Eric Stonestreet Gets Jesse Tyler Ferguson the Gayest Birthday Present Ever
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Eric Stonestreet Gets Jesse Tyler Ferguson the Gayest Birthday Present Ever

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | October 23, 2012 | Comments ()


Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was in Boston's Wilbur Theater on a three-day tour in support of Modern Family, received a very sweet, very gay birthday present from his co-star, Eric Stonestreet, who surprised Ferguson with a visit from the Boston Gay Men's Chorus. The scene, capture on a camera phone, is delightful. They sang a Katy Perry song, and an elated Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins in.

I love good people who do nice things for other good people.

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  • Jezzer

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson looks so much like Tyler Coates from "Disappointing Gay Best Friend" that I thought they were the same person for a long time.

  • SCG

    Helloooo-ooooo, the song "Firework" is about gay pride, people!! It is Katy Perry's "Born This Way".

  • Louise

    I love watching celebs with their camera phones, recording the moment just like any of us might. It shows how personal it is to them.

  • BendinIntheWind

    This was already the happiest thing I'd ever seen... and then the STREAMERS! OH GOD, THE STREAMERS!!!!!

  • denesteak

    this is so wonderful.

  • kingsize

    i found it quite difficult to masturbate to this

  • Mitchell Hundred

    Ah, that's kids today: no imagination whatsoever. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS, INTERNET!

  • Strand

    No sailor outfits or denim cutoffs. You need to be this gay to ride.

  • nosio

    That was ridiculously sweet.

  • Rochelle

    Awwww. JTF is an adorable dork. My heart just grew a size.

  • Slash

    Aw, sweet ... if the gays are destroying America, they're certainly doing it in the most entertaining way imaginable.

  • petitesuissesse

    We should all try to make our friends this happy. What a beautiful birthday gift!

  • Mitchell Hundred

    So wait, is Katy Perry a big thing in gay culture, or is this a personal preference on Ferguson's part? I'm out of the loop here.

  • PDamian

    Being straight myself, I wouldn't know ... but I did go to Chicago's Gay Pride parade a couple of years ago (the one for which Rahm Emanuel was the grand marshal), and it seemed as if every other song coming off the floats was Katy Perry, Beyonce or Lady Gaga, plus a lot of "It's Raining Men." About the only groups not blasting those ladies were the Chicago Teachers Union, the employees of United Airlines, and a Brazilian samba school. And now I know all the words to "Girls (Run the World)."

  • e jerry powell

    She's certainly not a big thing in my part of gay culture. Maybe the twinks under 25 adore her tacky ass, but I disregard those little brats to the point that I absolutely can't see them. They're like ghosts or something.

  • Strand

    Not sure if she's an official 'thing' in the gay community, but her songs are all pretty big on being yourself, or failing that, being as fabulous as possible. The fact she sang "I Kissed a Girl" probably helped her image.

  • auntieshoque

    In my gay circles, the fact that she sang "I Kissed a Girl" actually detracted from her gay cred. Actual gay cred went hugely to Jill Sobule (who is at least bisexual) for her song, and when Kary Perry took the title for her song and claimed it came to her "in a dream" or some bullshit, and didn't credit Jill at all, I think gay people who knew about the first song put in a mark against Katy.

    But like I said, that's just in the gay circles I'm part of.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I don't understand why there's so much homophobia in the world. Gay white men dance exactly like straight white men do. We've got so much in common that it's almost like hating oneself.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    Well that is just damn adorable. Eric Stonestreet is the best - does this make him Jesse Tyler Ferguson's SBF (straight best friend)?!

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