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Anna Kendrick Slams Newcastle for Not Paying Her to Pose Nude in a Beer Commercial for a Beer She Doesn't Drink

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 29, 2014 | Comments ()

There’s a backstory to this commercial involving a campaign by Newcastle promoting itself as the beer that couldn’t afford a Super Bowl beer commercial involving Reddit and maybe Keyshawn Johnson, but it’s not that interesting. Suffice to say, below is a behind-the-scenes spot with Anna Kendrick, who jokes about the commercial she was offered that Newcastle can’t even run because Newcastle can’t afford a Super Bowl commercial.

In it, she muses about what she would’ve done (pose nude) if the commercial had been made, wonders why she was even asked since she’s not “beer commercial hot,” and mourns the loss of the paycheck, since now she’s going to have to go back to indie movies for indie cred, and she can’t put indie cred into a stripper’s G-string.

Just watch the damn thing. It’s marvelous.

via Uproxx

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