Six Midseason Replacements Not Likely to Return, and Two That Likely Will

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Six Midseason Replacements Not Likely to Return, and Two That Likely Will

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | March 5, 2014 | Comments ()



Mind Games — Kyle Killen’s third television series may make it to episode three, which is one more than Lone Star, but the ratings suggest it’s not likely to make it even through its entire first season, as Awake did, before being cancelled. I mean, Jesus: Kyle Killen plus Christian Slater? A double dose of show killers!This show had no chance (and poor Steve Zahn became collateral damage).

Mixology — The new ABC series, which got the cushy post-Modern Family timeslot, is yet another show cursed by the cushy post-Modern Family time slot (see also Cougar Town, Happy Endings, and Super Fun Night). Ratings came in below the already dismal Super Fun Night, which is actually OK because the Mixology pilot was the worst of the season, tough to do in a season that included Dads.

Intelligence — The CBS procedural starring Josh Holloway was pretty much dead-on arrival. No buzz, middling ratings, and no hope for a second season, especially on a network that insists on bigger audiences, which is why shows like Mom and The Crazy Ones — which would be highly rated for other networks — are also on the cancellation bubble.

RakeRake neither performed well before or after The Olympics, which means it’s yet another iteration of House that has failed, taking Greg Kinnear down with it (for the record, Kinnear was OK in the show, but the show itself was lousy).

Almost Human — The biggest bummer of all for most folks is the likely loss of Almost Human, which hasn’t managed to put up ratings that justify the show’s high price tag. It debuted at midseason, and ended its run this week, and thanks to declining overall ratings, it’s not likely to land a second season unless Fox simply cannot field anything better (ironically, it tied with The Following for highest rated scripted series on Fox last week, but both are expensive, and highest rated scripted series on Fox is hardly something to brag about).

Enlisted — The best new sitcom of the year unfortunately has no chance in hell of returning. Thankfully, it’s not a heavily serialized show, so if you’re still watching it, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Reruns of this show is going to do gangbusters on Netflix next year, and millions of people are going to cry because they didn’t’ discover it and therefore couldn’t save it before it was canceled.


About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher — After two weeks, both new NBC Tuesday night sitcoms are holding up incredibly well, performing better than their lead-in, Agents of SHIELD (which may not ultimately land a second season) and crushing its sitcom competition, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs.

I also wouldn’t get too attached to the idea of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returning next season, as the Super Bowl nor the post-New Girl timeslot have helped its ratings. Moreover, Trophy Wife is virtually guaranteed cancellation. It’s just another lousy instance in which too many good sitcoms are pitted against one another.

If you’re curious, Hannibal after one week is also on the bubble. The bad news was, the ratings weren’t particularly good in its season premiere. The good news, however, is that it was performing better than Dracula. DVR viewership will hopefully improve its prospects.

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  • lucascott

    "but the ratings suggest it’s not likely to make it even through its entire first season, as Awake did,"

    as memory series Awake was never meant to be more than one season.

  • pebbles44

    Some of the strangest programs get moved around until a day/time slot is found to make it successful but the shows that are good and have lots of potential are taken off the air. Really? Almost Human has the science fiction, mystery and humor factors all rolled into one - even a little romance maybe. I'm so tired of the excuses.

  • Stephie59

    The joke is, Almost Human is meeting its target audience and the amount of fans, yet they're cancelling it and already have new shows lined up. Now I wouldn't mind so much if they say in advance that they're doing a 10-episodes or 13 episodes series, like they did with Hostages, so that we know it's for one season only. But to bring a show with the possibility of more seasons, drop it to one season, and then have the audacity to tell us to tune in in a couple of months for a new show, which is also supposedly going to be seasonal, is so wrong and just stringing fans along.

    That is why these days I wait until a show hits a second season arc (like Vikings), and then start to watch it online. I'm doing the same for Resurrection. I watched the first 2 eps and that reminded me so much of The 4400, and I said, you know what, I'm going to wait to see if it gets to season 2, THEN I might take it on. I've done the same with The Americans and with Masters of Sex. I waited til there was a season 2, and now I've watched the whole of Season 1 for both, which were both so great, and I only watch online. My shows that are into many seasons (Criminal Minds, CSI etc), I watch on live TV.

