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By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 15, 2010 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 15, 2010 |


10. Sons of Anarchy: A good episode, but you know what would've made it better: If we cared a little more about O'Neal and McGee before they met their fates. Thank God, though, that Trini didn't sleep with her half-brother. And am I wrong, or didn't "Sons of Anarchy" used to have a few more moments of levity?

9. Conan: His first week back wasn't too different than what we expected, but it's nice to have Conan O'Brien on our televisions again, and in the Leno/Letterman equation, it's great not to have to choose between what some consider the lesser of two evils.

8. The C Word: The penultimate episode of the season was only average until that jaw-dropping emotionally achy moment in the end. Bonus points to the writers for turning it into a tearful positive.

7. Dexter: Jonny Lee Miller was a nice addition to the show, but Peter Weller is going to own that last half of the season.

6. Terriers: It's getting tense again. The broader conspiracy is coming back into focus, Britt lost his girlfriend, and Hank's ex-wife got remarried to someone hopefully who is part of that broader conspiracy.

5. Friday Night Lights: The office scene between Coach Taylor and Vince is exactly why "FNL" continues to be one of the best, most emotionally heart-wrenching shows on television. "Nobody taught me how to be a better man!"

4. 30 Rock: When I heard that John Slattery was going to guest-host, I assumed he'd be playing a fat-cat friend of Jack's. Instead, he fantastically played against type and, in the process, hilariously skewered the Tea Party.

3. The Walking Dead: Episode two, which means four more weeks in the top five. See also TK's recap. Who that is watching this show is not loving this show?

2. Community: The only drawback to this week's bottle episode was that, in compiling the best quotes for the Friday post, I had to pause every 20 seconds to write one down.

1. The Good Wife: Yes. "The Good Wife" featured the best episode of the week, and it was outstanding, using Michael J. Fox exceptionally well, as a lawyer who uses his disability to his advantage, and who got to both lose and win in glorious fashion.

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