The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's 'Parenthood' Came From Our Least Favorite Characters

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The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's 'Parenthood' Came From Our Least Favorite Characters

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | October 18, 2013 | Comments ()


In addition to the usual crowd pleasers (The Adam Braverman Dork Dance, The Amber and Sarah Emotional Breakdown) there were three plot lines involving three problematic sons this week on Parenthood. The show has always struggled with what to do with Drew and while his plot this week won’t blow your hair back, it was endearing to see him interact with people who aren’t his sister and his mother. Plus, Joni Mitchell! All young men should be made to learn Joni Mitchell before they even approach the Fun Zone.


The other problematic son on the show has been Max Braverman. I really love the way they’ve paired him with Hank this season and his scene with Kristina this episode was really fantastic. But the moment that squished my heart the hardest was the final scene between Zeke and Victor. It’s not Xolo Mariduena’s fault that Victor is such a problematic character. But, like, Max, it’s hard to root for a kid who is so often just a pill. A pill with good reason. But a pill. And, honestly, that’s why this show is the best. Because kids are hard. Lovely and lovable but hard. The minor victories become major ones when put in the context of that difficulty. So last year’s home run or last night’s car manual moment. Those are triumphs. Zeke is an amazing character and the grandfather/father we all wish we had but I’m hoping that Victor can get there too. That all the problematic sons can find their way.


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  • ryallen

    Does anyone like Amber and Sarah less and less with each episode? I thought it was completely other worldly that someone could be engaged to someone without knowing the breathing-or-not status of their parents. And the fact that this becomes such an important plot point is even more ridiculous. And Amber's dialogue becomes worse and worse every episode...

    Really loved the Zeke/Drew/Luncheonette stuff though.

  • Martin Holterman

    Really? That's where they went with Victor?

    "You can't read? That's OK, the world needs car mechanics too."

  • Arn

    No, it was more like, "let's use your interest in auto rmechanics as an incentive to read." You know he's going to get excited about figuring out how to put that engine together and will want to get through the manual. As the parent of a child with a Dyslexia, I can tell you you take any opportunity you can get them to read what they like.

  • lmtj

    I have never cared for Zeke but so much b/c he rarely shows a caring side, though it is a very realistic man pride portrayal, but this episode showed a genuine human concern he had for Victor and something needed to be expressed about Victor needing help. The funny thing is Zeke figured him out quicker in a short afternoon than what Joel and Julia seem to know about him after all their time together.
    And I still despise Sydney. She constantly puts Victor down and it seems like nothing is ever done to her unless Victor is directly involved in typical sibling stuff. I want an episode with Zeke laying into her about her attitude.

  • Valerie

    I don't remember what season it was, but there IS a whole episode devoted to Zeke trying to cure Sydney of her inability to be a good sport. It was pretty adorable watching her concede to him and say "good game". Agreed though, Sydney's awful. Victor's awful. They're both just spoiled rotten by how good they have it.

  • Guest

    Sarah is just going about this whole wedding thing in the wrong way, but that seems to be her modus operandi. I want to shake her and tell her to stop messing with Amber. Seriously.

    I loved watching Adam this episode. Peter Krause is such a good actor, because I hated Nate on Six Feet Under, but really enjoy him as Adam.

  • Anthony Hoffman

    Sorry. I was watching my weekly dose of sexy Lucy Liu solves crimes with Hacker guy in a by-the-numbers procedural (with extra Laura Benanti). Will get my Parenthood fix On-Demand after work. Promise. :)

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