Billy Eichner Will Go Full Hulk on Your 'Passion of the Christ'-Hating Ass
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Billy Eichner Will Go Full Hulk on Your 'Passion of the Christ'-Hating Ass

By Vivian Kane | Videos | April 15, 2014 | Comments ()


I know we’ve got some mixed feelings on Billy Eichner on this site. I’ve got mixed feelings myself, swimming around inside me. He’s shrill, aggressive, and he’s always running. Those really are my three least favorite things.

So why do I still love the crap out of him? I guess because sometimes he dresses up in a bunny suit and asks people is Jim Caviezel’s performance in The Passion of the Christ was better than Kerry Washington in Scandal. And then smashes things when he doesn’t like their answer. That might be why.

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  • Anthony Hoffman

    Annoying. Unfunny. Sorry, I tried.

  • dizzylucy

    I enjoyed the one where he tried to get people to sing with Amy Poehler. After watching some other clips, I've decided that was just because I love Amy Poehler.

  • Jenn Hamm

    I am dying LOL so HARD!!!!

  • Jenn Hamm

    "He's on Person of Interest now!!!!"

  • BWeaves

    Ralphy did the pink bunny suit better.

  • LL

    i like him. he's like a puppy that bites your fingers. it's not intended to be hurtful, it's just him playing!

  • CBN

    hey as long as he stops being on parks and rec soon, i wish his shrill, unfunny self the best

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