Placing Odds On Who Will Die in the Season Finale of 'Sons of Anarchy'
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Placing Odds On Who Will Die in the Season Finale of 'Sons of Anarchy'

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | November 28, 2012 | Comments ()


If you're watching Sons of Anarchy, and you're caught up, check out my weekly recaps of the show over on Uproxx, including last night's episode, particularly if you're a fan of Jax Teller's unfortunate nostril-flare condition. Seriously: I'm surprised he hasn't permanently stretched out his nostrils.

To briefly bring you up to speed: It's been a big year on "Sons of Anarchy" for character deaths. Opie Winston was taken out early on, Tig's daughter was burned alive, Jax has killed two of the people responsible for the death of Opie (but not the one directly responsible, Damon Pope), and of course, Johnny Lewis -- who plays Half Sack -- died in real life, which I'm sure was arranged by Kurt Sutter to spike ratings in Sons of Anarchy.

The show is also infamous for killing off characters at the end of, or near the end of each season, including Half Sack, A.J. Weston, June Stahl, Piney Winston, and Jimmy Phelan. Last night's penultimate episode came and went without anybody dying, so I'm assuming that someone HAS to die in the finale. Who? Let's place some odds.

Clay (100-1) -- At this point, if they haven't killed him yet, they won't until the bitter end. Clay is kind of like the reverse of "How I Met Your Mother," as narrated by Jax to his son, Abel: "How I Killed Your Step-Grandfather." He'll die at the end of season seven. Period. Plus, they're setting him up to start a rival gang for next season.


Tig (20-1) -- If you'd asked me before last night's episode, I'd have put even money on Tig dying, but now that Clay is forming his own club and has asked Tig to join him as his right-hand man, again, I'm guessing he'll somehow escape Damon Pope's death sentence, which brings us to:

Damon Pope (4-1) -- In order to spare Tig, Damon Pope will probably need to die, and my guess is that -- if it were to happen -- Clay pulls the trigger in order to save Tig, reigniting a feud with the Niners for next season. Damon Pope has been a great, but sorely underused addition to the cast, and while I suspect he may die next week, it would be nice to see him stick around for another season, like Gus Fring, the character who is his obvious model. Unfortunately, if Pope does die -- especially if Jax pulls the trigger -- there'd be very little satisfaction in his death. If Jax had taken him out after he killed Tig's daughter, or after Pope had Opie killed, we'd have had a large sense of justice. However, now that he and Jax are inexplicably buddy-buddy, his death would feel anti-climactic.


Nero (8-1) -- I actually think that Jimmy Smits' character will stick around another season, now that he's been established a Jax's new partner in a gun-running business separate from the Irish deal (which Clay will take over next season). Plus, Nero's survival creates a Nero/Gemma/Clay love triangle going into season six. But then again, Clay may nip the love triangle in the bud now, take out Nero, and jettison to Belfast with Gemma.

Tara (7-1) -- She's the character many of us have wanted to die the longest, and she somehow escaped the hit Clay put out on her last year. This year, however, Sutter could possibly be setting the wheels in motion. Donal Logue's new character, Lee Toric, possibly wants her dead, and he has an arsenal of weaponry sitting unused. Plus, Tara began the process of setting up a living will so that her kids can be taken care of in the event of her death or imprisonment (likewise, Opie set up his kids with Lyla before he was killed). My guess, however, is that it will be imprisonment, giving Sutter a new subplot to explore next year.


Lee Toric (7-1) -- If Toric kills Tara, Jax will try to kill him. If Toric tries to kill Tara but fails, Jax will try to kill him. Toric, however, would be a great Big Bad for next season. Unfortunately, his involvement with SAMCRO seems too peripheral to establish him as next season's major villain, but as an commenter over on Uproxx suggested, he has the credentials to take over as a cop in Charming, and he could stick around simply to make Jax and SAMCRO's life hell.

Eli (7-1) -- There's no real reason to kill Eli at this point unless they plan to bring Toric aboard as the new Charming sheriff. No one really has anything against Eli (except, maybe Juice) but I could see him getting caught in crossfire.

Bobby (20-1) -- He turned on Jax, sparing Clay's life, and at one point in last night's episode, Jax told Bobby he wanted to kill him. It seems unlikely, however; it's more likely that Bobby will join Clay in his new operation.

Juice (10-1) -- Poor Juice. Such an increasingly weak character. Juice didn't really meet the terms of his deal with Jax to help provide proof against Clay on the home invasions front, but that also seems to have been mostly forgiven because Kurt Sutter picks up and drops deals without much thought. He doesn't do much, anymore, except cry and get in the way, but Theo Rossi is great, and SAMCRO can't really afford to lose anymore members.


