"True Blood" -- "Hopeless": "Oh, I Love a Good Execution"
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"True Blood" — "Hopeless": "Oh, I Love a Good Execution"

By Sarah Carlson | TV Reviews | July 17, 2012 | Comments ()


It appears not even guest stars are safe from death, or even the true death, this "True Blood" season. Sure, most die at the end of a season (see: Michelle Forbes as Maryann, Fiona Shaw as Marnie), but Chris Meloni barely had time to ramp up his camp as Roman before he was sent to live with Lilith at the end of Episode Six, "Hopeless." (Though if you ask Russell, who took Roman out, the Authority leader may as well have been praying to leprechauns or unicorns this whole time because Lilith ain't real.) Either way, at least we still have Russell, one of the better characters of the series thanks to Denis O'Hare. Out with one star and in with another -- it was nice while it lasted, Meloni. Nothing in the main vampire storyline is as it seems -- Nora is looking quite dubious about now -- and it is all Bill and Eric, Boy Scout and delinquent, can do to keep undead. Another solid episode for one of the better seasons so far.
Not every situation is hopeless, but most characters are feeling that way. Luna has no choice but to let Martha care for Emma. Pam's dismissal of Tara -- "(I'm) proud the way a human's proud of a well-trained dog" -- is born from her own hurt from being released by Eric, but that won't stop Tara from pouting about being a "slave." Jessica should be more concerned with helping Hoyt instead of Tara -- he's the one opting to be drained in an alley instead of coming to terms with the fact he and Jessica are over. Terry and Sam have the bigger worries of the crew, however, as they try to protect their loved ones from the Smoke Monster and supe-haters, respectively, out to kill. Sam and Luna's shifter nature helped save them from their gunshot wounds, but the humans who are wrecking the havoc won't have such a good shot at survival. Sam made that clear when he sent an arrow into the gun store owner's chest. Terry is paying for his crime; Sam, however, is paying for his existence.
It was Alcide's nature, too, that helped him see through some of Eric's glamouring Eric and remember his almost hook-up with Sookie. Unfortunately for him, Eric's directive that Alcide isn't attracted to Sookie -- "She kinda disgusts you" -- stuck, as did the command to protect her with his life. He can't shake her, but perhaps now he won't lust after her. Maybe he'll be distracted by Rikki, the pack member stepping in as his "second" while he challenges JD for the role of packmaster. For her part, Sookie is too caught up on Bill's orders to her as he pretended to glamour her: "You will live your life as you were meant to live it -- in the sun, with others like you. Human." He keeps letting her go, but each time it only reminds both of them of what they are losing. And he's wrong to put Sookie squarely in the human camp. Her microwave fingers set her apart -- her fairy blood sets her apart. If her deceased fairy godmother is to be believed, it was her blood on an old bandage that attracted a vampire to her parents' car. That's really how they died, it seems; the drowning was a cover up. Jason pledges to find their killer, joining Sam in the vigilante camp of the night.
The twist of the Stackhouse parents' death is the best part of the fairy plot. The fairies themselves -- while better to look at now that they are out of the "Disney character" clothes Mab made them wear -- still are disappointing. The exchanges with Claude fell flat and felt out of place with the rest of the episode. We don't need another circus; the vampires, werewolves and shifters offer plenty of the bizarre, as does Lafayette and Ruby Jean's dealings with the spirit of Jesus. Lafayette still is far too placid for Jesus having just died, but at least he keeps things interesting. The fairies just feel like a nuisance -- as annoying as Sookie's abilities are to Russell. He's the one viewers want to watch, anyway. Him and Steve Newlin.

Favorite lines:

  • Jessica: "I guess that whole friendship thing's on hold."
  • Eric, glamouring Alcide: "You will keep your hands off [Sookie], romantically speaking. She kinda disgusts you." Alcide: "Oh-OK."
  • Hoyt: "I'm exercising my Constitutional right to be a dirty fangbanger."
  • Eric: "Enough with this religious bulls**t already. Lilith can f***in' blow me."
  • Sookie: "Bye! I'm just gonna stay here and quietly slip into a coma."
  • Ruby Jean to Lafayette: "But you got to go. Jesus is in trouble! save Jesus! Jesus loves you. Even if you an abomination."
  • Molly: "Stand still. Don't wanna accidentally activate this thing. Wouldn't that be ironic?" Eric: "But funny."
  • Eric: "Boy scout." Bill: "Delinquent."
  • Terry: "And now I'm being hunted by an evil smoke monster that wants to kill me and everyone I love. That's what set our house on fire -- not that ghost, Mavis, like we all thought."
  • Russell: "In the name of My Ass!"

