Here's Arya Stark's Video Reaction to Last Night's Episode of "Game of Thrones"
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Here's Arya Stark's Video Reaction to Last Night's Episode of "Game of Thrones"

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | June 3, 2013 | Comments ()


Huh. She seems to be taking it well.

(Click to play)

(via Gawker)

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  • foca9

    I'm 19, but Vine has never interested me one bit. Until now.

    And although I'm a book reader and knew it was coming, I'm keeping my Disqus profile picture forever after this.

  • logan

    This slays me! I've been listening to it in my office for 10 minutes now.

    HEY! it's my lunch hour.

  • Laura

    She is awesome!

    I do wonder how much time any of the Stark family actually got to spend together on set, aside from Robb and Cat of course. They were ripped apart pretty early on and hardly anyone saw each other after that.

  • duckandcover

    They're all really good friends. There are a lot of pictures of them hanging on each other or cracking goofy jokes via Twitter.

  • zeke_the_pig

    She's taking it better than zeke the pig, who I regret to inform you all took that ridiculous episode so extremely hard that he went on a crazy sobriety binge, got depressed and jumped off a bridge.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Yet here you are. Even sobriety can't kill you.

  • zeke_the_pig

    What can I say? I've now tried everything.

  • Judge_Snyder

    Let's hope she continues to get the roles she deserves. It'll be a shame if she ends up on some shit BBC sitcom in ten years time.

  • Snath

    She is The Best. With capitals.

  • Alan

    i guess i'm the only one who thought it was stupid.

  • ferryman

    You would be wrong then. It is stupid, but I am old and not easily impressed.

  • jollies

    For a moment I thought your name must be one of those fake ones that are actually other words rearranged. I saw the a-s-s and the l-e in your last name, but alas, no h-o.
    Totally would have fit though.

  • Alan


  • jollies

    Although, looking at the last name, "g" is just one letter before "h", and "n" is one letter before "o" ...
    Could that really be a coincidence?

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    Takes a special something to watch a silly video posted by a 15 year-old and have that response.

  • BWeaves

    Well, of course it's stupid. That doesn't mean it isn't funny and cute.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Yep, pretty much.

  • Ian Fay

    As if that girl could NOT be more adorable.

    And yet, here we are.

  • Malware

    This is awesome.

  • Michelle Belden

    Maisie Williams is my spirit animal.

  • apsutter

    Maisie is so damned cute! The whole cast of this show is just wonderful and the kids are adorable together

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Can she have her own show?

  • lowercase_ryan

    Can't stop watching.

  • Tinkerville

    It should be illegal for one kid to be this freaking awesome.

  • John W

    I cannot stop watching....her eyes its as if they move independently from one another...

  • psykins

    I might give myself a hernia from laughing....

  • bimboden

    Well, I know who I'm gonna start following on Vine now, I guess...

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