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Director Joe Wright Banned Keira Knightley from Pouting on Set

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 26, 2014 | Comments ()

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Graham Norton had Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh on the show this weekend, and during the course of promoting Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Knightley ended up discussing some of her earlier roles. For instance, on Pirates of the Caribbean, she said, the make-up people had to spend 45 minutes every day creating cleavage for her, first by pushing what little cleavage she had up as high as possible, and then by painting on the rest of her cleavage with, like, a paintbrush (they painted on shadowing to give the illusion of more cleavage). She also spoke about playing Natalie Portman’s lookalike in the Star Wars prequel, laughing about the similarities between the two actresses.

Best of all, Knightley spoke about working with Joe Wright, who directed her in Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. Fun Fact: Wright originally didn’t want Knightley for Pride and Prejudice because he thought she was too pretty. However, after he met her, he bluntly gave her a backhanded compliment, stating, “Oh no, you’re fine.”

Anyway, during course of Atonement, as Knightley tells it, she had a pouting problem. This is evident in many photos of Knightley.


The pouting stems from an insecurity she has about her smile, which she did not like to display. However, at some point during the filming of Pride and Prejudice, Wright had to ban pouting on the set.

Roll video.

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  • Maddy

    Now I feel bad for making fun of her pout! She has a lovely smile though, She's one of those people that seem to get lots of hate, but she's actually really good in the right role.

  • Berry

    I usually wish I could like her acting, because she's just so charming and likable in interviews. And I did like her in Bend it Like Beckham and that first Pirates movie. One day I'll like her again, I just know that!

  • Maddy

    I love Bend It Like Beckham! She's just so typecast now as the girl in the pretentious period movies. I like her in Pirates, but hated what the movie ended up doing to her character.

  • Berry

    The fact that she's so typecast is aggravating, because for my money, she'd be better suited for things like Beckham. No matter how many corsets she dons, her characters always end up reading very modern to me.

  • annie

    I forget how adorable and silly Keira is. Part of it has to do with that damn pout.

  • I love her. I love that she still has imperfect teeth. I may have gotten lost in the haze of J-Law love, but she is my one true lady crush.

  • chanohack


  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Since I mostly ever just see her in red carpet pictures or movies, I always forget how damn delightful Keira Knightley seems to be in person.

    Or at least, in person on a talk show. I like to believe it reflects the reality, though.

  • annie

    I just said the same thing! She has a pretty but moody face. The face is a lie.

  • grr arrgh

    She just has Bitchy Resting Face syndrome. It's quite a wide spread problem.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I have this issue. My face at rest is intent and glowery. When I attend business meetings in my capacity as minion, I consciously plaster a look on my face that I've dubbed "Duchess at the Boat Launch".

  • grr arrgh

    As do I. I've been asked if I'm angry or upset about something. "Uh...no...?" I try to just reset my perma-scowl to something like "Vaguely awake and open to new experiences". Duchess at the Boat Lunch sounds fun though.

    I will say that Bitchy Resting Face can and does come in handy, especially if, like me, you have big purple dark circles. Do away with the concealer, put on a hoodie and presto! No one wants to talk to me. Yay! No social interaction!!

  • Mrs. Julien

    I avoid that by having no friends. It saves time.

  • grr arrgh

    I like being around my friends. I hate being around *people*. I have to because of college and an even greater hatred of online classes.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Yes, that is a better description. I am not a people person.

  • annie

    It really is. A lot of my favorite people are afflicted (e.g. Olivia Wilde, Jeremy Renner).

  • grr arrgh

    Yep, Renner was the first person I thought of.

  • periwinkled

    In high school, I was in a production of Amadeus, and the girls' costumes were very busty. Most of us WEREN'T very busty, so friend of the director who was a drag queen came in and taught us how to shade our chests (in addition to the sometimes multiple push-up bras each of us were wearing) to create the illusion of cleavage. It was totally effective.

  • chanohack

    One of the reasons drag queens make me so happy is because if a dude can look like a goddess, there's hope for me. :)

  • Jim

    About 100 years ago, when I was a baby gay, I had a drag performer friend who I considered my spirit guide. Invaluable.

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