Forgetting Where He Is, President Obama Frustratingly Sticks to the Script on "The Daily Show"
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Forgetting Where He Is, President Obama Frustratingly Sticks to the Script on "The Daily Show"

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | October 19, 2012 | Comments ()


Don't blame Jon Stewart, who did a great job of asking the questions, trying to get honest, candid answers out of President Obama in front of a sympathetic audience. Unfortunately, throughout the entire two-part interview, the President stuck to the talking points. There's a couple of small, unremarkable unscripted moments, but for the most part, the President wasted an opportunity, saying almost nothing new.

The best part of the interview, in fact, is Stewart's attempts to buddy up to Obama in the hopes of getting through the campaign facade. I suppose this late in the game, Obama doesn't want to say anything that might be held against him, but on the same day that he used an opportunity at the Al Smith dinner to make light of himself, Mitt Romney, and the campaign, it's a bummer that he wasted one with a incredibly friendly audience, both on set and watching at home (and the Internet).

The interview is embedded below if you'd like to watch it, but there's nothing new or interesting to see, except for a brief exchange in the beginning of part two about Joe Biden's bathing suit.

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  • no one

    "Binder" --big deal. "Not optimal" --no deal at all ~ Hugh Hewitt

  • I forget...which candidate supports big business over worker's rights, has slashed environmental protection laws, authorized the extra-judicial killing of US citizens, supports the continued detainment of people without charges...and which one is the GOP asshole?

  • googergieger

    What are you an idiot? How many weeks left in this mofo? Oh yeah Obama all of a sudden should shoot from the hip and be one hundred percent honest on everything. That ought to win him this thing against the man who'd fuck a donkey on live T.V. for the PETA vote and deny ever doing it and blame the Obama campaign from distracting everyone from the real issues for the vote of everyone else.

  • Jezzer

    I just agreed with googer AND upvoted him. In conclusion, I hate you all.

  • purplejebus

    Politics makes for interesting bedfellows. Just sayin'...

  • Pants-are-a-must

    How interesting that Jon Stewart used to be the target of criticism for scoring interviews with important political figures and then giving them soft questions in the past. Now he's the guy everyone knew was going to ask Obama about the first debate and the Benghazi attack. The line between infotainment and serious news is thinner than ever.

  • Andrew

    Even when Jon Stewart was lobbing the soft ball questions in those lollipop interviews, there was still a lot to be gained. By watching how the interviewee responded, we the viewers learned a lot about the person. And you are right, Jon Stewart is about the only guy on TV in America right now who knows how to run an interview, whether serious or comedic.

  • John G.

    and he mixes both serious and comedic well, using the comedic to get to the serious.

  • superasente

    Not sure I agree. With the exception of commercial-break tom-foolery, Jon Stewart was asking some pretty serious and tough questions and Obama addressed them in the proper tone and with the proper reverence. I especially liked when he asked if Obama had a stronger case for why he deserves a second term, or if he has a stronger case for why Mitt Romney shouldn't get a first term. That's a pretty rough question. Obama even looked a little stunned for a second.

    I'll grant you, he defaulted to some of his talking points to answer that question, but he didn't evade or avoid what he was being asked. He seriously answered a serious question.

    It would've been a missed opportunity if they'd just talked about Biden's swimwear for fifteen minutes. The guy is the President; I wasn't looking for dick jokes.

  • John G.

    I agree Jon was asking "tough" questions compared to the joke that is our political discourse these days, but I don't agree that Obama answered them candidly. I could hear the whir of the talking points machine starting up before each answer.

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