What We Learned From Last Night's Double Crossin' Episode Of 'Justified'
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What We Learned From Last Night's Double Crossin' Episode Of 'Justified'

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | January 22, 2014 | Comments ()


Things We Learned:

I apologize for a lack of a recap last week. Life got in the way.

Most of what I have to say about last week can be heard here. But if you don’t want to listen to an entire podcast, the gist is this: GET BACK, LORETTA! Now here’s this week’s recap.

  • We’re going to start with the scene that broke my heart before moving on to the scene that ripped it out. This interaction between Boyd and Ava highlighting Ava’s insecurities and Boyd’s frustrations was a kicker. We knew it was only a matter of time before these two were pulled apart by more than just some iron bars. Her distrust is not completely unwarranted. How do you trust a complete scoundrel like Boyd? But their connection has been the anchor holding them down for several seasons now. It hurts to watch them crumble.

  • Because Ava’s not wrong to doubt, is she? We saw the germs of this in last week’s episode. Mara has an allure that is undeniable. I quite like her as a character in her own right. She’s smart and tough and intriguing. But as a crowbar meant to separate Boyd and Ava? I boo. I hiss. Because how can we not see this…

    Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.29.03 AM.png

    …as anything other than a mockery of a sham of a shadow of this?

    While the symmetry is artistic, it also makes Boyd look absolutely terrible. How can he strip off in that same bar and not think of that earlier moment with Ava? The deep connection and bond they made forged by shared experience and celebrated by shared flesh? I’m disappointed in you Boyd Crowder. As for Mara? Well, she better hope Ava doesn’t have a skillet handy when she gets out of the clink. Ugh, this tragic mishandling of a shirtless Boyd almost entirely wipes out all the credit earned by shirtless Raylan. Almost.

  • Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to better and brighter things. Like the Rachel and Raylan Roommate Show! How fantastic was this? So much Deputy Brooks sass, so little time. She was absolutely correct in calling Raylan out on his fluid moral code and his terrible taste in women. Because, let’s face it, Alison may not have had anything to do with the break in (other than the fact that she was a target of some ineffectual bullying) but she did light up in front of Raylan. Being from California myself, I don’t see this as a huge character flaw. Then again, I’m not going to smoke in front of a law enforcement official. What do we think of Alison? Is she bartender Lindsay 2.0? Or is her fluid moral code (all, allegedly, in the service of the greater good) a perfect mirror for Raylan’s?

  • Speaking of mirrors, what unlikely twins Boyd and Dewey Crowe make, beset as they both are by their wretched cousins. Who would you rather have on your case, Cousin Johnny or Cousin Darryl? I’d pick Johnny, myself, he usually ends up being fairly hapless in the long run. Cousin Darryl, on the other hand. My he has a mean streak, some scary henchmen, a refined palate for café con leche and working knowledge of both business management and composition. (Who knows when that will come in handy!) So I wouldn’t want to be poor Dewey Crowe right now, pinging haplessly from one big bad to the next. And do we really think he has it in him to murder Wade? I certainly don’t.

  • Exactly how many times has Charles Monroe tried to choke a b*tch? He seemed to have that move down to an art. I thought Gloria was a goner twice. Also? Gloria, friend. You’re going to dump him now, right? Rampant racism and excessive douchebaggery is one thing. But we draw the line at smothering, don’t we? No amount of koi is worth that.

  • Is Boyd really going to try to pull off a dead body gambit? AGAIN? Did he learn nothing from the Delroy incident? Did he even watch the Sherlock premiere? I haven’t heard a plan this bad since, well…


  • Nobody. So many fake outs, no actual deaths…yet. Tick tock, Wade.
    Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.14.27 AM.png

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Tim=NOT A WORD.

    However…next week.

    Favorite Line:

  • I’m actually not fond of the p-word in most contexts, but Boyd Crowder sells it.
  • “Cousin Dewey, you worrying about me like you my bitch. You my bitch?” — Darryl Jr.

    I’m doing a podcast on this season of Justified. Give it a listen!

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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • Bhammer100

      I'm really liking this season so far and I'm sure the season will really kick into gear once all the stories merge and it really brings in all the characters.
      As for Daryl. I feel he is not the traditional villain that this show has produced so far. He is different. Which is nice.

    • Nadiney

      I'm honestly pissed with this season so far. I really am. It's feeling like season 3 all over again. Waaaaaay too much shit is already going on.

      Alison does just seem like another Lindsay, and Ava, and Winona. Some other hot woman Raylan bangs who is both terrible for him but sort of gets him but ultimately he can not maintain a relationship with. How about Raylan doesn't get his dick wet for a while?

      He can be a shitty dad and a morally fluid Marshal without getting laid all the time. Alison is suspect as fuck and just fucking pointless. Just pointless. She adds nothing but vacuums up valuable time that could have been spent on more Rachel/Raylan scenes.

