The Ones Who Knock S5E1 -- "Live Free Or Die"
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The Ones Who Knock S5E1 — "Live Free Or Die"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | July 17, 2012 | Comments ()

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By popular demand (meaning mine), Dave Chen from /Film and I have started a podcast to cover the new season of "Breaking Bad." As with our previous podcasts (A Cast Of Kings and The JustifiedCast), we'll be breaking down some of the more ambiguous points from the show, re-living some of our favorite moments, and maybe even interviewing some of the cast and crew. Each podcast will be released in the week between episodes of "Breaking Bad." You can find every episode of the show at If you like the show, feel free to leave us a review on iTunes or shoot us an email at

Download the most recent episode or play it in your browser here. Before you hit play, beware. Here be expletives, b*tch.

All badass podcast artwork by Pajiba regular and panda-violator, jM. She is, if we're being honest, the one who knocks.

Joanna Robinson has a bit of a summer cold, excuse her sniffles.

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  • RedDwarfGreenBug


  • RedDwarfGreenBug

    Essentially, Breaking Bad is study of how anybody can cause
    massive damage and disruption to many people’s lives incredibly easily and
    unknowingly because of how interconnected and complicated things are/become
    from the relationships we have and decisions we make, and that even if they may
    seem random or disconnected, events happen because other events happened before
    them. The best we can do is do good and hope good does back. This is what I
    think will happen to Walt which leads to where it jumps at the beginning. This is
    going to take a second to explain.

    Parallel lives

    Who is Jesse? Walt's apprentice/metaphorical child on his
    dark side, one of the few who really knows Walt for who he is but still looks
    up to him because Walt is both smart and sort of a father figure to him (we saw
    the great status of Jesse's relationship with his actual parents) but doesn’t
    realize how disposable he really is to Walt and how he is (to walt) just a
    catalyst he uses many times to elicit change in his own favor. While Walt’s
    story is a descent, Jesse’s is an ascent. He learns from the mistakes of others
    and himself and has been exposed to a lot in a short time, changing who he is
    forever but for the better. Whether he completely wises up and quits crime or
    using the knowledge he now has becomes a mastermind meth kingpin, I dunno, but I
    don’t think Jesse is going to die at the end of this. This contrasts with Walt’s
    actual family on his light side, the light and bright half of the lie he lives.
    These characters are the people Walt actually cares for, but because Walt
    neglects his family and makes terrible parental decisions (like buying Jr. the
    car) the bad things he does will come around to have a terrible effect on those
    he actually cares about, while Jesse, the person who he only uses and doesn’t
    care about, has and will continue to grow into a much wiser and better person
    then he was at the beginning of the series and likely be more fortunate and
    come out better than Walt ever could. Skylar is a character I see much more
    likely to die, but who could also come out of the events of the series for the
    better IF she learns from her dabbling in crime, which I suspect she will since
    Ted is a guilt-tripping horror show. Either way I have never really cared much
    for her character and am mostly indifferent to her outcome. I do, however, feel
    for Walt Jr. as I am confident he will die. You’ll see why soon.

    Who is
    Gale? From what I saw, he was a smart but mildly wimsical and naïve loner who
    has a sort of innocence about him and has no girlfriend or mentioned lovers and
    we never see or hear anything about his relationship with his parents. He is,
    essentially, Gus's apprentice/metaphorical child, his Jesse. He looks up to gus,
    but in a much more fearful and cowardly way because he knows that if he fails
    his metaphorical father, there will be punishment. Gale is the person Gus has spent tons of time
    and attention on and has all his hopes riding on, whereas his actual family,
    his light side, whom he should have cared about more, probably didn’t mean
    nearly as much to him and have suffered/are suffering from the fallout of
    season 4. When Gus picks up the pieces after season 3, he tries to make Jessie,
    the murderer of his “child”, his new “child”, which helps Jessie even further
    but eventually just gets Gus Harvey Dented.

    Mike Is the guy who is the nun with the ruler. He is there
    to enforce the rules with whatever the situation may call for and only cares
    about what the big guy upstairs thinks. He looks down on the people who he watches
    and they are essentially children to him and he knows that. He knows he is
    superior to his “children” and where his “children” are at almost all times,
    just like a parent does/should. But…he has 1 actual child, a daughter. They
    show his daughter in a single episode, they show Mikes light half, his one
    vulnerability who he has neglected to go off doing bad things. In that one
    episode, Mike looks actually kind of happy and you can tell his daughter is the
    only meaning he has in his life…that’s not so good for mike. He uses the
    balloon from his visit with her to short out the power and huzzah. This scene shows, more directly, how they live separate light and dark
    lives and that those lives will intertwine and effect eachother, creating the
    world of grey morality they (and, well, we) live in. How will these things come
    together to form a coherent idea from a man writing an incredibly long comment?
    This is how.

