"True Blood" -- "Save Yourself": Vampires Often Turn On Those They Love The Most
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"True Blood" — "Save Yourself": Vampires Often Turn on Those They Love the Most

By Sarah Carlson | TV Reviews | August 28, 2012 | Comments ()


The anticipated blood bath of "True Blood's" fifth season finale didn't disappoint, but even as we said goodbye to several memorable vampires, the biggest bloody surprise came in the form of a rebirth. In fact, this year's finale, "Save Yourself," may be an even bigger cliffhanger than Season Four's. Then, we didn't know whether Tara was dead or alive, but now, there's no telling just what our beloved Bill has morphed into now that he's downed Lilith's blood. "She's a mad god, Bill," Eric warned. "She's nothing but destruction." No amount of protest from him or Sookie could stop Bill -- who just might be the reincarnation of Lilith? -- and the last line of the season from Eric was a smart one: "Run!" Season Five hit shaky ground with its Lilith fascination (not to mention the Fire Monster story that petered out rather quickly), but ultimately the 12 episodes present a fairly tight tale, one comfortable in its campiness and filled with humor. The season likely will serve as a bridge between Four and Six -- a giant transition for the story and characters as alliances and natures shifted to change the game.

I like to think the Merlotte's margarita viewing party of Lafayette, Arlene and Jane represents the "True Blood" audience -- watching something strange unfold with both wonder and amusement and echoing Lafayette's words of "I did not see that s**t comin.' " Viewers just have to shake their heads as the silliness and move on. Maurella's birth to and quick abandonment of her four half-fae babies wasn't as surprising, though, as Sam's clever way of destroying Rosalyn by, as a fly, flying inside her and shifting back to human form. That explosion may be one of the better deaths of the series. And as gratifying as Eric's vengeance against Russell is, the departure of the 3,000-year-old vampire leaves some crazy shoes to fill. Perhaps the heartbroken Steve will take up his cause? He's on the loose, having fled the scene of Russell's death. In fact, he and Nora are the only Authority members to make it out alive, with Nora taking Eric's side against the Sanguinistas and the two of them providing a bizarre sibling rom-com vibe to the proceedings. Their chemistry works, and assuming she sticks around, she's a welcome addition to the cast.

Salome wasn't so lucky, her failing to see Bill's devious nature before it was too late. He played her and her Lilith love so perfectly that even she had to admit, as the silver Bill slipped her worked through her veins, that she'd met her match: "Lilith chose wisely." Pam's words about Bill's fanaticism may have been the most prescient: "I can totally believe it about Bill; he's always looking for something to feel guilty about." Bill actually has found a way to not feel guilt, or fear, anymore, letting the teachings of Lilith justify his behavior toward humans. His about-face doesn't seem so out of place once you consider the guilt he's carried for more than a century and his desire to be rid of it. He's not made like Eric, or Pam, who can shrug off their sins and yet go about their own business and not start holy wars against humans. Refusing Sookie's help -- calling her an abomination -- and drinking Lilith's blood may prove to be actions that can't be undone.

Still unsettled is the matter of Warlow, the vampire out for Sookie, and just how her destiny as part fairy is intwined with his. She may have tried to rid herself of her powers, and her microwave fingers are a bit on the fritz, but Sookie's role with the fairies is far from over. It's good that Claude and the rest of her cousins are around, though. She needs some more creatures on her side. This season found her largely alone with only Jason around to help. Now, he's busy being goaded by visions of his dead parents into hating vampires, which could put a wedge between him and Sookie. It already has with Jessica; he rejected her declaration of love, saying he could never be with a vampire. Jessica's had enough heartache, first with glamouring Hoyt to forget about her and then with seeing her maker lose his mind to religion. Still, the baby vamp may be the sweetest character and is surprisingly well adjusted. So is the other newbie, Tara, who matched her own maker's bravery and determination and rescued her with a kiss. Tara's transition to vampire could have been a mess, but it instead has saved her as a character.

Sam and Luna's escapades were probably the most daring of the night, especially considering Luna's skinwalking as Steve could be the end of her. She found Emma, but we don't fully know the toll the stunt took on her body. Likewise, Alcide consuming V to take down JD and become packmaster could have negative consequences. He could get addicted to the blood, if not only the power of his new role, and his reunion with his sketchy dad may not be a good thing. A reunion with Rikki, however, would be. He needs someone to keep him in check. Sam needs someone who won't die on him, and his and Luna's relationship is one worth keeping around.

