Are We Having Fun Yet? Lizzy Caplan Wordlessly Convinces Me To Watch 'Masters Of Sex'
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Are We Having Fun Yet? Lizzy Caplan Wordlessly Convinces Me To Watch 'Masters Of Sex'

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | September 26, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.49.22 PM.png

The glorious Lizzy Caplan did an eye-popping spread in GQ this month to promote her upcoming Showtime series about Masters and Johnson, Masters Of Sex. You can watch the entire premiere online for free right now. Enjoy it in your cubicle!

Now back to the photo spread. You could make an argument that the subject matter of the series and the generally empowering thrust of the female sexual liberation makes this more than just your typical cheesecake pose. You could. You really probably could. If you tried really hard.


And you could certainly argue that her opinions on the sexual nature of males and females are highly relevant. So quotes like the one below are right on topic.

They basically figured out that the female body is far better equipped for sex than the male body. Women can have multiple orgasms; men cannot. They’re actually the sexual athletes, not the men.

Or, you know, you could just gawk at the pictures and perk up at her frank language. Your choice. You’ll be amazed at what she does with that hat. Are we having fun yet?

(Read More at GQ)

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  • foolsage

    I finally watched the pilot, and "Masters of Sex" exceeded my expectations. It's definitely a series to follow.

  • I'm going to try making her 300 sandwiches, see where that gets me...

  • Matt Willis

    Wow. She's really good.

  • Kate at June

    This woman needs to stop. just, for me.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    That header photo just took years off of my life.

  • Boston Red

    Then you might not want to check out the full pic at GQ until you get a chance to update your life insurance.

  • L.O.V.E.

    -- "They’re actually the sexual athletes, not the men."

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. What they are really saying is women are marathon runners and men are sprinters.

    And some of us are decathletes, skilled in short and long distances, plus the shot put, the pole vault, the discus, and the javelin. Thank you very much.

  • Bert_McGurt

    We can too have multiple's just that the interval between them is slightly longer.

    And let it be said - sometimes giving is just as rewarding as receiving.

  • DeaconG

    Ah yes, that pesky recovery period...

  • zeke_the_pig

    I myself won silver medal at the egg-and-spoon race Sexual Olympics. Of course that was back when that was still a recognised event. These days the so-called City Fathers and Olympic Committee won't have any of it

  • L.O.V.E.

    I always excelled at the sack races.

  • bastich

    I was more of a tug-of-war man, myself.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Ah, yes. But really separated the men from the boys was the three-legged race.

  • bastich

    It was so great before they started enforcing testing, wasn't it?

  • L.O.V.E.

    Well, the irony is that if you are on the juice (viagra, cialis) its really hard to give a urine sample.

  • zeke_the_pig

    They just started counting those piss samples as the javelin instead, saying, 'we'll come back later'

  • bastich

    True dat. I imagine the specimen collectors having to cover up like the front row of a Gallagher concert.

  • bastich

    ...and some of us are just armchair athletes.

  • emmalita

    Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen don't have to do anything to convince me to watch things that they are in.

  • She's a regulation hottie.

  • malikvlc

    Yeah. Reading that article. You know... For science...

  • foolsage

    Riiiiiight. ;)

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