      I'm not that worried about the Crowe family. Nothing so far suggests they're a threat. Oh, so they're willing to kill people who, you know, cross them and piss them off? OOoooh scary.
      At all.

      It's awesome to see Dewey actually be a layered person who is scared and uncertain rather than just an adorable dummy but there were other ways this could have happened. Fuck Rappaport. Fuck him. Dale is just basically a redneck Quarles without being anything like as excellent an actor.

      How the fuck did we have a full five minute scene of the rich prick physically abusing his girlfriend but we can't get a full minute of Rachel or Tim combined? Rachel bowling in the house to relieve stress?

      The Boyd/Mara thing, just no. Nope no, no. It makes no sense, feels fake and forced. Nothing thus far has suggested to me Boyd was moving away from Ava, or was vulnerable to temptation from other women. Mara is an inexcusable loose end that will absolutely fuck things up for him and right now there is plenty already to fuck things up.

      I'm also not that worried about Ava's time in jail. If you actually listen to the lawyer from episode 1 he makes it pretty clear the case is a bit jakey. They need 'that girl', Ellen May or Cassie, presumably, to testify and if Boyd can't find her then the law doesn't have her, either.

      Besides which, it wouldn't be a hard sell for Ava to throw all the blame on Ellen May for killing her physically abusive pimp after he forced her to rob a bank then murdered two women in front of her. Ava, tried to protect her, knows she really fucked up but was so confused and afraid for her vulnerable friend etc, etc. Cassie is a known con artist who has admitted at least to Boyd that she can be bribed so all this being made of 'Ava in Jail', again, feels sort of laid on and not that compelling.

      Basically nothing about the season has grabbed me so far. Even in season 3 I was excited because McDonaugh is McDonaugh and as over stretched as 3 got as a season, he fucking KILLED his performance. The season overall was 'eh' but, you know, Quarles. The initial absolute terror of Limehouse.

      Wynn Duffy being so afraid for every second that I'm amazed he didn't just have a massive heart attack or something? That shit was excellent.

      Overall I'm eh about the whole thing. A shittily used, wasted hour on a show that is on a countdown to the end.
      Yost has been saying for years that six, seven seasons was the max. He mentioned six at the end of last year, meaning he's known at least a year that this was the penultimate season. Now it's official.

      This show has maximum sixteen episodes left at all to complete these stories and we got the absolutely traditional third episode filler bullshit.

      Not a happy bunny, if I'm honest. Very concerned.

    • Nadiney

      I do have some good points; The scene with Wynn and the air gun WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS.

      I like an angry, very intense Wynn because he's scary but quite silly seeming so when he goes nuts it's funny but also really terrifying. He is hiding a very psychotic mind under that constant, benign calm.

      ALSO, if the Boyd/Mara scene mirrors the similar Ava/Boyd scene, then I find it interesting how much more of himself he showed.
      As in, even his nazi tattoos he has not hidden from Ava but they've been downplayed and kept under wraps.

      He showed Mara everything and she had stuff to say about the tatts. That was interesting and like, meant stuff and stuff. I guess.

    • Afferbeck

      Duffy just popping that guy in the face repeatedly was so damn funny. Another thing in the Duffy camp, was Mikey, that guy who's been his bodyguard/maid/probable lover for like 3 years actually did something for the first time and straight up killed the guy who was sent to kill Duffy. And even that happened off screen, poor guy.

      Also the Duffy line: 'So... you're protecting me from a situation you created?'

    • mzblackwidow

      I came in here to mention that scene. I was giggling hysterically every time he hit the guy and "oops, sorry" - Wynn is a fucking brilliant character.
      My only complaint about Justified, ever, is I want Tim & Rachel to get stories. I know it's Raylan's and Boyd's show (and I am NOT complaining 'bout that :D ) but Tim is so cool and Rachel is so good at snark and cutting Raylan down to size. The damn show needs to be 2 hours a week !

    • Afferbeck

      I absolutely love the trio of Art, Rachel and Tim. I feel like there could be a very different show starring them, with Raylan being the office asshole who shoots people all the time and is only kept around because he knows all the rednecks in the area.

    • Nadiney

      I agree with every single word. Every single word. Tim and Rachel, Tim and Rachel, Tim and Rachel.
      Two badasses capable of fantastically cutting snark and wit, just ignored, wasted.

      It has always been my number one issue with the show. Number two is that sometimes they forget shit season to season.

      Like, season 1 Tim and season 4 Tim are veterans of two different wars. And not veterans of both but of two different ones.

      This season Raylan talked about moving into the mansion and moving out of his room above the bar. He already lost the room above the bar back when he shot the porn star fugitive in the middle of the dance floor, he said so himself.

