What We Learned From Last Night's Blood-Spattered Episode Of 'Justified'
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What We Learned From Last Night's Blood-Spattered Episode Of 'Justified'

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | January 8, 2014 | Comments ()


Things We Learned:

  • As we head into this, the fifth (and penultimate) season of Justified it's tempting to look back at what's worked and what hasn't. The episodic nature of the first season was fun, but not as engaging as it might be. The second season is widely hailed as the best of the series with the epic Bennett/Givens feud drawing all the major players into a tightly knit and central plot. The third season stumbled a little by casting too wide a net and trying to incorporate too many new players. Between Quarles and Limehouse we lost the focus on Raylan and Boyd a bit. Last season brought it back home with the central arc (Drew Thompson) once again mining the past and digging up Crowder and Givens history. This season? Well we've got a bit of the Bennett clan redux with the return of Dewey and his kin. But we also also have our heroes, Boyd and Raylan, struggling with the fallout of last season. Despite the fact that the first episode was far flung (Detroit and Florida), it still felt very close to home. It helps that the show has been on long enough that a lot of the "new" regulars are old familiar faces (and fan favorites). With both Dewey and Wynn Duffy taking a bigger part, this is bound to be a delightful season.

  • Of course in a show like Justified that is packed to the rafters with new and exciting characters, there are always going to have to be sacrifices. Will there be room for a whole murder of Crowes and the rest of the deputies? Tim and Rachel's absence was keenly felt. The other big struggle this season will be how to incorporate Ava Crowder in the main plot. Joelle Carter is still a series regular but how can she be regularly involved if she's behind bars? Will her stay last as long as Boyd's did? Or will it be more like Arlo's? Can they get away with popping people in and out of jail? I think Ava has to stay behind bars in order to provide Boyd with his motivation but, I mean, eventually her hair is going to be less flippy and shiny, right? Or does she have an in with the underground velcro curler market?

  • At some point people will stop underestimating Boyd. Until then, that bridge is going to keep seeing a lot of action.

  • Much like it does with characters, Justified does an amazing job of recycling locations. This all serves to make the universe feel smaller and more real. Where would we be without the Wynn-ebago or Audrey's? The whorehouse and all the trailer homes therein now belongs to Dewey Crowe. He's got another old familiar face, Wade Messer, working the bar. It's always nice to see James LeGros.

  • Is this a call back shot? Justified isn't well known for that. That's more of a Mad Men or Breaking Bad kind of thing, but given that the episode started with a catalogue of Raylan's sins, I think we're going to start to see some accountability for Deputy Givens' past sins. This one being the most egregious.

  • Just as we learned about Hill People last season, this year we've got some insights into the Haitian culture with the Crowe cohort Jean Baptiste aka The Gator Man (Edi Gathegi). Did you notice him dropping marshmallows into the water? That's a thing. Raylan dropped a clumsy Creole reference when he called Jean Baptiste "Tonton Macoute." He was promptly put in his place.

  • We met a whole murder of Crowes this episode (best. wordplay. ever.) including Danny, Dylan, Daryl and Wendy. I'm actually quite fond of what Rapaport did in his scene with Olyphant. There was something DEEPLY southern happening with his accent. I'm also quite fond of Alicia Witt's slightly trashy paralegal. She hightailed it back to Miami at the end of the episode but I hope that's not the last we see of her mini-skirted ass. That move with the car crash was delightfully resourceful.

  • In addition to The Crowes, we got The Canucks. I love this show so damn much for so many reasons but high on the list has to be the perverse casting of two beloved comedians (Kids In The Hall's Dave Foley and MadTV's Will Sasso) as a bunch of hard-nosed criminals. It doesn't look like they'll be recurring and, in fact, if the drug plot is going to move forward it looks like they'll be heading to Mexico rather than continuing to deal with the Canadian pipeline. Nonetheless, this was brilliant. "We're not those kind of Canadians."

  • Ava in prison means Boyd has his back against the wall. Which means he's making mistakes. I can forgive a lot of his errors in this episode but Boyd, buddy, you forgot Rule #2 and you left Lee Paxton alive with his mail order Doctor bride. Sloppy at best, friend.


