Here's a Video of Ron Swanson Smoking Pot with Alison Brie. You're Welcome

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Here's a Video of Ron Swanson Smoking Pot with Alison Brie. You're Welcome

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | July 25, 2012 | Comments ()

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Best promo for a movie ever.

The movie: Somebody Up There Likes Me. According to IMDb, the movie doesn't even appear feature Alison Brie. That's not important. What's important is that she's smoking a bong with Ron Swanson and his wife. Those glassy eyes? THAT'S NOT ACTING.

Tribeca Films has bought the rights. The movie will be in theaters and VOD in March, 2013. It's hilarious. Ron Swanson says so, damnit.

Check out the Facebook page.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • IHateCommunity

    I hate Allison Brie. Why does she keep getting shoved down our throats? Community is fucking terrible.

  • tracey


  • cinekat

    I enjoyed the hell out of this cause I adore the people involved. However, replace them with James Franco, Goop and Aniston (just to name a few off the top of my head) and I'd have to agree with catalyst...

  • POINGjam

    Good. Good.

  • catalyst

    How fucking pathetic.

    I can just see the meeting where they decided on this , the sneering, the sniggering, the hipster smarminess, "OOOOOOOOOooo look how cool and rebellious we're gonna be, famous rich people smoking pot on camera. Cause smoking pot is just SOOOOOO funny 'cause it's illegal.

    First off, it isn't funny.

    It isn't cool.

    It may well be hip, but since everything and everyone who is hip is a shit and puke filled douchebag, I'm gonna skip joining that club.

    And whatever respect I had had for Brie is gone. Sad, really.

    But of course it's hi-fucking-larious because it caters to the lowest common denominator.

  • Sassafrass Green

    You don't get to have much fun in your life, do you?

  • POINGjam

    It was fun. They're entertainers. They like making fun shit, and when they need to advertise their fun shit, they like having fun with that part too. Marketing tactics aren't always sinister.

  • Jonathan Rienstra

    "It may well be hip, but since everything and everyone who is hip is a
    shit and puke filled douchebag, I'm gonna skip joining that club."

    So you're just in the regular douchebag club, then?

  • Bert_McGurt

    Can I advise you to not eat the poopy cornflakes tomorrow morning? I promise the regular ones taste much better.

    Well, they still taste like corny cardboard. But they don't have poop in them.

    Besides, if you think this caters to the lowest common denominator, then you are going to be absolutely SCARRED by the MTV fall lineup.

  • Psychicdog

    Smoking pot isn't illegal for them.
    They're rich. And famous. And white.

  • Malware

    Are you trying to say you didn't like the promo?

  • John G.

    Smoking pot with Alison Brie!? Great! My life was just fine until I read that sentence. Now how am I supposed to have a fulfilled life knowing that that's a thing that I'll never get to do?

  • Addicct

    Damn, I will support that movie no matter what because they are so awesome!

  • Bert_McGurt

    Even Alison Brie's BONG is cute.

  • shardik

    Just when I thought I couldn't love them more...

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'm straight up smitten right now. Nick Offerman is the only person in the world whose reality show I would watch, yet he would NEVER have one. Maybe that's why I love him so much. These three could collectively rule my world and it would be the best.

  • Jensicola

    Good Lord, Ron Swanson's eyes are wicked bloodshot. As it appears they are really smoking weed, I would like to nominate myself as a Pajiba ambassador to that party. Oh and BTW I'm Jensicola, nice to meet y'all (looooooong time reader, not much of a commenter).

  • I like how they bleep out bullshit then don't bleep Alison's first use of f*cked up.

  • lowercase_ryan

    whoever was on the button had a bong as well.

  • supermeg

    yeah those 3 people are amazing.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    You gotta love a guy who builds his own canoe and smokes bongs.

  • Contact high!

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