Game of Thrones Original Flavor Myrcella Actress Aimee Richardson Has the Best Ever Reaction to Being Recast
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'Game of Thrones'' Original Flavor Myrcella Actress Aimee Richardson Has the Best Ever Reaction to Being Recast

By Cindy Davis | Videos | July 30, 2014 | Comments ()


I’ll go ahead and say it: I don’t understand why Game of Thrones decided to recast Myrcella Baratheon. Unlike the case of Tommen Baratheon, who was obviously and appropriately aged up, Aimee Richardson (16) has been replaced by Nell Tiger Free (14). I’m sure the producers have their reasons, but it’s also a major bummer for Richardson. Nevertheless, she’s handled the rumors and the eventual confirmation like a champ. When angry fans reacted, she tweeted appropriately:


And then after she’d heard, Aimee posted to her Vine…

“Well, this is embarrassing.”

Aimee also invited a possibly missing book character, Arianne Martell to join her:


What a sweetheart…


Cindy Davis, (Twitter) hopes Richardson gets a great role soon.

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  • Maddy

    I really hope they at least told her before they recast. Seems like a dick move to me.

  • Maddy

    I love her and you should all follow her on twitter. This makes me suspicious that they're changing things about the Dorne storyline to be honest. Myrcella being older than Tommen is important. And maybe they think the new girl is a better actress but I also don't want Myrcella to be the focus of the storyline in Dorne. Sigh.

  • logan

    Who is she?

  • Zeus McGuinnes

    David and Dan dun goofed again.

  • Dulce et Banana

    She's demonstrating savvy about the industry that will be noticed. Casting and producing people will look at her and think "Well, she's not one to diss people she had trouble with in the past."

    {We all turn and raise one eye-brow at Freddie P Jr.}

  • Nadiney

    HA! I like this, this is adorable. Someone give her some work damn it!

  • Ozioma

    And yet they kept the same actor for Robin/Robert Arryn, who arguably has less impact on the plot and has only shown up in literally a tenth of the total episodes.

  • Emily Smith

    Yeah, but that kid plays crazy so well, I'd be really pissed if they recast him.

  • Jezzer

    Like anybody could pick Original Myrcella out of a lineup after her three seconds of screen time.

  • JustOP

    That's not the point. The point is this young actress has been kicked off probably the most popular show on television right now, a show capable of giving major boosts to fairly unknown actors careers (see: Jon Snow). And she handled it not only with grace, class, and humour, but also asking her fans to not hassle the new actress. That is worthy of some recognition.

  • Jezzer

    Yeah, Kit Harington's career is like a runaway freight train right now, with that Silent Hill sequel.

  • mzblackwidow

    jesus, who pissed in your cornflakes today?

  • JustOP

    I'm not sure what your standards are, but going from no film credits, to being in three hollywood films (Silent Hill, Pompei, & How to Train Your Dragon 2) is a major career boost in my opinion. Not to mention his two upcoming film credits, as well as his continued role in the most successful television show on right now.

  • Jezzer


  • vic

    SUCH BULLSHIT. So mad at B&W.

  • Brenton

    Seeing as I can't even picture the character in action, not even after Googling her, I'm not sure how this is bad at all.

  • vic

    No, it's not really a huge thing, but she's charming and there was no real point that I could see in changing the casting. Perhaps Soleil Moon Frye is a better actress, but there wasn't anything abundantly wrong with Richardson's performance that I can recall. I dunno. Either way, it just feels like a dick move at this point.

  • E Robb

    Even if you don't remember her, or Beric Dondarrion from season one, or the Mountain, or the Mountain, I feel like it hurts the overall continuity of the show as a complete product to keep recasting roles. They have the power of foresight with the books they've yet to tackle. They should know they need the right actor, from the beginning.

    When rewatching the Wire, you'll see background actors in season one, and again grown up in season five. It creates a believable world, and reinforces the cyclical nature of the story. It bums me out to see Game of Thrones isn't striving for that.

  • Nadiney

    I think it makes it feel a leeeeetle soap opera-ish. Soap operas love recasting kids and teens when they want 'sexier' story lines for those characters. In the UK some of our soaps are great at letting a kid grow up on TV, provided they do so at a rate that suits the show but one soap, Eastenders in the last five or six years has recast some of their younger actors what must be three or four times.

