'The Walking Dead' - 'Internment': Hell Is Around The Corner Where I Shelter
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'The Walking Dead' - 'Internment': Hell Is Around The Corner Where I Shelter

By TK | TV Reviews | November 11, 2013 | Comments ()


There are a lot of ways we can find hell on Earth, and there are even more in the world of The Walking Dead. And while the plague story has veered dangerously close to overstaying its welcome (like so many storylines in this show), ‘Internment” wrapped it up with an absolute nailbiter of an episode. It did so by preying on our darkest fears, something the show often does quite well, and by showing us some of those hells.

Hell on earth is four dying people, sweating, exhausted, trying to save the lives around them — or at least provide them some comfort in their final hours and minutes. It’s Hershel trying to bring some levity to a sick ward with jokes about spaghetti, while Glenn does all he can to hold back his own raw terror. It’s having a doctor gaze into your eyes as blood pours out of his, forcing Hershel to accept the horrible truth. Hell is a doctor who hasn’t lost hope, but who knows that for himself, there is none.

Hell is Rick having to listen to words of uncommon wisdom from his son, who he’s fought so hard to save from having to face the darkness. Hell is finding the walls falling down around you in the dead of night, and having to ask your child for help putting them back up. It’s having to give him a gun and watch as he cuts through a horde of corpses without hesitation, treating them like the meat that they are. It’s knowing he’s doing it right, even if Rick wishes that it didn’t come so easy. Hell is walking through a field of corpses, driving spikes through their brains, and realizing that’s a bonding exercise in this nightmare of a world.

Hell is realizing that Glenn and Hershel and Sasha can’t do it all, can’t save everyone, can’t even keep themselves upright. As the sick get sicker, hell is watching their saviors wheel away their friends so that they don’t have to witness their bloody fates. It’s watching them fall just as they try to help. Hell is realizing that the angels of mercy are dying in that hole with you. Hell is when the hero has to kill the ones he wants to save.

Worst of all, hell is realizing that your weakness is why it can’t be contained. And so it’s also a little girl luring a dead man away, in the hopes that she can do something to help. It’s a friend collapsing, your doctor dying, and a man’s daughter saving him even as she may well be condemning herself. Hell is knowing that she has done it for all the right reasons, which is the worst reason of all.

Hell came from all sides this week, from outside and within. It proved a rite of passage for so many of them, for Rick, who now knows things can never go back to what they were, for Carl, whose father sees him as more than before, for better or worse. It was for Maggie, who learned just how far she’d go. Perhaps most of all, it was a trial for Hershel, who not only lost more than he saved, but also had to kill his own patients — in fact, this may well have been Scott Wilson’s finest hour of acting thus far.

‘Internment’ was the much-needed end to the hell that was the sickness that devastated the group and obliterated the population. It was a terrific storyline, one that allowed for conflict and danger and horror and tragedy — and did so in a different and unique fashion. But it also had to end, and the showrunners ended it well. They thankfully didn’t let it drag on like they did the inconsistent third season or the utter slog that was the second. Instead, they simply used it as a way to present new challenges, to strengthen and harden the group, to almost break them. But also, to split them apart. There remain unresolved issues — Carol’s fate is going to bring them back to a breaking point, I suspect. Tyreese’s rage will be matched only by Daryl’s. Rick’s decision will be contentious, to say the least. And lurking at the gates, silently watching, is their old foe, ready to destroy them even as they try to rebuild. Hell isn’t just being trapped in a prison surrounded by the dead and the dying. Hell is also what comes afterwards.

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  • disqus_CeoOoVeuje

    Oh, and stupid Governor is back. "What a surprise", - said absolutely no one. Stupid and boring villain people wanted to be dead in last season finale is baaaack. And he is super evil and crazy ya'll. He will do eviiil things.

    And you know what - when Rick and Carl were killing those walkers I actually didn't care if they would lose and dead would make it to prison. That's how much creators destroyed characters on this show. You simply don't root for anyone now. Do we really have to pretend that we care about any of those faceless people from Woodbury that die every hour? And how much of them there was actually? Because they die and die and they never end. Was there like 100 of them? What are they all eating in there? They would have to bring back trucks of food to keep everyone full.

    Also it was funny how Rick was watching how Hershel killed his patient to stop him from killing others and didn't threw Hershel away from prison. Double standards. Because Carol kinda did the same. Even more funny was when Hershel told Daryl: "Carol if fine. Don't worry, go talk to Rick". No Hershel, she is not fine. Most probably that she is dead right now. Because Rick left her alone among zombies. And eventually she will be bitten and die.