Aside from the state of Bill's madness, the biggest question for next season is the ongoing supernatural war. The public is now probably fairly concerned at having seen Luna skinwalk as Steve and then claim there's an underground vampire lair where humans are being killed. The footage of Steve and Russell was already making the TV rounds, so the anti-vampire movement isn't going away anytime soon. Sookie, as always, will find herself in the middle of it, but at least this season has brought her character a sense of calm that has been missing in the past. She's still unsure of herself and her abilities, but she's also given in a bit when it comes to her life. It's crazy; she may as well deal with it. She's not turning into a defeatist like Jason -- "Maybe we wouldn't keep getting hurt if we just expected the worse," he told her -- but it wouldn't come as a surprise if she finds herself letting loose again, just as she did earlier in the season when she raided the liquor cabinet and flirted with Alcide. Her loneliness, however, may get the better of her. The series moved away from the love triangle of her, Bill and Eric this season, but now with Bill decidedly on the other side of reason -- and, again, perhaps a crazy god reincarnated -- the outcome of their relationships in Season Six is anyone's guess. Season Five has changed everything, and that's a good thing.

Favorite Moments:

  • Jason: "Somethin' funny, fanger?" Eric: "Yes, blood bag." Jason: "Leach." Eric: "Breather." Jason: "Dead f**k." Eric: "Meat sack."
  • Pam: "Must all roads lead to fu**in' Sookie?"
  • Jason: "You just keep fallin' for boys who are dead. Ain't like that the ultimate in being unavailable?"
  • Arlene: "Who knew watching an alien give birth could be so comforting?"
  • Holly to Andy: "You're a d**k."
  • [On Pam and Tara kissing] Sookie: "Oh, OK." Jessica: "I knew it!"

Season Superlatives:

  • Best death: Again, Sam's destruction of Rosalyn was amazing. No other death compares.
  • Best romance: Pam and Tara. I kind of love those bitches together. Runner-up: Andy and Holly, although there may not be much romance now that Andy's a father four times over.
  • Best guest appearance: While I loved Tina Majorino as Molly, it was great seeing Christopher Meloni flex his fangs as Roman. Too bad his run, along with all the other guest star's, was short.
  • Worst guest appearance: Through no fault of his own, Scott Foley as Patrick. He was victim to a weak storyline.
  • Character we'll miss the most: Russell. Sure, Denis O'Hare was chewing scenery left and right, but Russell was always fun to have around. May he and Talbot find each other in the after afterlife.
  • Weird character that somehow worked: The Fairy Elder. Ke$ha, for or against?
  • Weird character that didn't work: The Ifrit, or Fire Monster. Just ... no.
  • Best sex scene: Surprisingly few contenders this year, but Alcide and Rikki's romp wins, hands down.

Sarah Carlson is a TV Critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Dominic

    Ok sarah NOW u love the season . I see this happening to the Prometheus and the Hunger Games movies : once the 3rd installment comes out , everyone will appreciate the 1st ones more .without trolling on the so-called " mistakes " Specifically here , the final episode couldn't have been this good without the exact build-up it had from the previous 11 . Everything positive u point out above had to introduced correctly . I won't get into a Smoke Monster discussion , But Lillith -as -God ? Had to be done to point out how absolute belief corrupts just like absolute power . A definite metaphor/jab for OUR reality , just like the writers always plan to do . Also showed how the top-of-the-foodchain vamps weren't much better than a pack of 5th graders . NOBODY praises the writers for this twist , after 4 seasons of puffing them up as all-seeing , all-knowing . THAT'S the central theme of the whole season with Bill becoming more important than Sookie as second

  • I don't praise the writers for the Authority being tools because those scenes were dreadful. The writing was lazy and did little to advance the storyline. The only people I found remotely interesting in the Authority were Kibwe and Dieter Braun because they were able to show emotion and react without screeching. Braun died way too early and Roslyn way too late (though that was a pretty awesome death scene).

