Bam Margera Transcends Gaucherie, Urinates In His Own Mouth, Achieves American Dream

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Bam Margera Transcends Gaucherie, Urinates In His Own Mouth, Achieves American Dream

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 29, 2013 | Comments ()


Poor Bam. The Jackass daredevil, the man at the center of several MTV shows, and the star of a series of abusive relationships with women and alcohol is suffering from neglect. Unable to hold on to the attention of the collective American public, Margera has made a music video/desperate cry for attention, in which he -- at one point -- urinates into his own maw.

Now, ask yourself what kind of man would do that? A thirsty man? Perhaps. A man with terrible aim? Maybe. More likely, however, Margera is suffering from a nervous breakdown of some kind. Fame is a disease, and when your source of fame derives from ingesting exotic fluids, shoving items into your rectum, and engaging in activities designed to cause permanent brain damage, at a certain point, all that is left is pissing in your own goddamn mouth.

The video, for a song called "Bend My D*ck to My Ass," is NSFW.

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  • Strand

    I'll admit, I laughed when he got his ass branded in that Jackass movie. But boy oh boy, these Jackass boys. With Knoxville doing his own thing, Steve-O hosting Killer Karaoke...

  • fasha

    I've got a few questions...
    -What in the frilliest of hecks did I just watch???
    -Is this one of those two girls one cup things, where the woman needs the drugs so bad and Bam will only keep her high if she does stuff like this?
    -After watching the video, does anyone else think that Bear Grylls makes drinking ones own urine look high class in comparison?

  • jon29

    Oh sure. When Dušan Makavejev films someone pissing in his own mouth, it's a "full-throated shriek in the face of bourgeois complacency and movie watching," but if the Jackass guy does it, suddenly we're all too good to watch.


  • e jerry powell

    That boy has a promising future in hipster gay-for-pay kink/fetish porn. And absolutely nowhere else.

  • yocean

    wait, is he trying to up-douche the hipster fashion? And dub-step mix just to try to make it seem hipper? And that unintelligible mumbling thing...? Ughh I hope he does fuck himself in ass, get some ass face melting STD and choke on it. Or get help.

  • Ryan Dunn

    Dude got fat.

    Must be all that comfort eating over losing his bff.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I had never heard of this guy. Thank you for introducing me to an upcoming young musician!

  • I envy that man his ability to look like that big a douchebag and still not die in a cardboard box, starving and freezing, from his inability to generate an income.

  • jessididla

    He looks like he really thinks the song is good too. He's very serious about his rapping, singing, whatever. I'm glad to see he took it to Iceland where maybe he is still relevant and cool...

  • 724wd

    anyone make it all the way through? "Bam Margera Has Gone Full Retard"?

  • yocean

    I did. Unfortunately. My tolerance is pretty good, alas.

  • Benderman

    He did it standing up! I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.

  • amylu

    Shame on you for not putting a "mouth urination at 2:45" note in the article. I had to watch the whole video (well two minutes and 45 seconds of it) for it. Now I hate myself (more).

  • The sad thing is, it isn't the lyrics or the mouthpissing that really offends me here. This is just a horribly written and performed song.

  • Pookie

    I aint no Barry Gordy, Rowles, but I’ve heard worst songs. And where exactly in the video does the guy pee in his mouth?

  • ghisent

    Uh... thanks, but I'm good. I'll just go about my day without having that image be a part of it. But, you know, whatever hitches your wagon.

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