Recap: NBC's "The Office," Episode "A.A.R.M."

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The Thing About This Week's Episode of "The Office" Is That It Was Amazing

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 10, 2013 | Comments ()


I am glad that there's another episode of "The Office," in what has been a magical last-minute resurrection of the series, but if last night had been the series finale, I would've been OK with that, too. It basically gave us everything we wanted: An appropriate goodbye to Daryl, Dwight confessing his love for Angela, and Jim Halpert fully rehabilitating his character. I assumed that Pam would have to allow him to leave on the three-month business trip, but this is even better: Jim prioritized Pam over everything, and it wasn't a facade, it wasn't a play. It was genuine. He meant it. As long as he's with Pam, he can work at that goddamn paper company, under Dwight, for the rest of his life, and be more than content. He can be happy.

It was a phenomenal episode, with a perfect ending (so long as you ignore the fact that Andy was even in it. Separate the cancer from the body, and you really find out what's been wrong with the series for so long).

We got one last hilarious Dunder Mifflin prank that manages to be sweet, instead of cruel. The Dwight and Jim friendship has been one of the great highlights of the last few episodes.



Then, of course, Daryl got his perfect farewell.


The episode had just the perfect amount of Nellie.


It took these last few episodes to realize how much we can actually care about Dwight, and his proposal to Angela was perfect, but his response to learning that he was a father brought down the house.





It was right here, where my heart jumped out of my chest.


And then, of course, Jim sealed it in the most perfect kind of way.


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  • I loved this episode. It reminded me of why I loved this show to begin with. Jim and Dwight's friendship is just so great to see and I'm glad the supporting cast got to shine as well. The dancing was great and I love Meredith saying she better come out of the documentary smelling like a rose because she'd been on her best behavior for 9 years lol

  • Belkwinith

    Regarding Kevin's story line: I am convinced that "The Real" Kevin left Scranton years ago, to go on tour with Sting, (Scrantonicity as his opening band). In a bold move, he left his mentally challenged twin to take his place at Dunder-Mifflin and no one cared or noticed the difference. That or Kevin had a massive head injury that has gone unchecked for years.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Pulling out the note from the teapot wrecked me. Goddamn you Jim.

  • Homestar

    Also, did anyone else love the dynamic between Angela and Oscar? I thought it was perfect, and made me so happy that they've ended up friends.

  • Me too. They were so sweet taking care of Phillip together.

  • I don't know. On the one hand, I thought the episode had several genuine and touching moments. But after being yanked around all season with horrible plot lines and contrived character choices, I feel like they're trying to cram in a bunch of sentimentality in the home stretch to say "See?! You loves us once!"

  • Homestar

    I felt that, too, but my nostalgic love for the show got the better of me. Yes, they're manipulating us, but in such a wonderful way.

  • ZombieNurse

    I loved, loved, loved the episode, but I still have a tiny problem with Jim and Pam. I'm glad that they made it clear how much they love each other and all of that, but I'm still hoping that Pam agrees to move to Philly so that Jim take this job and leave Dunder Mifflin. She can see how much it means to him, and I know it would suck to have him travel so much, but am I wrong to think that she's being really selfish? That's a genuine question, by the way, because i feel like I might have missed something. Did she originally tell him she didn't want him to join the business in the first place, did he completely disregard her feelings to be a part of it, or did she not know it would mean time apart? It just seems kind of like her insecurities are keeping him from making something better for himself and their family.

    I now realize that I care too much about these fictional people.

  • Michelle

    I agree with you - I feel like it was never made clear to the audience that Pam disapproved from the get-go. If that was the case, it should've been better explained. And honestly, I do think it's kind of a douche move on her part since it was always implied that she and Jim were both meant for better things than Dunder Mifflin and even though she seems to have lost that drive, it's not fair of her to expect Jim to set his aside. It's called compromise, people.

  • poopnado

    Agreed. What is so terrible about moving to Philly? They could still be together, Jim would be happy career-wise, and Pam would probably have more opportunities to develop as an artist. I realize I should just be happy for them, but it irks me. I am also too invested in a TV family. I DON'T CARE.

  • Homestar

    Totally. Pam needs to let Jim go do this thing. Jim just made a huge compromise, and now it's her turn. I didn't like how she preferred goofy Jim in this episode, because he's goofing off out of boredom. She should support his talents in a real context, where they can be put to good use.

  • And I muted the TV every time Andy was on screen. Can't stand his stupid, stupid face anymore.

  • I LOVED that episode. Lovedlovedloved. It was hilarious, sweet and charming as all hell. Plus the DANCING. The dancing was magnificent and I can only hope that Craig Robinson gets another awesome job where he gets to shine and be amazing.

    The video was OK. I feel like the letter and his last line would've been enough, but it was cute. It was really all about Dwight and how much his character has changed and grown. I looooved it.


  • anikitty

    Haven't watched it yet...just the description and pics made me cry. Damn it all, I'm too soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew you could learn to love Dwight so much?

  • $27019454

    I have loved LOVED Dwight Schrute from the first episode. The fact that he was not the breakout of this series confounds and yet delights me. Confounds because DUH hes fucking amazing, and delights because to shine too bright a light on him would diminish the sly quality that his character employs to sneakily seduce me into slack-jawed amazement. In my dirty little heart of hearts (and here, because it's dark and smutty in here) I admit I would have him on his back in a minute. And I would do very filthy things to him because he is AWESOMELY weird, and life, my friends, it too short.

    I feel so much better now. For some reason.

  • anikitty

    I'm glad for you...that was not my reaction. But I learned to love Michael too, so there's room for everyone. Except maybe Andy.

  • John G.

    Community sucked and the Office was great???? What timeline is this?

  • Mrs. Julien

    That was still too much Nelly for me.

    Did anyone else exclaim the following:

    Where has this show been for the last four years? This is old school!

    I don't care about Andy! Why is he even here?

    So Jim will take the trip and Andy will take over the vacated desk, right?

  • Joe Grunenwald

    My question is, if the documentary is already finished, why are they still filming?

  • Mrs. Julien

    I wondered that too, but since this is a show where someone fired a gun in an office and didn't get fired, I'm okay with the verisimilitude gap. It seems so minor in comparison.

    Also, I love it when Oscar vogues.

  • Ditto. It takes me back to him vogue-ing with Kevin walking down the aisle in with kleenox boxes as shoes and knocking things over lol

  • aratweth

    I am completely amazed at how thoroughly the show has redeemed itself within the past two episodes; I thought that both season 8 and 9 were a trainwreck that no one would ever walk away from, but the last four episodes have performed a goddamn miracle, and saved the entire series for me. I spent the whole episode grinning like a total fool, and the Dwight/Angela sequence was on par with Jim and Pams very best got really dusty in my room for a bit there.

  • Stacey Bryan

    Last night's episode was amazing, you are correct. However, when Phillip was born they got a paternity test done that said that Dwight wasn't the father. Sure, Angela could have easily lied about it but they didn't even acknowledge that last night. It seemed a little too easy. Dwight could mentioned it and Angela could have admitted she lied. Either way, it bugged me.

  • Cody McKee

    I think they went to get the paternity test, but at the last minute Dwight changed his mind. But then Angela went through with it on her own, later, and we never knew the result.

    I think.

  • Mrs. Julien

    If that's the kind of trickery necessary to avoid a Dwight Schrute spin off it's fine with me.

  • nachosanchez

    It's amazing that they've yet to minimize Andy. Hopefully this stupid subplot is the last time we'll see him featured so we can focus on characters we actually like in the finale.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Dustin, I agree with you 100%.

  • pajiba

    Same page. Yay!

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