Defanged and Pie-Faced: David Cronenberg Knows Just What to Do with RPatz

By Cindy Davis | Videos | June 30, 2011 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | Videos | June 30, 2011 |

With A Dangerous Method in the can, David Cronenberg is already in Toronto filming his next project. And since there are no fans like the Twi-tards, all manner of pictures and video are hitting the interwebs about every thirty seconds. The film, Cosmopolis, is an adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel about a young, "unsavory" billionaire, Eric Packer (Pattinson), making a long, strange trek across Manhattan. Focussed on a single day and set mainly in a customized, high-tech limousine, Packer's crosstown journey to get a haircut turns into a series of bizarre events. Aside from Pattinson, the film boasts a bevy of well-known actors, including Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Mathieu Amalric, Samantha Morton, Kevin Durand and Jay Baruchel.

Here's an on-set video, wherein our antihero experiences various aggressions and some tasty pie:

It looks like the limousine experiences a few minor injuries:


RPatz gets pieface:


And a gun:

rpatz gun.jpg

The source material is described as claustrophobic, funny, brittle and cold, with a day beset by anarchists, the insanity of NYC traffic during a Presidential visit and run-ins with mistresses, a wife and angry clients. Cronenberg is sure to amplify everything to the point of madness, so I have no doubt this will be a great ride. Cosmopolis will hit theaters in 2012.

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