Sarah Carlson is a TV Critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio.

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  • Baboocole

    Not to endlessly retread the whole book vs. show thing, but I think the faeries are the supes that they botched the most. The faery plot in the books is really fascinating, and the character of the faeries is much more cool and aloof than they are portrayed in the show. And they are much, much more menacing when need be.

  • Jezzer

    My prediction: Salome is actually Lilith, and is the Big Bad for the season. Based on absolutely nothing but my own wild imaginings.

  • Maguita NYC

    On whomever's side Salome might be, one thing for sure, the dude who used to play The Doctore in Spartacus, Peter Mensah, is one of the traitors big time!

    While Bill and Eric were glamoring Sookie and the grunting werewolf, Peter's character went to see the other survivors, and most were saying that they saw the woman who led them there, and they can never forget her face.

    He then proceeded to kill them all once in the bus. He's in it, that Sangrenista gang. Whether the ringleader or a supporter.

  • Eeesh. enough with the Bill hero worship. What Sookie loses if Bill would actually let her go---not likely-- is the vampire who killed her parents. What, do you REALLY think they'll pull a heretofore unknown vampire out of Russell's ass to be the killer? He kept a file on her, let two psychos beat her to within an inch of her life so he could force his blood down her throat, and fang raped her near death in the back of Alcide's van. Planting the suggestion that she should live as a human translates to "I loathe your light powers. Get rid of them so it's easier for me suck you dry"

  • I don't know if I saw it right but didn't Eric give Sookie a sign to put on her glamouring prevention skills? So Bill was willing to save Sookie by actually glamouring her which is why she was crying and stuff but Eric wanted her to keep her memories?

    And yea, the faerie nightclub was kinda...lame...

  • Jezzer

    It was established in Season One that Sookie is immune to being glamoured.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    The faerie nightclub looks a little too Baz Luhrmann for small town Louisiana.

  • Well it's not like the Fairies were born and raised in Louisiana. They're bringing a little sex worker chic to the backwoods hicks, dontcha know.

  • Wicked

    He didn't instantly blow up in pieces like most vampires, maybe its his age, but I think Russell didn't stake him directly in the heart.. maybe that aged blood he was drinking had something to do with it. Maybe its just me hopelessly wishing they didn't kill him off so soon.

  • If I'm not mistaken, we didn't see Roman turn into goo. He was almost there, but we got no splat. I'm assuming we'll get it next episode, but that weird thing that happened with his face hasn't happened to other vamps before they disintegrate, so maybe they're just messing with us.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that Sookie undid Eric's glamor on Alcide, so the door is wide open for werewolf nookie some time in the future. But I think his new second is both hotter and a better match, being a wolf and all. Nice to see Alcide finally get his alpha on.

    Please tell me Lafayette doesn't have to go all the way to Mexico to rescue the spirit of Jesus. It would be so much more interesting if uncle witch dude made the journey to steal Jesus' corpse and use it as bait somewhere in the swampland.

    So, does Hoyt turn vigilante or does he get rescued by Jessica? or Tara...

  • Irina

    So, I've never been a Hoyt fan, but when he kicked Jessica out instead of being all whiny and clingy like she assumed, I was all "Oooh now I see it!". But now he just breaks my heart. All the bravado in the world can't cover just how bruised and broken that boy really is inside.
    Second, they set up Salome to be the traitor in the Authority so obviously I was sure it wasn't going to be her, but when Roman got staked she looked really sad and really not surprised. Are the writers that obvious? Oh and Nora was unbearable this episode, all chanting and praying and we get it you're a religious fanatic, now shut the hell up and go back to humping your brother like Lilith intended!
    Third, I knew something was off when I started loving Bill this season, they're gonna screw him up again real soon right?

  • Bruised and broken, jacked up on Jessica's shit, same difference.

  • Ginger


  • Maguita NYC

    Very disappointed with being deprived sight of Meloni's lovely naked and trembling bubble butt . What was the point of bringing such an amazing actor on the show: To hear him parrot tolerance and co-existence between vamps and humans with an annoyingly booming voice??

    Vastly and embarrassingly underused skills. Shame!

    "Lilith can fucking blow me".Oh Northman, from your fangs up the writers' ass. I want to be able to give up, but foolish hope keeps me coming back for more shitteous episodes.

  • sean

    You can always watch OZ reruns. Lots of Meloni ass and peen to be had there.

  • Maguita NYC

    Oh I will!
    But I wanted that ass somewhere nearer Skarsgard. Or at the very least, his head biting Skarsgard's inner thigh.

    Was it too much to ask???

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