      He had moved back in to his fathers house by the end of last season, how ever temporarily that may have been, but it was made clear he didn't have the room at the bar any more.

      It's those things that for what ever stupid reason my asshole brain picks up and can't let go.

      Edit; I should clarify; it bothers me because if the writers forgot something from an episode that doesn't affect the major plot(in the case of Jody the porn star guy for example)but does change details of the show(Raylan's living situation) then couldn't that episode have been better used?? In the middle of the Drew storyline, with Rachel haven't appeared about four times the whole show, we follow Raylan and this dipshit Jody and his pervert friend and the writers can't even keep track of the exact influence the episode did have on Raylan's living situation. That could have been a Rachel and Tim centric episode, it could have been spent with Art, even Winona. If it had to be a standalone episode with not terribly significant ties to the rest of the story, then at least remember it, remember what you did.

      It just compounds the frustration I feel about 'wasted' time.

    • F.B. Radom

      At this point, I'd like to see a Sunday-morning show on which the Justified scalawags discuss current events. "Face the Harlan" would feature Boyd Crowder moderating a panel of Ellston Limehouse, Wynn Duffy, Dewey Crowe, and Raylan, of course.

    • aroorda

      Oh it turns out the criminally insane Boyd Crowder is, you know, criminally insane??? The amount of fawning over him on this website is reprehensible. Chris Brown is Satan but give him a couple of episodes a season pretending to be a good guy and his harem would grow tenfold on here. Boyd has always been and will always be irredeemable. Just cause Raylan is joining that side dont get confused. He will either be the death of Ava or she'll leave him. I can't be the only one thinking this...

    • Nadiney

      I don't think he's considered redeemable. We don't 'fawn' over him.

      We celebrate an intelligent, complex bad guy, a well written fictional character who has desires for legitimacy but ultimately can't break out of the life he's made for himself. He spent the majority of season 1 apologising for shit we didn't even see him do along with the stuff we had seen him do in the pilot. He was dragged back into the life

      We've never claimed he's not a monster but he's still compelling to watch.You know, the way he's written to be?

      And as mentioned below, comparing him to Chris Brown is just, honestly? Stupid.

      Because Chris Brown is a very real, dangerous person who has, int he real world, beaten a woman senseless and showed an absolute refusal to learn and change.

      Boyd is a terrifying person but he also doesn't fucking exist and also has been shown to try and change. On the fictional TV show. Of which he is a fictional cast member. Fiction.

    • Stephanie

      Really? You're comparing Boyd to Chris Brown? See, Chris Brown is worse cuz Boyd doesn't actually exist.

    • Stephanie

      Boyd, I am so disappointed in you right now. Seriously. You just go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. No, don't bother to put your shirt on. Just sit there and know that I am lusting after...uhh...judging you.

    • ShinyHappyPeopleLaughing

      I think we all know where this is going with Boyd and Mara. My tv is still smoking from the bar scene. I feel very conflicted about this. While I appreciate the chemistry between Mara and Boyd, I just want Boyd to be the man Ava believes in.

      Glad you're back Joanna, my week is just not the same without the recap!

    • Clearly, Raylan has a particular type: Southern blondes with great legs and an affinity for bending the rules to get their way (General rule of thumb: Southern blondes with great legs get whatever they want). Meanwhile, Boyd's all about tough and intelligent women who aren't afraid to get dirty. (General rule of thumb #2: tough and intelligent women who aren't afraid to get dirty also get whatever they want).

      Their path is still the same, though. Neither has come to terms with who they are and how much bullshit they deal. Raylan is afraid to commit. Boyd is afraid of what his commitment will mean. In the meantime, they leave as much devastation around them as is possible and don't consider it can come back and bite them in the ass.

    • Makes you wonder what a tough and intelligent Southern blonde with great legs can get.

    • I'm a northern brunette with great legs and one time I got a 20% off coupon for Dunkin Donuts!

    • km092407

      Jail time, appararently. (See Ava Crowder.)

    • If she's not afraid to get dirty? She gets the world.

    • Ah, so THAT's where I went wrong...

    • abell

      Twice as much as she wants?

    • dizzylucy

      Remember the episode Hatless? This one could have been called Shirtless. Please note, that is the opposite of a complaint.

      Practically giddy at the idea of a Boyd/Johnny showdown, been a long time coming.
      Not sure what to make of Allison yet. I have faith they won't make her Lindsay 2.0.
      Yay for Rachel getting some lines. The show should do a web series with her and Tim and the cases they work on while Raylan is out and about being Raylan.

