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Bam Margera Transcends Gaucherie, Urinates In His Own Mouth, Achieves American Dream

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 29, 2013 | Comments ()


Poor Bam. The Jackass daredevil, the man at the center of several MTV shows, and the star of a series of abusive relationships with women and alcohol is suffering from neglect. Unable to hold on to the attention of the collective American public, Margera has made a music video/desperate cry for attention, in which he -- at one point -- urinates into his own maw.

Now, ask yourself what kind of man would do that? A thirsty man? Perhaps. A man with terrible aim? Maybe. More likely, however, Margera is suffering from a nervous breakdown of some kind. Fame is a disease, and when your source of fame derives from ingesting exotic fluids, shoving items into your rectum, and engaging in activities designed to cause permanent brain damage, at a certain point, all that is left is pissing in your own goddamn mouth.

The video, for a song called "Bend My D*ck to My Ass," is NSFW.

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