Spoiler: Here's What the Mother Looks like in "How I Met Your Mother"
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Spoiler: Here's What the Mother Looks like in "How I Met Your Mother"

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 13, 2013 | Comments ()


She originated the “Girl” in the Broadway version of Once, and now she’s the girl with the yellow umbrella, who we meet briefly in the final seconds of the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother.”


You may also recognize her from “30 Rock.”


We do not yet know the exact circumstances of how she and Ted meet, except from the clues we’ve been given over the course of the series, all of which identify this woman as the Mother.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.53.01 PM.png

Not that it really matters, but she’s 11 years younger than Josh Radnor.



Oh yeah, her name is Cristin Milioti.

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  • BAM

    I thought she was supposed to be blonde?

    And why did they pick someone who looks like a combination of Robin and Lilly?

  • They turned the kids into blonds when it looked like Ted was marrying Stella so I always took that as a sign that the mother was most likely not blonde.

  • -sal

    Curiously, would any girl who is not a guest at a wedding bother to bring two different purses to it? The Mother in the first ep of the season has a purple purse, the Mother at the season finale has like a beige one.

  • mairimba

    Everyone is staying in Farhampton for the weekend. They all seem to be heading up there on Friday or Saturday. The wedding should be on Sunday (Ted says he's taking the train back to the city Sunday night cause he flies out to Chicago Monday). So she probably has more than one bag and a change of clothes with her.

  • Xtacle Steve

    I stopped caring who the mother was about five seasons ago. At this point, all I want to know is why fifty year old Ted sounds like Bob Saget. Did Bob Saget take over Ted's identity after murdering him and this whole story is a way of covering his tracks? Is it some dystopic future where every adult sounds like Bob Saget like how the adults in Peanuts sound like muffled horns? Was this whole thing just a dream of a vegetated Bob Saget staring at a yellow umbrella? Tell me, god dammit!

  • mairimba

    All men are infected with the Bob Saget virus and once you hit 50 you turn. Women turn into Kimmy Gibbler.

  • Ley

    This has been already mentioned many times elsewhere on the Internet, but I'll just say it: she looks like a cross between Lily and Robin. At least that's how she looked like in the episode.

    She's cute, though. Only seen her in that 30 Rock episode, so I guess she'll do fine.

  • sunflowerseed

    I actually posted this on the patience-thread but I want to hear your opinions so here it goes again...I apologize for double-posting. Speculative SPOILER ALERT! As in - my own theory but you can't be sufficiently careful these days.....

    I think it's not the mother who is dead, I think it's Ted that is
    terminally ill by the time he is telling the story. It explains
    everything if you think about it: the emphasis on HIS life and not the
    mother's as well as the necessity to show his friends in a true, not
    always flattering light while also showing how infinitely important they
    were to him in his youth so that the kids might accept them as
    educational figures who could be of help to the mother.And It fully
    explains the kids' patience. My parents are luckily still alive and
    kicking but if my father was very ill and wanted to tell me about his
    youth as a bachelor and teach me everything we both know he won't be
    able to teach me at the right time: about coming of age, maturing,
    learning about friendship, career choices and most importantly
    love...Hell, I would give all the time in the world! I can't imagine
    what would be more important to both children and parent. It is actually
    a nice touch the mother isn't present, not only because of the premise
    of the show but also because of how emotional and upset she would be to
    hear all this and remember all those lost possibilities to meet earlier
    spelled out again, now that she faces losing her husband forever.

  • BlackRabbit

    I'd just tell them that stuff without the overarching story. They don't need to know how much I drank or what my friends' jobs were. "Don't be a f*cking moron, live a little, work hard, keep your eyes and your mind open. The lessons I specifically learned might not apply to you, but the bigger ideas will. I met your mom and love her and we love you kids. Now have the nurse gimme some pills and a sponge bath."

  • sunflowerseed

    Cause you're a laid back human being with a humble sense of self-importance. Unlike Ted. And so I suppose are your parents which is why it seems unlikely to you that someone would make them sit on that smelly couch for 2 and a half days. Alas, alas...

  • Back when I was watching the show, I really didn't even think about the "mother" angle. I just figured it would be Robin.

  • mswas

    In the narration scenes with the kids, Ted mentions her as Aunt Robin, I believe.

  • Guess I never listened that closely (not judging). Just didn't care after awhile and really never gave it a second thought. it was a mystery that I didn't think was worth solving.

  • NateMan

    Yes, in the very first episode in fact. After the whole episode where he's telling them how he met her and fell in love with her immediately and blah blah blah....

    I have to say, I can't imagine ever talking to my daughter about my sexual exploits like this. "Yes, I had sex with people before I met your mother. You too should have sex with more than one person in your life. Now let's move on."

  • TSF

    She played Mike Birbiglia's sister in Sleepwalk With Me, a film more people should see.

  • Jeff in Middletucky

    Oh! It's Catherine Sacrimoni!

