"Some Flies Are Too Awesome for the Wall." Recapturing the Weirdness of Last Night's "'Community' of Darkness"

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | November 18, 2011 | Comments ()


Community: I appreciated last night's show much more than I enjoyed it. On Twitter yesterday, Dan Harmon wrote: "AND, tonight, celebrate "Community's" unschedulization with the least accessible, least marketable episode in its alienating history!" He wasn't lying. It was brilliant, and ambitious, and creative, but to me, not all that enjoyable or funny. I loved the last three minutes, but the Heart of Darkness riff was very Heart of Darkness: Abstract and weird and inaccessible. That's part of what we love about "Community," and I'm glad that Harmon took that chance, and there was a certain satisfaction in seeing each of the characters given in to Dean Pelton's madness. I hope that Harmon gets the opportunity to take more risks like that and I will watch and appreciate the hell out of them, even when -- like last night's episdode -- they're more inspired than entertaining.









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