a-must

    This show is so good at physical fights. SO GOOD.

  • TacoBellRey

    My God.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    I am lost in words at how perfect this picture describes my current reaction to this video.

  • foolsage

    Crawford might not stand a chance against One Eye, but Morpheus might. ;)

  • Ashley Nicholas

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    ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗AWWWW YIIISSSSSS. Jack Crawford had that ass-kicking coming to him.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Furious Styles might.

  • Ike Tuner might.

    (yeah, I went there.)

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