Six Midseason Replacements Not Likely to Return, and Two That Likely Will

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Six Midseason Replacements Not Likely to Return, and Two That Likely Will

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | March 5, 2014 | Comments ()



Mind Games — Kyle Killen’s third television series may make it to episode three, which is one more than Lone Star, but the ratings suggest it’s not likely to make it even through its entire first season, as Awake did, before being cancelled. I mean, Jesus: Kyle Killen plus Christian Slater? A double dose of show killers!This show had no chance (and poor Steve Zahn became collateral damage).

Mixology — The new ABC series, which got the cushy post-Modern Family timeslot, is yet another show cursed by the cushy post-Modern Family time slot (see also Cougar Town, Happy Endings, and Super Fun Night). Ratings came in below the already dismal Super Fun Night, which is actually OK because the Mixology pilot was the worst of the season, tough to do in a season that included Dads.

Intelligence — The CBS procedural starring Josh Holloway was pretty much dead-on arrival. No buzz, middling ratings, and no hope for a second season, especially on a network that insists on bigger audiences, which is why shows like Mom and The Crazy Ones — which would be highly rated for other networks — are also on the cancellation bubble.

RakeRake neither performed well before or after The Olympics, which means it’s yet another iteration of House that has failed, taking Greg Kinnear down with it (for the record, Kinnear was OK in the show, but the show itself was lousy).

Almost Human — The biggest bummer of all for most folks is the likely loss of Almost Human, which hasn’t managed to put up ratings that justify the show’s high price tag. It debuted at midseason, and ended its run this week, and thanks to declining overall ratings, it’s not likely to land a second season unless Fox simply cannot field anything better (ironically, it tied with The Following for highest rated scripted series on Fox last week, but both are expensive, and highest rated scripted series on Fox is hardly something to brag about).

Enlisted — The best new sitcom of the year unfortunately has no chance in hell of returning. Thankfully, it’s not a heavily serialized show, so if you’re still watching it, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Reruns of this show is going to do gangbusters on Netflix next year, and millions of people are going to cry because they didn’t’ discover it and therefore couldn’t save it before it was canceled.


About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher — After two weeks, both new NBC Tuesday night sitcoms are holding up incredibly well, performing better than their lead-in, Agents of SHIELD (which may not ultimately land a second season) and crushing its sitcom competition, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs.

I also wouldn’t get too attached to the idea of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returning next season, as the Super Bowl nor the post-New Girl timeslot have helped its ratings. Moreover, Trophy Wife is virtually guaranteed cancellation. It’s just another lousy instance in which too many good sitcoms are pitted against one another.

If you’re curious, Hannibal after one week is also on the bubble. The bad news was, the ratings weren’t particularly good in its season premiere. The good news, however, is that it was performing better than Dracula. DVR viewership will hopefully improve its prospects.

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