  • Afferbeck

    I estimate there were around 20-30 Woodbury residents. Though there did seem to be an awful lot of able bodied adult males. I thought the Gov enlisted all of them in the fight against the prison? He had women and asthmatic kids but not the half dozen dudes in their 30s?

    The patient Hershel stabbed was dead already. He checked his pulse, wheeled him out, and put a sheet over his face. That's Hollywood for dead. He would only have been moments away from coming back.

    Carol should be fine. She's highly capable, and has plenty of supplies and weapons. Michonne goes out on her own on a horse every day, Carol will be able to survive.

  • disqus_CeoOoVeuje

    Well I guess we have the answer to "Carol question" and how they will handle it. No, we will not follow her with her journey to survive, she will just vanish. It's just that creators wanted her out of the show but didn't want to kill her because fans would riot. So they just send her away on stupid reason.

    And there we had it. She was ignored for whole episode. And only one time Rick had to mention it to at least someone because it would look too ridiculous if he would show up and no one would ask about Carol. So here we were with Maggi. And OMG! I almost threw up when Maggie was all like: "Yeah, whatever. I would do that too. Let's move on and pretend that Carol never existed". And I can't even kinda blame Maggie. Those words were put in her mouth by writers. This is not how real Maggie would react. But writers just hate women on this show. They keep and keep destroying those characters by making them do stupid things. And here they destroyed Maggie as character. I don't give a crap about her after she reacted like that, I can't help it.

    And then they quickly skipped with Hershels reaction. Because nothing matters. They wanted Carol (or most likely actress Melissa M) out of the show and now they will just rush with reactions and everyone will be ok and will forget about Carol existence in the next episode. And then they didn't have time to deal on Daryls reaction. So they just put that on next episode. But with this crap from writers I won't be surprised if Daryl will be like: "Yeah whatever. She killed those people after all. I could never forgive her that crime. You did the right thing Rick. Lets eat something"

    It would a lot more believable if Rick would lie that she died...

  • Afferbeck

    Daryl is going to be hurt by it, both Rick sending her away and the fact she'd kill their own. Daryl's lost his brother, and now the closest person he knew, probably one of the most special people to him in his whole life. With the group he learned that he's stronger with others and that he needs family. And Carol was the one he discovered that through. Now that she's outright violated their family, he's going to be very pissed. I think he'll go after her though he won't know whether to bring her back or just yell at her. Tyrese will probably just roar and whale on some people again.

  • St

    Oh Merle... It’s funny how Rick allowed crazy, uncontrolled murderer Merle to live near his children, but threw Carol away.

    Real Daryl would be upset, of course. But I really feel like they just wanted to kill off Carol from the show so they send her away for ridiculous reason and now they will rush with everyone’s reaction to that. We all saw how Maggie shockingly was VERY ok with it. Then we didn’t even saw Hershel’s reaction to it. They just skipped it. But we saw him later and he didn’t give a crap about Carol. He just jumped to a car with Michonne and went for a ride. No one was like: "What have you done Rick? She is our friend and family. We have to go and search for her and hope that she is alive".

    But no one cared AT ALL. Maggie, Hershel. Which makes me think that they will rush with Daryl’s reaction too and he will forget about Carol after 1 episode. He will be angry for one episode and then will be like: "Well, I don’t know where she went. But I have to move one. And hope that she will be ok". They searched for Sofia half season. Something tells me they won’t search for Carol even 1 episode.

    I understood everything from Maggies silly reaction to it. This is how everyone will react.

    No one gave a crap about those two people no one knew die. No one would shame or hate Carol for it. And certainly no one would banish her away. Rick killed Shane and no one banished or hated Rick for it.

  • Hawkeye Fierce

    Wow, I could be way off, but the minute Maggie's face got that weird look, I was like "Oh SHIT--Maggie killed those two sick people."

    Somehow Carol knew this (maybe she caught her during the cleanup?) and totally took this bullet for the team.

    It makes sense too, if you look at Carol's apparent coldness towards Everything in the ep. She's trying to work her way out of a situation without admitting she didn't do it. Carol may even agree with Maggie's decision.

    I could be wrong about all this, but I felt like this was a huge anvil that nobody is addressing.

    Sorry for late reply that prolly no one will read. But thank god for DVRs. And for Darryl.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I'm quite sure this isn't the last we've seen of Carol. It's just a little bit of drama. Nobody's "forgetting" about Carol.

