The New John Goodman/Bill Murray Sitcom 'Alpha House' Premieres Soon! Um. On Amazon!

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The New John Goodman/Bill Murray Sitcom 'Alpha House' Premieres Soon! Um. On Amazon!

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | November 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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In case you hadn’t heard, Amazon Prime is getting into the Original Series game and they’re premiering their first two shows, Alpha House and Betas on November 15th and 22nd respectively. You can stream the pilots for both shows right now. I mean, I know you’re at work and all, but that’s what headphones and monitors angled away from your bosses are for.

1. Alpha House (Stream it here!) is about a frat house full of senators and stars Goodman (who is amazing as always) and features Bill Murray in the first episode. He looks like this. I giggled mightily. Goodman anchors the political comedy and I think it could be great fun.


2. Betas (Stream it here!) is significantly less interesting and stars John Daly (nope, not that one) and that sweet bespectacled kid from Safety Not Guaranteed (that one). I was not at all delighted by this pilot which was both more authentic than The Big Bang Theory and less fun. The show centers around a bunch of computer nerds and the Neverland vibe of start-up tech companies. Maybe it’s hilarious if you work for Google, but I was unimpressed.


Here’s the catch with the new Amazon shows, you can stream those pilots now and get the next two episodes on Amazon for free but after that, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member to watch. Is it worth it for Goodman? It might just be. Unlike Netflix, Amazon isn’t rolling out the show in one big Orange Is The New Blackout Marathon chunk.

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  • I was very disappointed they did not pick up THOSE WHO CAN'T. It was my favorite of the pilots and produced in my own backyard of Denver. Oh well, they have a script deal. I've got my fingers crossed that it will still happen.

  • e jerry powell

    I had streamed Alpha House sometime a while back and had gotten the impression that Amazon wasn't picking it up. I guess I am happily incorrect.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I'm eagerly anticipating their third offering:

    Gamma Rays - two old friends (Delta Burke, Catherine Zeta-Jones) running a tanning salon learn to cope after each is required to look after their daughter's children due to two tragically connected accidents. Sponsored by Omega Watch Co. with music by Psy.

  • bastich

    Going by the title, I was picturing another direction for the show....


  • wonkeythemonkey

    Ha! Delta Burke!

  • VonnegutSlut

    Please tell me the "tragically connected accidents" are somehow a result of HYDRA/Tesseract technology, hence the show's title.

    I'm so there.

  • BWeaves

    I've been a computer programmer for 35 years. Programmers do not make fun characters in TV shows or movies. It's boring to watch someone stare at a screen, type, stare at a screen, type. That's why lawyer shows always have the lawyers running around solving crimes instead doing the tons of paperwork that real lawyers do. Unfortunately, it's hard to get a programmer out of their parents basement to interact with real people. Yes, I work from home. No, I'm never going back to the office. I like my 2 second commute too much, and having the toilet and kitchen all to myself.

  • bastich

    So no running around solving crimes for you, either?

  • BlackRabbit

    They could use Segways.

  • manting

    There is actually a real frat house for congressmen and senators. Its for Uber Christian Republicans and there is a great book about it. They are like a secret society. The book is The Family by Jeff Sharlet. It is a great read. By the way the house is treated as a "church" for tax reasons.

  • Bananapanda

    Charles Shumer (NY) is not an Uber Christian Republican. You're talking about the cultish house. There's another full of dems. DC is super expensive y'all.

  • manting

    Where did I mention Charles Shumer? Im talking about the Uber Christian one that has a book written about them.

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