Recap: NBC "Community," "Advanced Introduction to Finality"

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The Thing About the Season Finale of Of "Community" Is That It Was Awful

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 10, 2013 | Comments ()


One half of me believes that "Community" should be cancelled based on last night's season finale alone, and the other part of me hopes that it isn't so that "Advanced Introduction to Finality" doesn't end up being the last episode of the series, because that was a hard way to go out. It was another episode, like the musical episode a few weeks ago, that felt as thought it was taking the corpse of Dan Harmon and skull-f*cking it through the eyeballs. That was not only a terrible episode, but in a way, it retroactively damaged the series' best episode, "Remedial Chaos Theory" (not to mention, "Introduction to Modern Wafare.") The new showrunners, whose names are hard to remember and not worthy of mention, took a concept -- the timelines -- and they burgled it of all its genius, shitting out some kind of Disney bastardization, an amusement park ride through two timelines merged.

The saddest part is, the episode was written by longtime "Community" writer, Megan Ganz, and she should've known better. You can argue that, the fact that the Evil Dopplegangers, was all part of an elaborate dream sequence, excuses the idea, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. Ganz took a subversion, and she unsubverted it. It was a dishonor to the spirit of Dan Harmon. She Chuck Lorre'd "Community." Worse yet, it robbed all of the emotion out of Jeff's otherwise sweet and impassioned monologue about the value of friendship, and the importance of the group to him over the last four years.


I did, however, like this little sight gag.


And I won't complain about Annie's dress.


However, this is where the episode began to unravel.


Why did Evil Greendale look like hobo Matrix characters?


Evil Dean looks like the spawn of the dancing old man from the Six Flags commercials.


No. No you didn't.



This was the final scene, perhaps ever, of "Community."

I'm just going to pretend these outtakes were the end, instead.

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