  • Detroit Drug Runner 1, Detroit Drug Runner 2 aka Ross, Detroit Drug Runner and Donny (Cause Of Death: This Not Being Boyd's First Rodeo)
  • Coast Guard Simon Lee (Cause Of Death: Ill-Timed Stutter Humor)
  • Dewey Crowe's Above Ground Pool (Cause Of Death: Raylan Not Giving A Sh*t)
  • The Chainsaw Guy, The Canadian In The Bathtub, Sammy Tonin (Cause Of Death: Mr. Picker Making A Deal)
  • Dilly Crowe (Cause Of Death: Being A Sc-sc-sc-screw-up)
  • Elvis Manuel Machado (Cause Of Death: Deputies Sutter and Givens Getting 'R Done)
  • Lee Paxton (Cause Of Death: Boyd's Temper)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Tim=NOT A WORD.

    Winona Hawkins B*tchwatch: At this point I think we all have to concede that Raylan is the b*tch in this relationship.

    Favorite Line:

  • "Yeah, that was last week." -- Tonin thug, Mr. Picker
    Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.34.15 AM.png

    The Gist: I think the major theme of this season is going to be "keeping your family together." That was the point of Daryl Crowe's made-up story about his death bed promise to his daddy. We're watching Boyd move heaven and earth to reunite with Ava and we're watching Raylan wriggle away from his familial pull. We'll see how this pans out for the outlaw and the lawman.

    Podcast: I'm doing a podcast on this season of Justified. Give it a listen!

    Joanna Robinson has her own pet theories about the blow-up dolls and what happened last week. Big ups, as usual, to Chet Manley and his fantastic gif work.

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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • Bhammer100

      Raylan mentioned Deweys new found money by accident. Just let it fly.

    • Bhammer100

      I heard Will Sasso will be back a few times.

    • Drake

      That was WAY too much naked Dewey Crowe. Thank goodness for the eye-calming balm of Raylan there.

    • JenVegas

      YOU'RE doing a podcast of Justified???? Two of my favorite things ever all in one place?? HUZZAH!!

    • ryallen

      wait? bitchwatch? when was winona ever a bitch on this show? being dumb by living with gary and marrying him? sure, but bitch? no.

    • Queen Kortni_ of Cockistan™

      Stealing that money and almost costing Raylan his job?

    • dizzylucy

      "$300,000, you nitwit." Dewey's reaction was just priceless. I loved the little Newsradio non-reunion we had of Dave Foley and Stephen Root being in the same episode.
      I don't have an opinion one way or the other on the new Crowes, but the show has never steered us wrong before, so I'm eager to see how it plays out. And I found the whole idea of Raylan not being able to go see Winona and the baby just really sad.

      I loved the moment of Lee Paxton offering Boyd a chance to trade places with Ava, and that he didn't take it. That was very interesting. Boyd unhinged is terrifying and fascinating.

    • Phil Hartman is still dead. Thanks for that reminder.

    • Nadiney

      IT BEGINS. First off, welcome back everyone, it's good to see you all again. I'm so happy to be here. I think about Justified every day and now it's back. I'm choosing not to acknowledge the fact it will be over soon for ever. Just refusing. It'll be fine. Let's not talk about it.

      BUT THIS;

      Raylan needs to be less of an asshole and go and hold his baby. She is cute as get out and frankly, for some of us, we need Olyphant to hold a baby on camera. For reasons.

      Boyd and Wynn's freaky little journey down the rabbit hole was amazing. And weird. And Wynn is still relatively calm(though spittin' mad) about seeing people get shot right in the head.
      Boyd turned a corner, I think. He's falling backwards. I loved how guitar wire tense Goggins played the entire episode. The wide eyes and the posture. Even his hair seemed extra zapped outwards. I'm in the boat of 'Old Dude Might Be Alive'. It's very likely he's dead, for sure. But I think it's a neat question mark to have as the season goes on, unless by next week he's in one of his own coffins.
      And if, as her husband said, she helps prepare the bodies, 'I'll take care of you' could have meant she'd put Humpty back together again for his funeral.
      SHE was interesting, the wife. I don't want her to be a one episoder, someone who stared down Boyd Crowder and didn't blink.
      Also, the Canadians. I swear to god if they don't come back and do more I will BURN IT DOWN.

      I can't even talk about the lack of Tim'n'Rachel. Sort it out, Yost!

      I hadn't clocked the pool/car similarity. That's very interesting.


    • emilya

      i feel like it's christmas all over again with the recap and podcast- thanks!! Tuesdays are always my favorite day during justified season, but man i love coming back from lunch to these recaps!

    • ShinyHappyPeopleLaughing

      Great recap and podcast. I will read or listen to anything related to Justified, Timothy Olyphant, or Walton Goggins. Good job Joanna.

    • dizzylucy

      Me too! Very glad to hear you're doing a whole podcast just for Justified, Joanna. I just subscribed.

    • Swift

      Am I the only one having issues with the audio on the podcast cutting out? Happened both last week and this week.