Unser (2-1) -- Unser is my favorite to die next week. He serves little purpose on the show now. He had a scene with Tara last week that, at least tried to create in us an emotional bond, a popular trick before characters are killed. He's in chemo (FINALLY, after five seasons), and he's looking into Toric, which is just the kind of thing that could get him killed.

Gemma (50-1) -- There'd be no real reason for Gemma to die EXCEPT for two things: 1) Storywise, depending on who killed her, Jax/Nero/Clay would need to seek revenge, and 2) Sutter has a clown killer comedy in the works, and there was some talk that Katie Sagal might star in it.

Wendy (10-1) -- Who cares? But they haven't done it yet, and keeping her around gives Sutter episode filler in subsequent seasons, as needed.



Filthy Phil (10-1) -- In cross-fire, maybe. New recruits have not fared well on the show through the years.

Romeo (15-1) -- God, I hope so, not that I don't love Danny Trejo, but the Galindo cartel is like the "Sons of Anarchy's" MacGuffin. A lot of hubbub, but ultimately, the Galindo cartel serves no purpose other than to create the occasional Deus Ex Machina.

Otto (10-1) -- The only way this is any fun at all is if Toric pulls off the feat, but with Otto in prison, that makes it very difficult. Plus, I think Sutter -- who plays Otto -- likes to show up in a few episodes each season.

Abel (15-1) -- It'd be a cheap way to drum up an emotional wallop, and Kurt Sutter is obviously not above cheap stunts.


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  • Devil Child

    Tig I see as the one most likely to suffer a fatal case of lead poisoning, with Gemma, oddly enough, in second place.

    Jax blames Opie's death on Tig far more than on Pope, and anyone who kills Pope is guaranteed to die anyway with the whole Blackwater bounty thing. Either Jax gives Tig to Pope sealing him in as the new prime bastard of the show, or Jax has Tig kill Pope knowing Tig'll be taken out by Blackwater in seconds.

    As for Gemma, she's been doing a lot of double dealing, and since people finding out about her doubling Clay and Nero against each other would make them less miserable than her dying thus leaving the doubling undercover, her death makes the most amount of people the most miserable. This is also Sutter's First Rule of Physics.

  • Cas Bloom

    I'm placing a bet on me, I don't know what's going to happen, but it's going to kill me.

  • coryo

    I know we all feel like Sutter bitched out last season, but I just watched this whole season so far in the last three days. This show hasn't been about the MC boys having a good time since pretty much ever, so when a character stays alive it means that shit is only going to get worse for them.

    I was ready to notice the drop in quality, and maybe it's just that it's been a year, but I am eating this shit up and am legitimately nervous about the finale. Especially for whoever has to stay alive.

  • coryo

    One such good time they did have recently: driving the car down the hill when Nero's crew jumped them. I was laughing with them until I remembered that people had just died twenty seconds before. The good times are fun, yeah, but they also remind me that I'm watching a show about a bunch of monsters.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Every time they talk about "visiting Mr. Mayhem" I think of Dean Winters as the Allstate guy. He's the only actor not to have made a cameo so far this season.

  • Nikki Trix

    My theory is that is that Juice kills Pope defending Tigg somehow, using the gun that Clay just gave him of course. And then one of Pope's previously mentioned insurance assassins kills poor Juicy, putting him out of his misery.

  • I realized after seeing this post that I didn't even know Donal Logue was on SoA now. The last episode I saw was Joel McHale's guest spot and the rest are waiting patiently on my DVR. Whaaaa??? This used to be can't miss t.v. for me. Thinking back, there are two incidents that caused me to lose all patience with this show: Juice not dying when he tried to commit suicide and Clay not dying at the end of last season. If Chibs bites it, I really will have NO reason to watch the rest of it, which is sad when you consider how much time I have invested in this show.

  • Three_nineteen

    I stopped watching after Opie died (the very last of a long line of last straws), but I have a question. Why did Clay have the Nomads do the break-ins? Was it just because he was trying to undermine Jax? What were the documents in the safe? Why did the Nomads go along with it?

  • I think the documents just proved that the Nomads were put up to it by Clay - if they gave him back stuff they took from him, then he'd have to a) know they were in on it and b) be hiding about his role in it. It proved he was guilty.

  • Devil Child

    Clay knew if he had Jax whacked outright it'd be too obvious it was him. He wanted to make it look like the break ins were being carried out by a more African set of hands, which would've gotten Jax out and him in. The Nomads went along with it for money.

    I honestly don't remember or care what the documents in the safe were about.

  • Mr_Zito

    I've mentioned a few times that I don't watch this anymore, but since you mentioned Half-Sack, my money is on Kurt Sutter being raped and killed by a former fan after crying while giving a handjob to a homeless guy who faked a hanging after kidnapping a baby, in a Northern Ireland set that is actually somewhere in Canada. Then Graham Yost can take the characters and use them in Justified, and we can all be happy.

