Every Time Zac Efron Takes His Shirt Off, An Angel Gets Its Wings
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Every Time Zac Efron Takes His Shirt Off, An Angel Gets Its Wings

By Vivian Kane | Videos | May 12, 2014 | Comments ()


Would you like to spend 72 seconds totally objectifying Zac Efron with me? Of course you would. Lucky for us, the folks over at MTV News (they’re playing pretty fast and loose with that term, yeah?) have put together a supercut of the ever-shirtless ‘Fron.

I haven’t seen Neighbors yet, and now I honestly don’t think I’ll get the chance because I plan to never not be watching this video forever.

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From MTV News (really?) via Jezebel (feminism!)

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  • nobcarajo100

    He's like 5'6" and has a boy face even though he's like 30

  • PerpetualIntern

    What's with this site and Zac Efron lately? I mean he's pretty I guess, but I don't get it...

  • Lauren_Lauren

    It's like someone brought a Ken doll to life. Or . . . like a boy Skipper? Did they make those?

  • Dustin, someone created a redirect to 8-year-old Tiger Beat web page. Again.

  • Lee

    Efron is too bland and boyish to ever be sexy in my book.

  • Mike Stevens

    My favourite thing about Neighbors is how they've renamed it Bad Neighbours for Australia - and probably also for the UK - so as to not lead anyone to think it might be the big screen debut of the shitty Neighbours soap opera.

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