    • Batesian

      Is it too soon to start lobbying for a spinoff show about Canadian organized crime, featuring Foley and Sasso?

    • Mrs. Julien

      They managed a Canadiana smorgasbord in that small scene with Foley and Sasso. Timmy's and the QEW indeed.

    • kbenton

      Seriously. Though dammit now I'm fiending for some Timbits and coffee.

    • Luke Lane

      GIVE ME MY TIM WRITERS. What do you think you're doing?!

    • I thought Boyd had killed Paxton. When his Latvian bride said that "she'd take care of him" I thought it was a callback to how, as a former doctor, she'd been hired to prep the bodies for funeral service.

      Great episode even if it felt like too many deaths and shootings were happening. At some point, that kind of constant carnage gets derivative. And I don't want that to happen to this show.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Was it just me or did her accent disappear when she said that?

    • L.O.V.E.

      I actually got an answer from VJ Boyd, writer from Justified on this. He said its completely coincidental/unintentional that there is an accent change, and the actress is actually European.

      Also, we will see more of her in upcoming eps.

    • L.O.V.E.

      I thought the same thing.

    • Salieri2

      To me it definitely sounded "Baby, I'll take care a you." Her As stopped being Es and her Rs stopped being Ds, if that makes any sense at all. Odd moment.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I can already tell Jean Baptiste is going to be my favorite seasonal arc character. I see him stealing a lot of scenes.

    • lowercase_ryan

      You know when you feel kind of under the weather, and it's a little cold outside, and it takes you forever to get home, and you're tired, and you're hungry and you're using crazy run-on sentences and you just want pajama pants and your couch and a big blanket? And then you get home and everything slides into place and it just feels perfect...

      That was what watching this last night felt like.

    • We're assuming the funeral home magnate that delivered two coffin references before being brutally beaten is in fact alive?

    • L.O.V.E.

      Was it just me or did Paxton's "mail order bride" switch to an America accent once Boyd was gone? Maybe there will be more to her story in subsequent episodes.

    • MGMcD

      I thought I heard the accent drop too. I think she might take up Paxton's mantle. Either way, they made a point of establishing her intelligence and she was ice cold about giving Boyd the options to shoot her or leave after assuming (maybe correctly, maybe not) that he had just shot her husband.

    • L.O.V.E.

      I think if Boyd really killed Paxton he would of killed the wife and got rid of the bodies. He's not much for leaving witnesses, especially of the female variety. That's what led to Ava trying to move a body and ending up in jail, after all.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I got the impression she didn't care if he died.

    • Afferbeck

      She says 'I'll take care of you', which in their profession could certainly mean preparing the body for burial. He is/was definitely a man sharp enough to get a prenup for his greencard marriage and write one hell of an ironclad will, but I could see her making him disappear into the incinerator and her take over his money and power while he's 'away on business' or missing. And invite over her Latvian family to live with her, whom of course turn out to be badass gangsters.

    • Nadiney

      Yeah, I actually agree. I'm having a hard time with this one. Part of me thinks it's a nice little card to have in a back pocket, that this dude might turn up on life support a few episodes down the line. She didn't seem like a one episode kind of beauty, either.

      But then again, she DID seem not to be her husbands biggest fan and he Boyd was using the gun handle and all. It's exciting!


    • lowercase_ryan

      So glad you got disqus sorted

    • Nadiney


    • I got the impression that she was a Harlan County 10. My marshall stiffy was....Justified.

    • Pajiba_Pragmatist

      Yeah, I think "I'll take care of you" may mean "I'll embalm you" not nurse you back to health.

    • Yeah, figured she'd embalm him properly and let him rest comfortably in the "Excelsior" package or whatever. She even said "You killed him," I believe.

    • Nadiney

      Yeah, but could it have been like 'you killed him...........?'

      I mean, the inflection wasn't in her voice but it didn't feel like a totally certain statement.

      There was something in that scene that does make me wonder if he's definitely dead. He certainly should be but it is also possible that she maybe recognised something in Boyd and just tried to get him out of the house. Draw attention away from the old chap who may or may not be wheezing on the floor.

      I mean, I know he's an old fucker but we've seen far crunchier beatings delivered on Justified and the folks have walked away.

    • Pamela R. Lawson

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      ♜♜♜♜ ♜♜♜♜♜ ♜ㆸ♜♜ ♜♜♜♜ ♜♜And then you get home and everything slides into place and it just feels perfect...

      That was what watching this last night felt like.

    • Nadiney

      Life feels normal again. It's like getting a fix, this show.

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