  • Corrie - unnomdeguerre.com

    I'm also cautiously optimistic. I really agreed with the open letter against the writers of HIMYM that was posted on Pajiba before... it's been going on too long. Even my bf, who introduced me to the show, is getting really bored of it and pretty much stopped watching. It's one of those storylines that really needed a set amount of seasons to stick to, like Breaking Bad.

  • Wembley

    Nah! She's just carrying a yellow umbrella. She'll either lose it, loan it or return it to the "mother" who will be carrying it when she runs into Ted blubbering in the rain about what a useless dillhole he is.

  • Robert

    Cristin Milioti is a fabulous little actress. Her performance in Once on Broadway was stunning. She has a gorgeous voice and a great sense of physicality.


  • Marc Greene

    Her? I wish I could draw her nose...

  • PerpetualIntern

    Oh, it’s so cute. She sometimes takes a little pack of mayonnaise, and she’ll squirt it in her mouth all over, and then she’ll take an egg and kind of... Mmmm! She calls it a “mayonegg.”

  • Marc Greene

    What, is she funny or something?

  • APOCooter

    That she's 11 years younger than Radnor kind of makes sense. Ted was, what, 31 or 32 when he taught that economics/architecture class that she was a student in? If I remember correctly, the professor said it was Econ three-something, meaning it was an upper division course that juniors and seniors would be taking. Lets high ball it and say she was an old senior at 22. That's at least 9 years.

    All that being said, are we all in agreement that this episode was terrible? I couldn't have been the only one who was like, "Chicago? Where the hell did that come from?"

    And Marshall taking that job without talking to Lilly? That's so out of character.

    So yeah, I'm still about ready to quit this show.

  • NateMan

    And Marshall taking that job without talking to Lilly? That's so out of character.

    Disagree. Remember, this is also the guy who told her how busy he was at work when his firm had effectively shut down. I do agree that was out of character for him as well, but this was in line with that. If that makes sense.

    The Chicago bit was indeed out of left field, but sort of made sense in the context of douchebag Ted still being in love with Robin, and the scene at the end of last week's episode. This episode didn't suck as bad as many of them lately; Barney and Robin's storyline was damned funny. But I agree the show has lost a lot of its charm lately.

  • APOCooter

    Huh. Guess I should've read all the other comments first. Ignore my first paragraph.

  • If the rumors are true that the next season will take place entirely over the next 56 hours leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself, I am SOLD.

  • bimboden

    THIS would be amazing.

  • Ugh...I can't stand 22 hours of Ted's pre-wedding moping and angst.

  • Arran

    I can't imagine how that will possibly work over 22 episodes (if it's true). I mean, if David Simon was writing it…


  • L.O.V.E.

    Oh snap! The TSG Hates Women woman is the Mother mother.

  • John G.

    HA! I applaud you, sir.

  • Arran

    Her being eleven years younger than Radnor is about right from what we know about the character. We know she was in the college class that Ted tried to teach by mistake, and that she was living with Rachel Bilson. Which would presumably make her in her mid-twenties now. (Sure, she could have been an older student when she was in that class, but now we've seen her we can ascertain that she was in college at the usual time.)

  • Chris

    She may be 11 years younger than Radnor, but that only makes her about 7 years younger than the character he plays. I'm pretty certain that Ted was born in 1978 or -79, in series continuity.

  • IngridToday

    If she's 11 years younger then him... I had no idea Randor was 38...

  • Tinkerville

    D'aw! I like her. She's pretty in a more unconventional way than I was expecting. I thought they'd cast someone bland-- basically a carbon copy of every bimbo Ted's been dating over the past decade. This makes me feel a little hopeful but I'm staying cautious.

    PS: Does the actress have a name? I'd like to IMDB stalk her now if you please.

  • bimboden

    Cristin Milioti

  • bimboden

    I felt such a sense of relief and a tiny bit of renewed faith in the writers when they revealed her face... if they twist this into something else, I am DONE! OFFICIALLY!

  • Arran

    Raise your hand if you've said exactly this at some point in the past five years and then kept watching anyway because they did something else that pulls you back in.

  • PerpetualIntern

    That upvote was a raised hand. I'm so done (she says before getting pulled into the season finale).

  • InternetMagpie

    I bet she's not the mother.

    I've been hurt before.

  • mairimba

    She has the yellow umbrella, was carrying what we can imagine is her bass and was headed to the place Barney and Robin's wedding is taking place. We've always known he meets her at the wedding. Unless she's the guitar player, not the bass player, and borrowed the umbrella from the real mother, then screw the writers!

    56 hours to the wedding shown in 11 hours of the show? They might do many many many MANY flashbacks of all the times Ted was close to bumping into her.

  • firedmyass

    I have always been aggressively indifferent to How I Met Your MacGuffin.

  • Arran

    If it helps, this is from the HIMYM Facebook page.


    Surely they're not dickish enough to officially proclaim her "The Mother" and then do a rug-pull.

  • Arran

    That thought crossed my mind, but I feel like...yeah, they've screwed us around before, but next season is DEFINITELY the last one. So I think they're done fucking us around.

    Though it's possible I've said that before.

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