Welcome to Your 10th Anniversary, Bitch: Celebrating "The OC"
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Welcome to Your 10th Anniversary, Bitch: Celebrating "The OC"

By Courtney Enlow | TV Reviews | August 8, 2013 | Comments ()


A couple weeks back, Emily Nussbaum wrote an excellent article on "Sex and the City" and its minimized role in television history, how its excellence has been whitewashed in favor of placing focus almost solely on its superficial nature and less savory footprints on society.

That's how I feel about "The OC."

Ten years ago this week, Josh Schwartz's seminal teen drama zeitgasm premiered. Then and still today, it is often laughed off, disregarded as bubblegum frivolity with a radio-friendly indie soundtrack.

But, we fans know it was so much more. And, ten years later, my love remains. And I want to celebrate its wonder.

Please read the rest of this post while playing this:

This version would be acceptable as well.

Ryan Atwood. Sigh.

A man of few words, but much angst.


And damn adept at punching things.


But, he's basicaly a softie.


Don't think I've forgotten about you, Seth Cohen.


Much more than mere comic relief, you were the joyful beating heart of the whole show, and, often, the voice of reason.


The opposite of the voice of reason would be one Marisa Cooper.


I'm sure she feels bad for the dramz, guys.


She probably feels worst about one instance in particular.


But, while her taste in most boys was questionable, she did have pretty amazing taste in girls.


While much whiny focus is placed upon the majorly toxic Ryan and Marisa coupling, the soft and fuzzy center of the show was the adorable relationship between Seth and Summer.


Of course, there was a superior OTP.


Well, make that two. But, chief among them was the pairing of Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.



Because, while they had their issues, they were phenomenal TV parents.


Sandy was basically a hotter Mr. Feeny...

With way better eyebrows.


And, together they created a new family, making Ryan and Seth more than best friends--they were brothers.




Supporting each other in all of life's best moments.


While the show gave us many gifts, it will be remembered for one above all else.


The uberest of holidays.


Resplendent with accessory opportunities.


Sadly, Newport wasn't all holiday cheer.


Julie Cooper Nichol was astounding in her greatness. Though, she could be pretty scary.


But, that's because she was misunderstood.


She also had a sharp mind for business.


But, don't think Julie was dumb. Chick knew what she was talking about.


Julie was also quite possibly the most self-aware character in the entire series.


Probably because she had quite the past.


Now, the show wasn't flawless. I mean, what was up with Jeri Ryan's whole story arc?


Or that time Sandy almost cheated on Kirsten with Kim Delaney?


That said, I loved all four seasons. And if you don't? Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree.


So, my sweet show, you weren't perfect. But I love you anyway.




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  • Strand

    The first season I can still enjoy unironically and will heartily recommend. After that, it was obvious the show was entirely improvised and the younger cast wanted to move onto other projects, and the quality nosedived. Oh Luke, you will always be my favourite TV bully.

    "How about a black eye for the queer guy?!"

  • nosio


  • Katie

    Great first season, but like with Gossip Girl, once the class warfare drama with Ryan going from being a fish out of water to part of the family was not so central, there wasn't much conflict to replace it with apart from endless love triangles.

  • Anebo

    Aw, reading this made me remember all the things I liked about the OC back in high school. Then when I graduated, it got weird and [spoiler] died? :(

    But that last picture: so much yes. I knew I was in love with that line. Yogalates forever. Sigh.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    I tore through all the episodes during unemployment. My cynical heart melted.

  • mb

    I've never seen the show, but some of the gifs are kind of cute. I was already...21? 22? when it started airing so I guess I missed out. Or not...I mean, I had freakin' Buffy when *I* was in HS!

  • As did I! I was in college during The OC years, and I must tell you I enjoy it as much now as I did then. If not more.

  • If nothing else, give the first season a try. It really is terrific.

  • This is one of my big guilty pleasure shows. I have the fancy box set of it and dust it off every couple of years and give it a watch.

