Year in Review: The 2013 TV Superlatives

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Year in Review: The 2013 TV Superlatives

By Sarah Carlson | TV Reviews | December 31, 2013 | Comments ()


In no particular order:

The Another Season Would Be Really Unnecessary Award: Homeland

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The Guilty Pleasure Turned Hate Watch Award: Scandal

Thumbnail image for yolo-huck-scandal.jpg

The Best Look Award: Laura Benanti, The Sound of Music Live!

tumblr_mxd5npBSxm1qk08n1o2_250.gif tumblr_mxd5npBSxm1qk08n1o1_250.gif

The Best at Everything, Including Death, Award: Sherlock, Sherlock


The Best Spawner of Crackpot Theories Award: Mad Men


The Noooooooooooooooooo! Award: Boardwalk Empire


The This Almost Makes Us Forget About His Role in Entourage Award: Mr. Selfridge


The Thank You For This Award: True Blood

The You’ll Be Missed (Haters to the Left) Award: Matt Smith, Doctor Who


The I’m Glad I Gave This Another Shot Because It’s Pretty Damn Cute Award: Hart of Dixie


The Thanks For Repeatedly Crushing My Soul Award: Rectify


The I Can’t Believe I’m Rooting for the Death of a Kid Award: Carl, The Walking Dead


The Now Here is a Kid Character I’d Watch In His Own Show Award: Bert, Trophy Wife


The Best Guest Star Award: Jim Beaver (Justified, Breaking Bad, Longmire)


The This Cast is So Perfect Award: Orange is the New Black


The Best Performance by a Bedazzled Speedo Award: Behind the Candelabra


The Best Performance by Anything Ever Award: Rob Lowe’s face, Behind the Candelabra


The Showrunner We Most Want to Punch in the Face Award: Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey


The Best Use of Wigs Award: Orphan Black


The DEAR GOD WHY Award: Tie, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad



Sarah Carlson is a TV Critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter.

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