  • Edwina the Magnificent

    A few episodes back, Daryl picked up that rock and said someone used it as a trail marker, but I didn't catch who. Can anybody with better ears and/or a DVR fill me in there? Was it Merle? With all his rock-fondling brooding since, I feel like I'm missing a big chunk.

  • Afferbeck

    He says something like 'Miss Ridges from A Block' wanted him to keep a look out for her 'old man's' markers.

  • Edwina the Magnificent

    Aha. Thanks, I never would have figured that out without closed captioning.

  • foca9

    A lot of friends of mine thinks the show has been getting worse—I agree with you on the contrary. The show’s best when it focuses on people, not walkers, but do you think more “human drama” resulting in less straight zombie action are making the show lose viewers?

  • Jifaner

    This episode just drained me. So intense.

  • Andrew Hime

    Tricky ref spotted. FTW!

  • TK

    This gentleman wins the day.

    The rest of you lot? PACK YOUR SHIT.

  • Bea Pants

    Last night's episode was great, with only one minor quibble on my part: I'm not entirely sure how intubation is supposed to help a patient whose lungs are full of fluid. My understanding is that it is for patients whose airway is closed. Can anyone with any medical expertise shed any light on this?

  • Zoe1078

    You're right: intubation wouldn't really help much. The pressure of air going in might help marginally, but nothing like Glen's immediate turn around. Aggressive flu strains kill healthy people by drowning people in their own secretions, and are viral, not bacterial, which also means that the antibiotics from the vet school should also be useless.

  • Melissa D

    I don't think he's recovered; they just said he's breathing on his own now. That doesn't mean he's in zombie killing mode yet. I confess, I really don't know how intubation actually works when people have wet lungs. This will be a good question tomorrow in the nursing lab :p

  • Bea Pants

    Glad to see my hours of watching ER reruns weren't wasted.

  • stu

    No expert here, but it seemed like glen already inhaled like tons of blood hence intubation should be useless.. It was kinda ridiculous how quickly he recovered after he got the medicine or whatnot. Also where did that slaughtered hoard of walkers disappear from the yard? It's not like you can get rid of them that quickly.. Okey I'll stop complaining now.

  • Kate at June

    Did anyone else roll their eyes when the panned out to reveal the Governor?

    He was so ridiculous, I was happy to be rid of that plot line.

  • If you haven't read the comics, you haven't *seen* ridiculous yet.

  • SottoVoce

    Rut roh.

  • mairimba

    So the Governor was the one directing the walkers to the prison. Since that didn't work I bet he's going to try and infiltrate some other way now and that's why we see him at the end. Wonder who is the person helping him from inside by feeding the walkers rats.

  • Something I don't understand about the Walkers at the gate... if everyone went inside and hid for, like, 12 hours... would the Walkers get bored and disperse?

    We've seen them dormant in other locations - just kind of standing around without becoming agitated until a living person comes into view.

    In the first two seasons, they indicated that the Walkers identified living people by their smell. Is the prison giving off so much "Human Funk" that it's like catnip to them now?

    Even if The Governor was steering them there... even if someone in the prison was feeding them... you'd think if everyone hunkered down long enough, the Walkers would move on.

  • John G.

    If that's true, then he was doing it from the inside of the prison gate. So, that means he can get inside their walls anytime he wants. Or it's misdirection, and someone on the inside is feeding the walkers.

  • Naye

    There's a hole in the fence that's like wire wrapped or something I believe. I remember Carol and Rick coming inside that hole right past the walkers and thinking "how dumb"

  • mairimba

    I think someone who used to be from Woodsbury and is now in the prison is helping him. Unless it's Bob and that's why he has to drink. His conscience might be getting to him. I don't really trust him.

  • I'm with you. I used to think it was the psycho girl feeding the Walkers. But now I think it's Bob.

  • linnyloo


  • simplysarah

    I loved this review almost as much as I loved the episode! You described it perfectly. Bravo. As for the episode...I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Scott Wilson was amazing and when Hershel broke, I broke too. It doesn't help that he reminds me of my dad. This season is shaping up to be something amazing and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute. My only complaint is that they keep saving the names we know and killing those we don't. I think we need to see a big name bite it sometime soon.

  • JenVegas

    This episode was super good. Tension all the way through and I laughed out loud when Rick blatantly put off talking to Daryl about Carol. I totally would have postponed that discussion in favor of farming too.

    I know it's only peripheral but Adam Savage on The Talking Dead afterward was, like, the perfect cap to this episode.