  • bonnie

    Oh, the drama, the Chrismukkah, the eyebrows, the drink-throwing, the ex-boyfriends and bisexual Olivia Wilde. I need to rewatch this. Thanks for making my day, Courtney.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I think we can all agree that bisexual Olivia Wilde is basically the Chrismukkah of women.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Yeah, every movie/show should make Olivia Wilde bisexual. It just makes everything better. I'm slightly disappointed that she isn't in real life.

  • Nope. I have very, very few irrational hates*, but this show (which replaced my beloved Keen Eddie OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE) is one of them. Not even the awesomeness of Peter Gallagher's eyebrows could earn my forgiveness.

    *The rest of my hates are completely rational.

  • I loved Keen Eddie. but did it even air on the same night twice? I never really equated The OC with replacing it. Those dvds are on my treasured belongings shelf, along with Wonderfalls and Firefly, two other Fox casualties from the same era.

  • Wait, they have it on DVD? Well I'll be putting that right behind Night Court seasons 2-8 of DVDs to get right freaking now.

  • At least in my market, The OC ended up pushing it out of it's timeslot and replaced it.

    But again, I did say it was completely irrational to hate this show for that.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Mark Valley's subsequent performances have convinced me that, ultimately, Keen Eddie would have let me down tremendously, so I'm almost completely over it at this point.

    But man, Sienna Miller was never cuter than on that show. I don't know what it was.

  • I think it was the combination of so much snark in such a cute, bubbly package.

    Also, the lack of married dudes she was boinking. That might have taken a bit of the luster off.

  • DeltaJuliet

    I never watched OC but seeing this makes me miss Ben Mackenzie loads.

  • Bask in the glory that is Southland!

  • DeltaJuliet

    If only they were bringing it back :(

  • I know. I'm glad we got as much of it as we did, though.

  • BigBlueKY

    good god I'm getting old. and the realization that the middle schoolers running around Target today for back to school crap were like 3 when this came out.... UGH. wine. i need wine.

  • bleujayone

    Never cared for the show myself, but as a part of a duel faith household I'd be lying if I said we don't do Chrismukkah. We also observe Passeastoverus which includes a feast of colored hard boiled eggs, spiral ham, brisket and matzo with peanut butter to go with our annual MST3K-style movie marathon which always includes The Ten Commandments and one other Charlton Heston movie. I do not recommend Ben-Hur unless you have a bladder of steel.

    In fact between the two faiths and two nationalities (Can/Am) there always seems to be a ready made excuse for a party.

  • DeltaJuliet

    Oh my God, you're house sounds like a ton of fun. I mean I like to eat and all, but the movie marathon sounds AWESOME.

  • bleujayone

    "Are you a master builder or a master butcher?"

    -"Actually when he's fishing on the Nile, he's a master baiter!"

  • Lovely Bones

    Don't call it that.

  • Michelle

    This post is making me sad that I quit this show after the second season.

  • Skip season 3 and go straight to season 4 if you get a chance. :)

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I disagree. Season three is the weakest, and the bizarro school thing was... It was up there with Oliver Trask, but it's worth it, I feel, for the great relief of season four, which somehow improves things and maintains its earnestness while at the same time totally becoming a straight up parody of teen soaps. You have to go through the whole low point before you truly appreciate that last great high.

  • They straight up did an It's a Wonderful Life Episode where you find out Marisa totally would have died anyway! So it's all ok!

    Also, Taylor and Ryan > Marisa and Ryan.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Dude, you will never receive arguments from me about the superiority of Taylor and Ryan. I am Team whatever-clever-couple-name-they-got all the way. Just, you know, ride out the shitty final waves of season three so as to appreciate the brilliance and the comeback of four all the more.

    And man, I loved that episode. Almost as much as I loved the purely in my head alt-world ep where Seth finds himself in The Valley in the Ryan analog role and... like, stuff happens. It's been awhile since I thought about it, but I swear, that shit was gold at the time.

  • You may have a point. And, Willa Holland is great as Mini Coop. :)

  • This... is so perfect. THANK YOU. I was starting to think I may be the only Pajiban with a love for The OC.

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