    • emilya

      did anyone else get chills during the boyd and dewey conversation/pep talk? it took me back to S1 when boyd was first preaching to his racist faction out in the woods, and by the end of it i was rooting for dewey to go back to daryl and kick him out of audrey's. poor wade, i don't know why i find him so endearing, but i just wanted to Tami Taylor him ie. give him a hug and tell him to make better life decisions.

      the wynn duffy line about outrunning raylan was absolutely amazing.

    • abell

      First, do we actually think that Wade was skimming? Hear me out. Cousin Darryl is a mean sack of shit, and did you notice how Wade immediately blamed the skimming on Boyd? It seems plausible to me that Darryl beat the everloving shit out of Wade to get him to confess and turn Dewey against Boyd. Dewey goes after Boyd all half-cocked, gets himself killed, or, if he's lucky, kills Boyd (clearly not going to happen due to story, but, in theory) and opens up a space in Harlan County for a new Redneck Crime Boss / Whorehouse Owner. This is kinda based on me thinking it's weird that the best little whorehouse in Harlan was making $3,000 a week under Dewey's "firm" "guidance." It seems too close to the number Darryl through out earlier in the episode. Just saying. Also a whorehouse making $150,000 a year is just not worth the time. Could have bought a goddamn Dairy Queen.

      Second, I am a little concerned about Raylan's new girlfriend. Why did she have to leave right after The Man with the Bat left? Probably a red herring, but, still.

      Item the Third, jesus christ, Mara's like a fucking snake. I don't know why but I want to use the word coil in describing her movements. Yes, yes, Boyd, what are you doing, you love Ava and the two of you are the absolute best, but, the poor guy's like a housecat staring down a fucking tiger, I can't really blame him. So, I guess she's a TigerSnake? TigerCobra? PythonTiger? Dibs on those for names for a penis. Speaking of penis, was there some sort of mirroring going on where she grabbed the shit out of Sheriff McDouchecopter's PythonTiger, and when she put Boyd's hand between her legs? She's not particularly subtle is she.

      Finally, and most importantly, why has no writeup I've seen mention Candy and her 'bag of tricks.' In this case, poprocks in her pussy? "Make you feel like your dick is in a popcorn machine." Why is that not the title of every single article about Justified? Could someone please help me here?

    • Mara is awesome. She's a praying mantis- sure the sex is great but she's going to cut your head off and then eat it afterwords.

    • emilya

      we know wade is skimming for boyd from last weeks episode. When wade was having the conversation with carl, i think, of the prostitute in a box fame from this episode about getting into the office to get the money. I did however think that wade and dewey were purposefully lowballing in terms of how much money the bar was making to darryl so he would leave.

    • abell

      bah, ruining my convoluted theories with common sense and observation.

    • APOCooter

      I was a huge fan of Boyd and Duffy's bad cop/badder cop routine. Also, man does Boyd know how to control a room even when there's one dude in there. I really enjoyed the scene were Dewey came to confront him.

    • Good episode, but probably the weakest of the season so far. Loved the ding-dong-ditch banter between Raylan and White Busta Rhymes in the beginning, though. That writer's room really has Leonard's dialogue and cadence down pat.

    • It didn't hang together very well. Raylan feels like he's in stasis (getting tough with bad guys + getting involved with untrustworthy women = status quo) but Boyd's story line is gripping. He's under pressure across all fronts and things are looking desperate. The shirtless seen was riveting. I couldn't look away (I mean honestly, topless Boyd is a pretty awesome thing) but it made my stomach hurt (noooooo!).

      So as a whole, it didn't come together but Boyd's storyline is so fantastic I can overlook some of the other shortcomings.

    • emilya

      interesting, i felt like this was the strongest so far because it felt like less of a setup episode. i do completely agree about the writing and Leonard's dialogue- i just finished reading fire in the hole and the cadence is PERFECT.

    • Nadiney

      See I think this WAS set up episode, but a really badly handled one.
      It was a 'move the pieces' episode except everything didn't really move a whole bunch. It shouldn't have taken an entire episode to get Boyd in a room with Candy and learn it was Johnny that ripped off the drop. He could have been confronting Johnny right around the same time and Mara were randomly feeling each other up.

    • SVR

      "Then again, I’m not going to smoke in front of a law enforcement official."
      Right? I know plenty of cops and federal officials smoke, but you clear that shit before you light up. Otherwise it's just tacky.

    • abell

      My dad's got a running joke about stealing electricity to run a pot farm in his backyard (he lives under powerlines, in theory, you could put a few coils under them and siphon electricity, keeping the farm off the grid) and he was telling it to one of our family friends, who just stares him the eyes and says, "you remember I'm a narcotics officer, right?" and my dad just fires back, "yea, we'll need a guy on the inside."

    • Helen J. Johnson

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      ✇✇✇ୣ✇ ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇✇ ✇ଭ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇AGAIN? Did he learn nothingfrom the Delroy incident? Did he even watch the Sherlock premiere?

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