    I really like this show, much as I enjoy the books. That does not mean I won't point out its flaws. The writing was not nearly as tight this season, and the storyline took forever to develop even a modicum of coherency. Further, they expected us to care about Nora simply because Eric did. That's lazy writing, and also ineffective, as I spent most of the season wishing she would die. Not until the last two episodes did I feel anything other than irritation at her stupidity. I don't blame the actress, because I think she did an excellent job with what she was given. Unfortunately, that wasn't nearly enough. And I believe that's true for most of the cast. Hoyt and Andy got the most character growth this season, and I enjoyed watching those parts. Jason, also, had some great moments. But as a whole, the season was weak.

  • Dominic

    Would you accept a theory : that the writing was slow , even " lazy " on purpose ? to create the very tight plot of the last two episodes ? Every storyline ( but the Authority ) did end abruptly ; they all had their shining moment tho . BTW , the only way to care more about Nora is to see more of her backstory . When did they have time for that ? also if u see the bonus scene on HBO , u'll know that it's coming next season . Really it's not enough that she's a 500-yr old sister he has sex with , who infiltrated the Authority , and finally realized Lillith was mad ( which only Eric also did ) ? Ok maybe she doesn't have the most expressive face ; so she's KStew ? maybe that's y people see her character as dumb . But maybe u " season was weak " guys are watching it " lazy " , wanting everything to be spelled out for you . The season ; I see it as almost as good as 4 , as good as 2 ( The Maryanne storyline was really slow too see the pattern ? ) but definitely not as good as 3 , which was the best ! It's already been publicized by the writers that this is a " bridge " season to get to 6 . The road to Billith was a great set-up ....

  • Would you accept a theory : that the writing was slow , even " lazy " on purpose?

    I am all for a slow development of plot, providing that development is interesting. A slow build to a killer payoff is fabulous, but that's not what they did. Think of it as a book: if someone says "I know it's dull and makes no sense for most of it, but the ending is great!", I am unlikely to read that book. If the book is a page turner, even though the story is moving slowly - if it has gorgeous language, evocative imagery, a depth of emotion, or is establishing mythos - I am going to keep reading.

    I should not expect less of my television entertainment, especially not when it is based on a series of books rife with plot. They are not the best written books out there. They aren't all that deep. What they are is entertaining. I feel that much of this season wasn't up to the standards of even the far too drawn out Maenad storyline. And that's saying something, because Season 2 is all kinds of fucked up.

    You don't have to agree with me that the season is weak, but as I have laid out the reasons why, you can hardly believe I'm lazy. To the contrary, my primary problem with this season is that it gave me almost nothing to discuss with my friends who watch it. We couldn't spend an hour after it aired talking about the various ways the plot could go, what some incident or change meant, or where the mythology came from (or was going), because the writing itself lacked that depth. If this was a bridge season, then I'm not sure why you're up in arms when I point out how boring I find those.

  • Dominic

    Because I found nothing boring . there was easily stuff to discuss / dream up alternate outcomes . were you sure Terry wasn't dying ? Maybe cause u know they love the Todd Lowe , but how'd know they weren't making Arlene single again ? Were you TOTALLY sure on how the Authority storyline was going to be played out ? not until Lilith appears can you postulate the " who's gonna be the Mad God " ending . Bill was in handcuffs Epis. 1 ; think he was going to end up like THAT ? Did you see Sookie becoming an afterthought ( for everyone besides Russell , that is ) had to invent a threat to keep her in scenes . yeah Hoyt's acting like a loser ; did you see him having the guts for asking for the Glamour wipe ? Lala not dying was a little predictable ; jason distancing from Jess was easy , but did u see her bonding with Pam/Tara ? Did you see that Godric appearing was the only to straighten out Eric AND Nora ? Meloni dying ? The point is : TB is always going to be over-the-top and thus predictable in some sense . Don't focus on how technically good it is or going to be . take it at face value ; then you'll be pleasantly surprised at the genius , as in the evolution of Bill , Hoyt Jason and Tara . And I still think showing that the Authority was really no better than a bunch of 5th graders ,plus the mirror view of corrupting religious fervor in our own reality , was worth the whole season . Predictable or not ...