  • Stephie59

    I hope the writer is wrong about Almost Human, Intelligence, and definitely Hannibal. Almost Human and Intelligence are two shows that I find similar yet oh so interesting. And don't get me started on Hannibal. I have not been intrigued so much by a picture in such a long time. It's excellent writing, excellent acting and excellent story telling. Please, please, say it ain't so.

  • lucascott

    I've watched Intelligence and I wouldn't be shocked if it is cut. It's not horrible but its not great. It's not even an original idea (Chuck, Jake 2.0 etc)

    Hannibal I suspect is safe. It feels like Fuller has a 4-5 year plan going and NBC might be willing to ride the train.

    Almost Human is the tough call. It's JJ Abrams and he's a bit of a darling. If the show more or less made its budget even if there were no profits then it could get another season. Not a guarantee. Terra Nova was praised by the execs for making its budget and it was cut. If AH was bleeding money, forget it. But who is say someone else might not pick it up. Even someone like Netflix or Hulu. Heck the same could be said about any of them.

  • Vernice

    Intelligence is actually a really good show on a totally crap night! I wanted to watch it on Friday's where it premiered, but then they put it on Mondays, my most crowded night, so I can't watch it when it's on, I mean it's up again The Blacklist, Castle, and Teen Wolf so I can't even TIVO it! I do, however watch it on Demand on Tuesday, so I really hope they don't cancel it.

  • Steve Stoic

    C'mon, Almost Human is pretty good, Keith Urban is a really good action guy.

  • karl

    And his make up is fantastic. how they transform him from this blondish semi long haired country-western singer to this dark haired hard ass with a completely different face is beyond me. And don't get me started on the accent. crazy different. could aswell be two opposite people.

  • Stephie59

    Hey you're joking right? lol. Cause we know the star's name is Karl Urban, not Keith, and Keith is the singer married to Nicole Kidman. You're hilarious Karl.

  • Xiphos

    Question in regards to Enlisted does the writer not know the actuall definition of the word best? Because it doesn't mean terrible and devoid of laughs like Enlisted is.

  • N0efacts

    Fox being the radical GOP leaning Network is most likely against any program that deals with the future and thought provoking scripts that the Religious Right feel is Blasphemy !!! They would rather wallow in the mind numbingly concept of the earth only being 6 thousand tears old than continuing shows like "Almost Human", which are glimpses into the future of Technology!

  • House Mouse

    You are so fracking stupid. FOX Network and Fox Cable News are TOTALLY different. Run by different people. You post is really stupid.

  • N0efacts

    And I give you a Republican comment, uneductaed, and ill informed!

  • House Mouse

    You gave a a comment that was dumb, stupid & left leaning political B.S. If dumb caused pain, you'd be rolling on the floor in agony.

  • N0efacts

    Again insults, no facts or argument, just like the GOP!

  • House Mouse

    Where are your "facts?"

  • N0efacts

    Did my research, and don't need your approval to know What I say is true! You in your mothers basement, so misinformed and being lead around like the GOP sheep!If you list all the misinformation by three of the top GOPers, you could bind a book bigger than War and Peace!

  • House Mouse

    Get a new script, you leftie freak, you in your lost world of MSNBC losers, lead by a bunch of pot smoking socialist creeps. If you list all the lies told by the Demorats you could fill a library & that is just within the last year.

  • N0efacts

    Fact Check has the Republicans the biggest liars throughout the last 12 years! All you got is lowbrow uneducated insults, the GOP way!

  • House Mouse

    Did you read the rest of the "fact checks" about the Dems lies? No, of course not. Both sides lie...they are "politicians"...that's what they do. But of course, you are so "high brow"...I'm sure you already knew this. If you feel insulted by what I said,l you really are thin skinned, and thick headed...but you ARE a liberal

  • This post gave me cancer.

  • lojinxes

    About a Boy has a shot, but I wouldn't cling to Growing Up Fisher. Ultimately, NBC will put them somewhere where they are not following The Voice, and the ratings will come crashing down. That said, that might not be until next year.

  • EWt

    Just saw online that B99, Mindy Project and New Girl have been renewed. This is a good day.