    Cause and Effect/Family Unit

    Walt, in the first season, is having a perfectly fine time
    shopping for pants (I think that's what it was) with Walt Jr. when
    somebody starts making fun of Jr., so Walt hits the guy in the
    leg and, for basically the first time, is violent/aggressive and shows some confidence
    in himself, beginning his rise to an eventual ego/ power trip. In the second
    season, he lets Jessies gf die, which not only led to the death of many
    children but the introduction of the pink teddybear, which I am confident is a
    symbol for the theme that you’re decisions effect both yours and others loved
    ones, more specifically, innocence lost, as it is a burnt fucking teddy bear. As
    Walter made his “childs” first love die, as parents sometimes do, that starts
    Jessies journey of the realization that even though he has been the “bad guy”
    he doesn’t have to do bad things (at least that’s what I think his realization
    at the end will be. He could get killed, who knows). Next, in the third season,
    Walt uses Jessie as a catalyst yet again to kill Gale. This is Walt killing gus’
    hopes and dreams by using the child who’s dreams he has already crushed, a “child”
    killing another “child” which leads to further change in Jessie (also, I should
    mention that his relationship after that with the Mexican lady has healed him
    and made his even stronger and attached to life). They are children because
    they look up to their mentors too much, and it’s interesting to consider how
    the lab is underground with a guard looking down on them and Gus looking down
    at the guard looking down at Walt and Jessie who are looking up to them, both literally and
    figuratively in that they need Gus very, very much. It’s also interesting to
    think of the children idea in that children grow (like Jessie is) up to see eye
    to eye (or taller and be able to “look down” on their “parents”), and Gus was
    even sort of Walt’s metaphorical father, but Walt is devious and grew to his “fathers”
    level of evil very quickly and has usurped Gus, just as Jessie might Walt. Okay,
    NOW I THINK I can explain what I believe will happen.


    Walt is going to end up killing
    mikes daughter. Mike is pissed and ends up working for the German finance
    company and is hired to kill Walt and his family. his only vulnerability is his
    daughter, so it only makes since that the next step to make Walter completely,
    officially, 100% evil is for him to actually MURDER a child, not just some
    poisoning where the kid ends up okay. Additionally, I could see this being the
    thing Bryan Cranston said made him lose all sympathy for Walt. Mike is going to
    end up killing Walt Jr. and possibly Skylar in retaliation (or these events
    could happen vice versa). If Skylar lives it will be to see what her turn to
    crime has gotten her and she will either start a new life with the baby (if it
    lives) or if it doesn’t (god willing) she will kill herself and that is why
    Walt takes up her last name. He tracks Mike to his new workplace In frog balls Arkansas
    or wherever it is, buys that huge gun, and makes his last stand, just as Gus
    did, but while gus is overconfident in his ability to get revenge for the
    killing of his partner/first “child” and is taken by his arrogance, Walt will
    die in a planned blaze of glory, not suddenly like Gustavo. Although his taking
    his medicine shows that he cares about his health, who actually knows when this
    takes place or whether or not his medicine is for cancer treatment or are pain
    pills so he can continue on and finish his final deed, getting vengeance for the
    family he killed while blaming their death on someone else

    Additional.-Walt jr’s torment is
    what began Walters rise to confidence so rightfully Walt jr’s death should be
    his fall from grace. I could go further into the family theme by talking about
    tuco, but I think I’ve expressed what I wanted to. This show is FUCKING
    AMAZING. It is the only television show I would bother to spend a couple hours
    writing about just to post it once to a blog to hopefully hear another fans
    opinions about my ideas. It is THICK as FUCK with themes, and it’s main ones
    are simple: everything is connected in the world, you cannot have 2 lives
    because you will always be living chunks of different lives, not the 1 whole
    life you should have. Family, happiness and the light side is the only way to
    end up truly happy and breaking bad causes bad breaks in your life. Life
    sometimes sucks, it has to, but you have to try to put good into the world
    because no matter what we might do or what might happen, you can always find
    the well of happiness run dry but being a dick isn’t going to help (depending
    on who you are a dick to, anyways. I’m looking at you, Mr, Romney). If you try
    to live both black and white, they mix and make one fucked up grey life. They’re
    grey characters who live in black and white.

  • Yossarian

    I'm in. I just have a little catching up to do on Netflix first. I love the Dave-Joanna television podcasts, and now I'm subscribing to slash film cast, too.

  • L.O.V.E.

    My daughter has those letters with the magnets on the back of them that you can use to spell out words. The past two days I've been picking them up and going, "Yeah, magnets!" She has no idea.

  • dizzylucy

    Excellent! Your Justified Cast is how I ended up coming to Pajiba regularly. Looking forward to the Breaking Bad one!

  • jM

    I'll be there. And I'm bringing breakfast.

  • Ted Zancha

    I love me some discussion on Breaking Bad. I will definitely be downloading the podcasts.

  • TheAggroCraig

    When I was a kid I thought potassium's K was really Kryptonite. But at least I'll never forget that W is the atomic symbol for tungsten.

  • Eblis O'

    Wolfram! I picture it as an evil element associated with Wolfram & Hart from Angel.

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