  • buell

    ...Here's a story, of a man named Andy, who is bringing up four fairy lovely girls, all of them had parts that glowed, like their mother, will magic mayhem unfurl...Here's a story, of a witch named Holly, who was busy with two boys of her own, working at Merlotte's and in a coven, but she still felt all alone... 'til the one day Sheriff Andy brought her flowers, and Holly made sure to serve his lunch, then pictures of his ass wound up on facebook, that's the way you find romance in old Bon Temps... Bon Temps... Bon Temps..that's the way you find your mate in old Bon Temps......

  • This better win EE.

  • The finale was bugshit nuts. It varied between jaw dropping lunacy (Bill chasing Sam-fly around the room) to we-are-in-on-the-joke lunacy (Arlene, Lafayette, and the lush watching Maurella's birth and ensuing drama like they were watching a play) but along the way there was time for a whole lot of True Death. Best being Sam exploding out of Roslyn. I don't think they gave the season a proper ending. I would have preferred to leave Bill dead and everyone escapes. Then in the final shot show the blood vibrate and leave it open ended while still finishing the season plot line.

    Overall, season 5 was uneven and the separate plots didn't gel together. It was entertaining though and that's really what counts when it comes to True Blood.

    For season 6 i really hope they get Jason back to normal. We've already done the Jason as dickhead Vampire Killer thing, I really don't want to go down that path again. The vision of his parents was grating and annoying, make it go away when he gets over his concussion.

    Thanks for the recaps, Sarah!

  • Dominic

    Jason won't go back to " normal " ( and since was he THAT ? ) . the preview clip on HBO shows that NOW they go back to the were-panther storyline . Which would great for his relationship with Jessica ; he can't complain about her being a supe when HE is . Plus I keep imagining Jessica in her Little Red Riding Hood costume sitting on a throne( is she Queen of Louisiana now ??? ) with a were-panther laying at her feet ; or her in said costume , holding him on a leash he's straining against . FF-ing Awesome . you know they always have to leave/start an episode with someone screaming or running . So the life-like threat of Billith is better than a unknown unseen something rising from the pool .

  • Chris W.

    I find it hard to believe that Mirella (sp?) would leave her half-fairy babies in the evil, vampire-ridden world. Isn't she spending all her time obscured from their view? Maybe all that salt she ate made her drunk?

  • DrSarCaustic

    As interesting as the Bilith development could be, I couldn't help but think that I'd rather Bill had just stayed dead. He's one of the most annoying characters on True Blood. I hope he makes a good villain next season and meets a suitable end rather than finding some form of redemption and a way of undoing his reincarnation.

  • Rocabarra

    1.) Couldn't agree with you more Sarah - changing Tara was a risk that worked out wonderfully. It really did save the character, which is much appreciated because Rutina is fabulous.

    2.) I must disagree about Chris Meloni as the best guest appearance. Robert Patrick as Alcide's father is inspired casting. I hope to see some development of this character next season, because the T-1000 is a gift that Alan Ball better not squander.

    3.) What about Hadley? She is a cousin of Sookie's, right? So why doesn't she count as the next fairy in the bloodline for Warlow? Or is she simply younger than Sookie? I'm hoping someone with a better handle of TB lore can help out here.

  • ed newman

    Agreed that they were able to save Tara this season. I wanted badly for her to be dead for good after last season, but she and Pam were among the bright spots this season.

    Disagree about the guest appearances. They were all wasted. If I have to pick I go with Russell. He was still fun, if not as fun as in the past.

    I wonder if Maurella’s birth has additional implications. She gave birth to 4 babies in about 10 minutes. Is this normal? Does Sookie have fae siblings out there? Does Warlow already have them and is coming for Sookie to complete the fangbanger set?

  • Drake

    Hadley doesn't have any fairy powers, so she doesn't count.

  • Nope, but in the books, her kid does, which is why she's hiding out - to protect him.

  • Rocabarra

    I think he does in the show too, I vaguely remember him and Sookie speaking telepathically in an episode. Ahh, I forget things too easily.

  • Rocabarra

    Ahh okay, that makes sense then. I was just confused since she was hanging out with all the fairies and whatnot. Thanks!