  • aroorda

    Enlisted is good? I tried watching the pilot and turned it off after 5 minutes because it was so bad. Like, look at my fiance and without saying a word we mutually agree to turn it off because nothing would be better than that, bad.

  • Devin McMusters

    Fisher is really funny. And it takes a lot for me to stomach Jenna Elfman.

  • Susan Kunin

    I really hope you're wrong about Almost Human and Intelligence!

  • Pawesl

    This is why i wait until at least a renewal before starting a show. Nothing more frustrating than a show not getting a second season. even if it gets cancelled hopefully its with enough time to wrap stories up. B99 Goldbergs and Trophy wife will be back. Fox killed enlisted by putting it in the Friday death time slot. Same goes for Hannibal and Dracula. TGIF doesn't exist anymore and when networks figure that out maybe they will stop putting shows there, save that day for reruns. SHIELD will be back because the show may not be as good as advertised but it still gets decent ratings.

  • Slobby79

    Brooklyn 99 will definitely return. no network has ever cut a show the year it won the the golden globe for best comedy. It has never happened before and wont happen now. Also shows with awards usually get second seasons regardless of ratings. its a different data point during the upfronts.

  • melissa82

    Enlisted is great….I actually just started watching it last night on Hulu after my roommate and I finished a Veronica Mars marathon. I saw something about Piz and thought, "Hey, he IS pretty hot these days." SUCH a hilarious show, I don't know who this Parker Young kid is but his facial reactions are fantastic. When Piz tells him not to smile…when he's creeping out that kid in the window "Hey little boy, it's ok. I've been watching you for a long time….let's start over" And I need to see the rest of that Awesome Soldier Lip Sync video.

  • I'm heartbroken for Karl Urban. He was so goddamn handsome, every week on my TV. I will miss him so. *sob*

  • mcat_05

    Don't say it!!! Brooklyn 99 and trophy wife are two of my favorites (not just of new shows). Sgt Holt and Marcia gay harden are the greatest scene stealers slash who knew they were both so hilarious? Also, I have enjoyed About a boy so far - it's about time that cute guy from so many things might get a successful show!

  • Robert Colontonio

    the reason there is not enough room for real shows with real actors is the slew of "reality"crap that is on tv. its abhorrent how many of the shows are on taking time slots from actual actors.i say actual because the people on these "reality" shows are acting albeit terribly because they are all fake.anyone who thinks different is incredibly naive.that's why so many good shows get cancelled.there just isn't enough room and they suffer,and then we suffer with the likes if idol,voice,bachelor,survivor,amazing race and america's got talent.its reprehensible that good actors have to lose work to this'd be like losing your job at law firm to a retarded monkey.but i know i'm beating a dead horse here because as long as weak mined americans keep eating this stuff up we all lose.

  • emilya

    this blows! i enjoy the hell out of most of these shows. the combo of sleepy hollow and almost human was amazing, also eomer and ichabod make a great start to the week. i LOVE trophy wife- the xmas episode was amazing and i went around singing ace of base for at least a week after that. i am loving about a boy and growing up fisher and can't wait to see where they go. i usually rewatch b99 at least once over the course of the week and it is absolutely the number one laugh-cry show in our house. bugger bugger bugger

  • sian8470

    I will cut someone if Trophy Wife is cancelled. BERT!!!!!

  • el_mediocre

    Really hoping Hannibal takes the same path Southland did. I love Hannibal to bits, but NBC does not know what to do with quality product anymore. Move out and move up, I say.

  • lucascott

    You know they haven't cancelled it yet. Just cause some writer on a blog thinks they might doesn't make it so

  • Earych

    Figures. The one goddamn show I care about (Almost Human) is cancelled. Thank God for my DVD collection.

  • Susan Kunin

    Almost Human has not been cancelled, this is one persons opinion and hopefully he's dead wrong!

  • Earych

    I hope you're right but this is the same situation other shows were in: too expensive and not enough viewers.

  • emilya

    also showing it out of order...hello deja vu from firefly.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    That's it, Christian Slater should never work in TV again. Not sure what options that leaves him. Straight to Redbox? Retirement?

  • Jack Nicholson impersonations?

