Ranking Fox's New Fall Series From Best to Worst, Based On Their Trailer Previews

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Ranking Fox's New Fall Series From Best to Worst, Based On Their Trailer Previews

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 13, 2013 | Comments ()


1. Rake

The adaptation of the quirky Australian legal drama starring Greg Kinnear as a brilliant f*ck up actually looks as good as Blacklist looks on NBC. I'm in. Based on these two alone, network dramas may not be irrelevant much longer.

2. Us and Them

The "Gavin and Stacey" remake, with Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter (and Michael Ian Black), has a Hall & Oates song playing over the trailer, so I cannot remain objective. I'm sorry. It's my kryptonite. Ritter's "panic dancing" pushed me over the edge. I want the entire series run in my eyeball immediately.

3. Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod Crane wakes up in contemporary America! There's a certain Blast to the Past element, plus decapitations, plus something that Dracula over on NBC sorely misses: A sense of humor. It's cheeky. I like.

4. The J.J. Abrams sci-fi cop procedural, set in a future where humans partner with androids, looks promising, in part because of the cool visuals and a great cast that includes Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as a batsh*t robot. There's certainly potential, but the procedural element is a bit of a turn off.

5. Brookyn Nine Nine

It's weird seeing a Michael Schur sitcom that's NOT documentary style, and I wish I liked the preview more. Andre Braugher is fantastic (and it's nice seeing him in a comedic role), but Andy Samberg already feels like a detriment to the series. It's a sitcom, and sitcom pilots are typically mediocre, so I will certainly give it a lot of leeway to get its legs, based simply on the talent involved. But I'm not loving the preview.


6. Enlisted

Should've just called it "Stripes: The Sitcom." It looks like what it is: A military sitcom scheduled for Friday nights. The cast is not without talent and charisma, but I don't see this series making it to January despite some decent gags.

7. Dads

The live-action Seth MacFarlane sitcom, with Giovani Ribisi and Seth Green, contains a laugh track, and unfortunately, nothing to laugh at. I'm out.

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