  • I try not to over think True Blood but I'm missing two details about this season (and they're bugging me):
    1) When and why did Nora finally give up the crazy religious stuff to team back up with Eric?
    2) How the hell did Eric know where to find Russell? I mean Russell is out in the fairy field (which I don't believe Eric has ever been to) and like the hand of God, there is Eric with a stake in his hand.
    Can anybody help me out here?

  • Forbiddendonut

    1. Yes. That was the straw that brock the camel's back for Nora. Eric wasn't really on board since he saw Godric in that bar. He was just playing along for the most part.
    2. Yes, it was Sookie. Eric even mentioned that he sensed Sookie was in danger and that led him directly to Russel.

  • Jezzer

    1) When the vision of Lilith killed Godric, it snapped her back to reality.

    2) I think he was tracking Sookie. The two have shared blood in the past, and that created a bond.

  • Season five feels like they could've condensed it down to two or three episodes and just left out entire plot lines, and it would've been the better for it.

  • Maguita NYC

    I agree! My only thought when the end credits started rolling was "Ouf! Finally, it's done for the season".

    And please, without snark, take your time with producing next season. Cause it best be better than this shitteous one! Finale excluded (which was great fun).

  • Dominic

    No No No A) there had to be a progression of Bill from a fugitive to ... GOD ! B) the Authority had to be shown for the pack of back-stabbing NOT-top-of-foodchain 5th graders they were C) they had to do something with the foreshadowing of Terry's flashbacks , whether u guys liked it or not D ) also had to continue ( somewhat ) Lafayette-Jesus and Lala's advancement as a medium E )The wolves ; once again , whether you liked it or not , if u have Alcide AND Russell , you definitely have to do the wolves . Was not the ending proof of the legitimacy of the storyline ?? Alcide having to compromise his principles ( his dad apparently has ) to do the greater good ..And Robert Patrick has been worth having the whole storyline written . Don't forget this was used as the way to get Emma captured ; thus Sam and Luna infiltrating . F)ok ya know i might agree with you for the Obamas storyline . But it affects not only Sam/Luna/Emma , but Hoyt in a MAJOR way . You don't get the end progression of his storyline arc ( which starts from when he and Jessica first fall in love to that totally awesome " glamour me so I can forget you bitches " ! scene ) unless he reaches enough of a nadir to join them ( however briefly ) .. I really think the complainers of Season 5 either take TB TOO seriously , or just wanna bitch because it's more fun to troll something than praise it . example : if u complain about the fakeness of the smoke monster( metaphor , people , metaphor ) how you gonna enjoy Lilith/Billith rising out of a pool of blood ?? or believe it ? damn a whole storyline for the CGI ?

  • Dude. I kinda have to object to being called a troll. Maybe two or three episodes wouldn't have been enough time, but I don't feel like what happened in this season warranted the 12 hours of my time it took to get there AND it's okay for me to have that opinion and share it in a polite manner.

  • Dominic

    :o) it's not just you . most of the posts here over the season have been negative . Unfairly negative , as the events of episode 12 show ( yes IMHO but i appear to be the only one defending the writers ) . I mentioned in an earlier episode commentary , that every episode there's one ( sometimes only ) scene that justifies watching the hour of over-the-top acting and crazy storylines . For ex. , the " glamour me into forgetting you bitches ! " of Epis. 11 , was definitely worth it . So , sorry i see your comment as being negative JUST to be negative . How about celebrating : Jesus's disembodied head ; Lafayette with his lips sewn shut ; not the smoke monster but the whole flashback explanation of why Terry is ff-ed up ; the hunt for Russell ; Cervi as a undeniably sexy Salome (sexier WITHOUT lipstick ; Nora , and her being kept for another season in the " family " ; FINALLY a Tara nobody hates ;Emma as a little wolf puppy ; The end of Hoyt's storyline arc ; Dennis O'Hare !!! ; finally seeing the Authority , and finding they're no more evolved than a pack of 5th graders ; Andy being caught in Mom's bed by the kids ; Christopher Meloni ! ( stupidly being killed admittedly but see what it lead to .. ) ; techie nerd Molly ; every scene with DropDeadGorgeous Deb Wohl Question : is Jessica sexier than Sookie ? hmmm ; Ryan in his scenes facing the loss of Hoyt ; and the special effects - all the blood bags ( vamps ) bursting , Lillith rising from the blood pool ; and last but not least , How this is Bill's show now ! his wife is a supporting character . P.S. the use of the "absolute belief " in Lillith religion as a mirror on how the religions in our reality ask for the same corrupting behavior . What exactly wasted your time ?