  • Slim

    I won't skirt you vipers, I'll charge in and say it... I like Rake. His friends with the marriage and career issues, his unfortunate gambling thing, his hooker with a heart of gold, the son with the ill-advised romance choice. The characters are fun even if the cases are less than inspired.

  • Allijo

    I am crying bonobo tears if Enlisted doesn't get picked up. The only other show that makes me laugh that much is The League.

  • dizzylucy

    "I also wouldn’t get too attached to the idea of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returning next season"
    I am about to go upsie downsies on you.

  • EWt

    LOVE THE QUOTE FROM LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE! Seriously, B99 has to be back - it's such a good show with a strong cast. Hoping to see Mindy and Trophy Wife back, they are fun to watch. New Girl has been so boring lately, I wish it could go away.

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of this.

  • The line about Joy Behar from the episode before last literally had my wife and I crying with laughter.

  • I'm confused and this is not meant to be snarky. Seriously.
    Can Agents of SHIELD (ABC) function as a lead in for About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher (NBC)?

  • Robert Colontonio

    i think he got the networks confused.marvels a lead in for goldbergs and trophy wife.

  • Three_nineteen

    Is Greg Kinnear's character supposed to be a really good lawyer? The only reason people put up with that total asshole House was because he was a brilliant doctor whose reputation brought money into the hospital. I thought Kinnear was supposed to be sliding by on his charm.

  • Judge_Snyder

    Check out the original Australian version of Rake. Far, far superior.

  • BlackRabbit

    Does it have subtitles? I'm not usually a fan of foreign TV.

  • chrispa9573

    Australians speak English. ???

  • Repo

    Ha ha. Good.

  • Bert_McGurt

    But...Brooklyn 99 is actually good! Even Chelsea Peretti is growing on me!

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye


  • Repo

    If Brooklyn 99 gets cancelled I give up. Seriously. I'll stick to rewatching old shows and only getting into new stuff in it's third season or more. ABOUT A BOY?? REALLY???

  • Bummed about Almost Human. Like the show, could be better, but it's fun. Why they play them out of order is beyond me though. I'll be super sad if Brooklyn Nine-Nine goes away, grown to really enjoy that one.

  • Earl Rogers Jr.

    I will miss the show ,Almost Human,I think it is one of the best on TV.

  • I don't want to live in a world where About A Boy is considered a "hit" and Almost Human is not.


    Totally in agreement!

  • Robert Colontonio

    i didn't think almost human was going to be any good so i didn't watch it right off.i then got bored and caught the first couple on demand and i couldn't have been more wrong.great show.kinda reminds me of i robot but way better.i hope it sticks around cuz i get tired of investing in shows and then they disappear.

  • DeaconG

    I'm having flashbacks to Space: Above and Beyond...this is the same crap Fox pulled before, looks like they're doing it again. At least they're not scheduling it up against 60 Minutes...

    IIRC, both Star Trek:TNG and DS9 didn't really take off until their third seasons...this show isn't going to get one.

    I give up on Fox at this point.

  • Classic

    Exactly. I love B99 and Almost Human. Enlisted is freaking hilarious too BTW. Ugh why is About a Boy returning???

  • I seriously disagree with the idea that Brooklyn Nine-Nine won't be back. It won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series in its first season. Last show to do that was Modern Family, and that turned out pretty well for ABC.

    I mean, I know the ratings aren't the same, but give it a shot! Between B99, New Girl and Almost Human, this is the most I've watched Fox in YEARS!

  • Classic

    I hope you're right. As it is I am worried The Mindy Project will not be back either.

  • Guest

    Hannibal after one week is also on the bubble. The bad news was, the ratings weren’t particularly good in its season premiere.

    Maybe because it was moved to Friday nights with little or no promotion of the change or its return?

    FVCK NBC why do you even bother anymore?

    I thought B-99 was already given a second season?

    Enlisted — The best new sitcom of the year???

    That must be of 2014 because I thought that title was already given to The Goldbergs or Trophy Wife by Pajiba even though it belonged to B-99.

  • andreana mccann

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  • justin386

    Regarding B99: The article you linked states that it got a full season pickup for season 1, but there is no mention of season 2 at all. There's still no word at all from the network.

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