  • Amazing how fast you got this up after airing, TK. Kudos.
    There were two points in this episode where I was absolutely certain that a long-term (and beloved) character was going to die (Herschel and later Glenn). It's nerve-wracking but also a credit to this show that we are now aware that ANYONE can die at any time.
    My only letdown was right at the end. I actually moaned aloud, "Oh, no we're in for more Governor shit." No detriment to the actor, but that character is ridiculously over the top, and I don't want to see any more of that nonsense. It will be completely tonally wrong for the atmosphere that's been created in this season. Almost as ridiculous as if they brought in space aliens. Do not want.

  • John G.

    I think the Governor has to be there to reunite the prison toward a common enemy after the business with Carroll divides them in the near future.

  • I'm calling it now: you are a veritable prophet

  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    I loved this episode. Top to bottom, it had me feeling tense. I'm still trying to figure out Lizzie, though. What is that girl's deal?

    I'm not going to rag on Rick, although I still despise him. I am only confused as to how they barricaded up the wall again? It got light out, and…the fence didn't look like it had been blocked up. Rick said something about putting the bus up against it, right? But I didn't see how they shored up their defences.

  • JenVegas

    What's that girl's deal? I'm pretty sure she's just crazy.

  • John W

    That had to be the tensest episode yet. I think I yelled oh f*ck at least half a dozen times.

  • GDI

    If all this racket is to be believed, I might just start watching the show again.

  • I'm telling you now, it *is* to be believed. No more lazy speechifying, just about everything feels organic and real. And I feel even more invested in the story now than I ever have.

  • This episode was so awesome, from beginning to end.

    Scott Gimple has really done wonders with this season - every episode has been tense, this one much moreso than the others (my heart was pounding from beginning to end), with real emotional underpinnings to it all.

    And man, next week... is going to be brutal, I have a feeling.

  • I'm so impressed how a showrunner with vision can change the course so quickly. His hand is steady, and so goes the season.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Yeah, the consistency between episodes this year has made a HUGE difference.

  • Exactly - we went from complaining about the meandering plotlines and weak characters to really having focus, real problems, and characters actually developing (some better than others, sure, but still). It's really been a fairly startling transformation this season.

  • What an excellent episode--and how great is it to have a season that feels cohesive and on an even keel?

    I'm relieved Rick was honest with Maggie and Herschel, anxious to see how Daryl and Tyrese will take the Carol news, and even a little interested to see what the Governor is planning. But jebus, they really need to shore up the perimeter. Things are getting hairy.

    Lovely review, as always.

  • As great as Season 4 has been, the Walkers at the fence is something that's a little fuzzy for me. I would think they would have teams out there clearing them off almost 24 hours a day in rotating shifts.

    I suppose the flu has decimated their ranks to the point where that's not possible now, but at the beginning of the season, they could have?

    It's nit-picky, I know. Really, S4 has been much, MUCH improved.

  • The fence situation is a hot mess that should have been dealt with all along--the reinforcing and killing and clearing walkers. But since it hasn't, it makes perfect sense to me that the group has been too overwhelmed by goings-on; last season everyone was running off to deal with the Governor, this season there's illness and fewer numbers, and as others have mentioned, someone seems to be luring the walkers. The shoring method is too little, too late. Hopefully as the people left regroup, they'll figure out what to do.

  • Three_nineteen

    Here's the part that annoys me most:

    Time for the walkers to break the outer fence - weeks
    Time for the walkers to break the inner fence - seconds

  • John G.

    There are more walkers at the fence than ever before. When you kill them through the fence, they don't disappear, they just lay there, and more walkers come up behind them until you have the walking ones pushing on the fallen ones. You have to go outside the fence and into the horde to really stop them, and there aren't many people in the group that are willing to do that. Plus, someone keeps luring more to the fence each night. Then people get sick, so they can't help, and more people leave to get medicine for the sick ones, so they can't help. Then the fences start coming down. It makes sense to me.

  • I'm not saying I don't understand. I'm just saying the show hasn't made much effort to explain it.

    Then again, the show's been guilty of over-explaining in the past, so maybe they're gun shy.

    Just one throw-away line about how the Woodbury people are too freaked out to clear the fence would do.

  • linnyloo

    There was also the suggestion that they were being fed -- by the freaky girl -- so that they bunched at that part of the fence. The Governor could've totally helped bring that about from the outside too, by herding them. They specifically mention how the clumping is something fairly new a few episodes earlier, and then show the rats.

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