    One family had nearly every child actor replaced and to be honest, it was for nothing but looks. They had a set of twin, boy ad girl, both In Show aged 17 or 18 or so. Both actors were the same age as their characters, looked the right age for the performances etc.

    But they were like, kid next door good looking. They got recast as model agency good looking. The new actors are gifted people, they can act just fine, but are blatantly more magazine cover HOT than pretty or handsome.

    I mean, if a recast protects a child from uncomfortable scenes, either violence or sexiness that's cool, and if its a character we've seen like, twice in the whole show.

    But it has to be done right, the actors should look very similar where possible and it should be handled well.

    It occurs to me that if Myrcella's actress is 14 now was she like, 11 when she was married off?

  • $78742978

    Yeah, totally on point with The Wire reference! I got the box set and ended up ODing on it, and I went right back to the first episode and started watching it and noticed all this careful work they'd put into the details. Like, there's Bug and Michael's mom! Or, that old lady in Hamsterdam has a whole silent storyline going on in the background. When the show is complete and people mainline it, they WILL get very confused by all the recasting, although it was unforgivably egregious with The Mountain and Daario. Granted I prefer the latter Daario but wtf were they thinking casting Fabio in the first place?

  • E Robb

    For a 1:1 comparison, when Arya sees the Mountain, it's strictly a visual. We're supposed to recognize him, and know the danger she's in just based on who he is. In The Wire, Randy Wagstaff is a loveable character in one season, but much later we see him again, only at a distance, and he's grown up and mean looking, and just based on seeing him we know he's fallen victim to this system. Imagine if they recast him as drastically as the GoT guys recast the Mountain. A great moment would have been ruined, and you'd have needed Pryzbylewski to turn to camera and say "That's Randy Wagstaff!" which is what Arya did during that scene.

    I like this Daario better as well, but I can't help but notice that they not only look nothing alike, they act nothing alike. Daario in season three was weird and sexually aggressive and sleezy, and everyone was telling Daenarys to keep her distance from him. But now he's polite, soft spoken, and seemingly good hearted, yet everyone is still telling Daenarys to keep her distance from him. I haven't read that book yet, but one of those two characters seems poorly handled.

  • Nadiney

    I felt like the Mountain recast was a hit and miss. I thinkt he earlier mountain looked like someone that would throw his baby brother in a fire. THe new guy is gigantic but he looks like a big cuddly bear.

    ** in both the actual bear and the ghey way, for the record.

  • Jezzer

    That sounds like a lot of self-serving, indignant-to-be-indignant horseshit to me.

  • E Robb

    Self-serving? What does that even mean in this context? In the Mountain's three appearances, he has been three completely different people, with three completely different physiques. The one thing that matters for that character. When a character disappears for seasons at a time, like Myrcella here, it completely ruins the reveal of seeing them again if you don't fucking recognize them.

    When Arya saw the Mountain at Harrenhal, it was supposed to be an "Oh shit!" moment, but it wasn't at all. The scene had no impact, and Arya had to explain who it was, because no one could have known. This example is less important because I don't think Myrcella had a single line or was the center of any meaningful scene. But it is indicative of the mindset of the showrunners. And I think it will hurt the show's longevity once it's complete. The Wire holds up because it is a complete story, bookended. With Game of Thrones, I'm not so sure. Have you rewatched season one recently? The whole show is shot indoors on obvious sets with fuzzy soap opera lighting.

  • Jezzer

    "Self-serving" in this case means you're using it to fuel your obvious need to get really angry about extremely trivial shit on the internet.

  • E Robb

    Go drink a glass of skim milk and stop trying to start an argument under the guise of not starting an argument.

  • JustOP

    Which is funny, because it appears that you're, by extension, also getting really angry about extremely trivial shit on the internet.

  • Jezzer

    I'd say that's a rather radical -- and yes, self-serving -- interpretation of my tone.

  • JustOP

    Radical like early 90's TMNT?

  • Collin Scott

    To be fair she does look quite old at this point.

  • vic

    Myrcella's older than Tommen, so it would have been fine.

  • But she's supposed to be older than Tommen, who they aged up.

  • John W

    I wish her the best.

  • mzblackwidow

    that is class !

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  • Dulce et Banana

    Oh for pity's sake, Andrew, your sister worked and saved to buy that wig with her own money and you're running about in it like it's a Halloween prank. Put it back this instant.

    And if you think for a second I didn't notice you subtly shaming single mothers by implying they couldn't be expected to also make a decent wage, I swear your mother will hear about it young man.

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