  • Dominic

    I forgot the wolves . yeah i know everyone here hates them but it's all about the ascension of Alcide . Even when he had to compromise his No-V principle to get there And I like Rikki as a Debbie replacement . Also the new effect of the vamps dying face first , cracks appearing there then expanding . A new definition for " Face Time " . And Sam pulling a " Alien " trick to kill Rosalyn ( send her back to General Hospital LOL )

  • Dominic

    AND Chris Bauer ! thank God they slow-played the " I hate you cause you're ff-ing my Mom " bit , But he's been a major player in what , 8 of the 12 episodes at LEAST .Maybe it's payback for the bumbling Andy up until then , but he's been a serious character ,. And got to show off his true range as an actor . you wanna deny him his story ?

  • TheOriginalMRod

    It was kind of funny how many times they made Joe (Alcide) Manganiello take his shirt off. Digging post holes, chopping wood, getting thrown up on by Sookie... I am sure I have missed a few occurrences of shirtless Joe.

  • Maguita NYC

    Honestly, It's not like his "acting" abilities could be stretched any further. That scene where his girlfriend got out from the car high on V, was just uncomfortable. Overacting for both. It is always best with his shirt off.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Hooray for Billith!

  • The finale was one of the strongest episodes, which is good, because I had almost despaired of the uneven, often pointless, plot lines of this season. It simply didn't have the punch - or the outright craziness - of previous seasons. I like the show. I'm going to keep watching it, because it's campy fun, but they need to step up their game. I hope they keep Bill as the big bad next season, not least because he knows where everyone lives, their habits, etc. That's a great recipe for tension.

  • First of all Sarah, I think your recaps are among the top three out there. I really appreciate you giving this material the respect it deserves.

    "His about-face doesn’t seem so out of place once you consider the guilt
    he’s carried for more than a century and his desire to be rid of it."

    Eh, guilt, smuilt. Did you see Eric rolling his eyes at yet another of Bill's self serving speeches? Words are pretty, but his deeds prove otherwise. Think of all the crap he's done over the seasons. If he felt so guilty why didn't he stake himself instead of finding a way to become a super powerful immortal immortal? Is that a thing? Guess so.

    "Still unsettled is the matter of Warlow, the vampire out for Sookie, and
    just how her destiny as part fairy is intwined with his."

    Warlow is a Warlock---the kind of dark lord who performs rituals, ritual sacrifices, and endures a series of 'tests' in order to achieve---super powerful immortal immortality. His destiny is entwined with Sookie's because of that Fairy breeding program Russell unknowingly and so helpfully enumerated for us.

  • Jezzer

    Sarah's recaps are head and shoulders above TWoP's. Jacob can STFU forever.

  • Forbiddendonut

    Yeah, that was a pretty insane finale. Great kills galore.

    The Terry smoke monster plot was very stupid and a complete waste of time. It was filler. I really like Terry and Arlene, but they are best as some comic relief, though I guess they had to deal with Terry's time in Iraq some way. Just wish it would have been not so stupid.

    Fairy stuff is always lame.

    The white trash werewolves are pretty much always lame. They don't really serve that much of a purpose and it feels like they've been involved in the same plotline - werewolves addicted to V - for the last three seasons.

    Jason turning vamp-hunter because he saw some form of his dead parents was pretty stupid.

    The Authority plotline grew a bit tiresome over time, but I like how it wrapped up. Billith looked pretty terrifying and as a potential "Big Bad" for Season 6, that could be something.

    Tara as a vamp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tara as a human.

    I don't hold True Blood to any real standard, so I was fine with it. I watch it for some loves and over-the-top nonsense, which this season delivered in fits and starts. I liked the analogy to Merlotte’s margarita viewing party, very spot on.

    I totally missed the little "bonus clip" that was available on HBO.Go that dealth with the elevator crew as they headed up out of Authority HQ while Sookie and Erik sought out Bill. I caught it on the internet. There was another good exchange between Tara and Pam and a reveal that Nora knows something about Warlow.

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