The Ones Who Knock S5E4 -- "Fifty-One" And A Bonus Interview With Director Rian Johnson
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The Ones Who Knock S5E4 — "Fifty-One" And A Bonus Interview With Director Rian Johnson

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | August 8, 2012 | Comments ()


This week Dave Chen and I discuss whether Uncle Hank is actually a good cop, whether Walter White is gone for good and, as always, the Team Skylar White debate rages on. As with our previous podcasts (A Cast Of Kings and The JustifiedCast), we'll break down some of the more ambiguous points from "Breaking Bad," re-live some of our favorite moments, and maybe even interview some of the cast and crew. Each podcast will be released in the week between episodes of "Breaking Bad." You can find every episode of the show at If you like the show, feel free to leave us a review on iTunes or shoot us an email at

Download the most recent episode or play it in your browser here. Before you hit play, beware. Here be expletives, b*tch.

Also, earlier this week, Dave was able to grab a few minutes with episode director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom). Download the interview or play it in your browser here.

For her birthday this year, if she may be so bold, Joanna Robinson would like a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

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  • I thought the crazy car intro was was pretty funny. Heisenberg is a wacky dad! Will we seem him teach Walt jr. donuts? Also when Hank tells Jr. to slow down to which he replies "never." Funny but maybe something could happen to him. Him or the baby always in pink. And probably Jesse. But not Hank, who will probably find Walt out. His promotion just gives him more resources to go after that blue meth he wants so bad.
    Also the crystal award in the shape of Texas on Lydia's desk was great device to give us her location. And the only bad about this episode was no Saul.

  • MRS

    Something is off. It feels like there are too many "clues" being left: Walt saying "I didn't think I'd be here" and then mentioning Hank being shot among the reasons, then covering by going on. Also, the way Walt is so obtuse to Skyler's emotional state. They have been together for years and he can't see she is terrified? That she hates him? It's a stretch. Lastly, the music in the first scene was so out of place. I recall the scene when Jessie is driving and they are playing Fever Ray. It felt right. It belonged. This scene was jarring and felt like a time filler.

    PS. Team Skyler.

  • POINGjam

    I'm pro-Skyler again now that she's out of her do-nothing-and-look-scared phase.

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