Maxine Waters Gives Us A Powerful Meme For Self-Care, General Awesomeness

By Kristy Puchko | Twitter | July 31, 2017 | Comments ()

By Kristy Puchko | Twitter | July 31, 2017 |


While many U.S. politicians are hesitant to criticize the president*, Maxine Waters has been outspoken and fearless, calling for impeachment. The congresswoman representing California’s 43rd District has become a focal point in the Resistance, and an inspiration for many. She will suffer no fools and waste no time. And last Thursday, Waters gave us a new maxim to live by: Reclaiming my time.

The House Financial Services Committee on the State of the International Financial System was hearing the testimony of The Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin. As ranking member on the committee, Waters gets first crack at questions, and aimed to make full use of the opportunity. But Munchin tried to counter her hard-line of questioning with flattery. Waters wasn’t hearing it.

In the face of a stalling, smug dude, Waters maintained her composure, but never softened her resolve. And so an inspirational meme was born.

And for the grand finale, singer Mykal Kilgore made the Gospel of Maxine into gospel music.

Sing it with him: RECLAIMING MY TIME!

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