  • JoannaRobinson


  • logan

    Shit I'm a dumb ass! i thought THIS was the last season!

    I vote for Pope to go. Pope dies which then pushes Tig over to Clays side when Tig figures out Jacks just used him. Also Tig is one of my faves.

  • JoannaRobinson

    I want Logue and Smits both to stick around next season. Frankly, it's the only way I'll keep watching.

  • Fredo

    I love the fact that you don't even give odds on Chibs dying. It's funny cause it's true.

    My money's on Tig and Pope both dying while Toric ensures Tara is in jail. Maybe even adding Eli to the body count.

  • lillie

    Well I actually like Tara, so I hope it's not her. My money is on Pope and I agree, he has been sorely underused. Of course if the show is truly based on Hamlet, that does not bode well for most of the characters surviving through the end of season 7.

  • Pretty Hate Machine

    Sutter screwed the pooch on the part where Horatio lives on to tell Hamlet's tale when he killed off Opie.

  • Jeb

    Not necessarily. Juice is more of the Horatio role with the things he knew about Clay and the break ins, him telling Clay his secret about his dad being black, and Jax using him to set up Clay by trying to get the documents to prove that Clay was behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if Juice takes the Horatio role to the end. Remember in the end, all thats left are the two guys, Fortinbras and Horatio, a soldier and a student.

  • Pretty Hate Machine

    Jeb, I get where you are going with your Juice hypothesis. However, with the utmost respect and trying my absolute best not to live up to my screen name: I absolutely remember who is left at the end of Hamlet. You failed to mention Osric,( a courtier), the English ambassadors, and others who remained. Not sure who the student is you identified. I don't think you understand how much I know, how much I have studied, and how much I remember about the play. I came late to Sons of Anarchy and decided to give it a shot for two simple reasons: the hotness of Charlie Hunnam and after I read that SOA was very much like Hamlet. When I clicked play on the pilot, I began my search for everything I could to link SOA to Hamlet. I know that the Jax/Opie relationship from the beginning of the series most closely replicates the Hamlet/Horatio dynamic. Jax confided in Opie many times and discussed his ideas about the ghostly father figure absent from his life. Horatio was a true friend and confidant to Hamlet as Opie was to Jax. Many things Hamlet has said to Horatio mirror things that Jax has said to Opie. The quote from Hamlet to Horatio at the end of the play, I could see the idea of Opie being more of an antique Roman in his choice to sacrifice himself in the prison, instead of allowing Jax to give himself up. Opie seemed such a "wounded name", too. I am not going to write my dissertation here about all my connections because that would take a while. I could quote the play and the SOA episodes and include an annotated bibliography or works cited page. Sure, this my speculation and I have no idea about Kurt Sutter's mind. He could be transitioning Juice to the Horatio role, but he's also thrown in another play altogether with Gemma as a lady Macbeth/Gertrude hybrid,so it's anybody's guess. Unless Tara commits suicide, there is yet to be an Ophelia. Plus, we'll see what's up on Tuesday to see who is left.

  • Keith

    My money is on Pope getting killed next week. Jax conveniently forgetting that he was responsible for Opie's death is too far-fetched; I could see him doing business with Pope and asking him for advice as a ploy to make Pope forget that he was directly responsible for killing Jax's best friend. Also, there was that little exchange between Jax and Pope's right hand man (i can't remember his name) where Jax made the comment about him sticking with Pope since he was 17 years old either out of loyalty, or because he was patient. I think that was a little bit of foreshadowing for a potential changing of the guard...

  • Keith

    Called it.

  • Devil Child

    I'm pretty sure that Jax blames Tig and Clay for Opie's death to a larger degree than Pope. Not to mention that anyone who whacks Pope will be killed by Blackwater goons in a day, it's also easier to blame Tig and Clay.

  • mairimba

    After Opie, Chibs is the most loved character on the show. No one else is likable. Except for maybe Juice, but at this point I just feel sorry for the guy. Seriously, if Chibs dies that means Sutter doesn't give a crap if people keep watching the show anymore.

  • $1754390

    If Chibs dies, I riot.

  • lonolove

    So glad to see this Chibs love. That man is sorely underutilized. I haven't watched in a season or more, but I came on here specifically to say that if Chibs dies I'm gonna burn shit down.

  • badkittyuno

    my husband and i pretty much spend every episode this alternating between "god i hate this show why do we watch this show" and "god i love chibs if they kill him we're really going to stop watching now ok??"

  • Phaedre

    If they so much as harm a hair on that man's head I will fuck them up!

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